The 7-Time NORRA Class Winning 1968 Ford Bronco Desert Racer – Caballo Del Diablo

This 1968 Ford Bronco is the most successful Pioneer 4×4 class truck in modern NORRA desert racing history, it has competed in the brutal Mexican 1000 since 2010, racking up 7 class wins and 4 Pioneer-era “Steve McQueen” trophies.

“The Bronco has always been the benchmark of off-road ability and an icon in the world of desert racing, but perhaps more importantly, it is a symbol of cool that has no equal. Nothing beats driving a cool-ass vintage Ford Bronco through a cactus lined trail in Baja, with a big moustache covered in dust. We look forward to that feeling fifty-one weeks a year.” – Boyd Jaynes Continue reading

Piloti Endurance Driving Shoe – A Handmade Everyday-Wearable Driving Shoe

The Piloti Endurance driving shoe is a new, limited edition addition to the Piloti range that has been specifically designed as a fully featured driving shoe that can also be worn casually for everyday use.

Piloti handcrafts their shoes and boots in Portugal, the Endurance driving shoe is made from a soft nubuck leather – this is a top-grain cowhide that’s been lightly buffed to give a velvet-like surface.

Recycled cotton is also used in the upper quarter panels, the shoe has a buffed EVA sole with a rubberized grip and a stitched rolled heel to keep your foot planted in the footwell when driving. Continue reading

Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Hands-On with the Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver

About a month ago, after writing on the Citizen Tsuno Chronograph Racer, the publicist I was borrowing the watch from for the article let me know they were the first to have the retail model of the Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver in New York. I’ve written on the watch before after its initial release, but this was one of the first market models available for review, which I did so over the course of a couple weeks.

To refresh, the new Devil Diver was released in 2018 after a survey jointly conducted by the Citizen-owned brand and the New York based vintage watch dealer Analog/Shift asked fans which of three models they should re-issue, and the 1972 Bulova Oceanographer was chosen (picture below, via Watchsteez). This historic watch — so nicknamed for its 666-ft depth rating written on its bright orange dial — was a part of the 1960s and ‘70s Oceanographer Snorkel series. It wasn’t the most beautiful or technologically advanced diver, but it had an interesting dial, comfortably sized 40-mm case, and could take a beating, so they were popular in their time and remain so today among vintage collectors Continue reading