The Staircase’ – Where Are Michael Peterson and His Family Now?

Whenever there’s a movie or TV series based on real-life events, viewers are plagued by two unavoidable questions: how much of what we saw is true, and what happened to those characters after the cameras were turned off? HBO Max’s true crime drama The Staircase is no exception to this rule. Created by Antonio Campos, the eight-episode long miniseries stars Colin Firth and Toni Collette as novelist Michael Peterson and his second wife, Nortel executive, Kathleen Peterson. In 2001, Kathleen died on the staircase of the Peterson home in Durham, North Carolina. Despite claiming his wife had fallen down the stairs, Michael Peterson was charged with her murder and convicted to life imprisonment in 2003 after one of the longest trials in North Carolina’s history.

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Author: Elisa Guimarães