Showing at WatchTime New York 2018: Kerbedanz Maximus

WatchTime New York, America’s largest luxury watch show, is a little over a week away! As we continue our countdown to the long-awaited collectors’ event, taking place at Manhattan’s Gotham Hall on October 26-27, we are highlighting timepieces from each brand that guests will have the chance to see. Today, we’re taking a look at the Kerbedanz Maximus.

Kerbedanz made waves in 2017 with the announcement of the Kerbedanz Maximus that contained what the brand claimed was the world’s largest tourbillon housed in a wristwatch. This year, the timepiece returned for a victory lap, taunting standard sized tourbillons with its 27-mm diameter titanium tourbillon cage. Building a tourbillon of this size requires totally reimagining the movement construction. This was in part possible thanks to the use of titanium in the tourbillon cage, which allows the tourbillon to complete its rotation despite its size thanks to the overall lighter weight.  Continue reading


If you ask most people to think about an off-road vehicle, a pickup truck or a Jeep might spring to mind, unless you are Rain Prisk
and can see an off-road vehicle in almost any supercar from such
renowned brands as Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche. The visual artist has a
serious appetite for over-the-top off-road vehicles, he takes some of
the world?s fastest track cars, and transformes them into frighteningly
fast off-road vehicles modified for their surroundings with raised
suspensions, various bars, flared wheel arches, tow hooks, all-terrain
wheels and tires, plus a higher ground clearance to tackle the most
challenging terrains, and a roof rack to stack up all the supplies and
spares for an adventure-filled trip. He has designed some truly dramatic
and mesmerizing automobiles, check out his impressive portfolio. Continue reading


The Devialet Phantom Reactor is the latest addition to the speaker market. It?s not the first time we?ve talked about this French audiophile brand and it will surely not be the last. These guys take sound seriously and this time around they have downsized their popular Phantom model to a more manageable size, they named it Phantom Reactor and tried to maintain the impressive sound quality similar to its bigger brother. The Phantom Reactor is available with 2 power options: 600W or a 900W. The smaller size also makes it more portable to carry around from room to room or even to get it with you on a trip. Its made of almost 1000 components and has more than 100 patents, you also get full compatibility with modern streaming such as Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Airplay, and should you need to, you still have the possibility to connect through classic analog or optical audio jacks. watch the video below Continue reading


Addicted to your phone and just cannot put it down? Suffer from the
inability to disconnect and pay full attention to what?s happening
around you? The new Palm Phone
is meant to provide just enough connectivity to keep you sated while
encouraging you to focus on the world around you. The ultra-compact
smartphone is the size of a credit card and features a touchscreen
(3.3-inch, 445-ppi LCD), two cameras (12MP and 8MP), a Snapdragon
processor, and Android on board. The tiny device syncs to your existing
phone number on your iOS or Android device and can receive calls, texts,
emails, and can access a wide range of apps, like Google Maps and Uber.
It also uses a feature called “Life Mode” that automatically mutes all
notifications anytime you turn the screen off. Palm can?t replace your
phone, in fact it is designed as a supplement for the times you dont
want to be distracted by your main smartphone, like when you need a
compact device or when you go for runs. Continue reading