THEY. Celebrate The Return Of Guitar In Hip-Hop, Talk Songwriting & More

Today, we’re pleased to share an interview with Los Angeles based duo THEY, fresh off the drop of their Fireside project. The pair kick things off by reflecting on the renewed importance of the guitar, especially as it pertains to hip-hop and r&b. “I know we started it off a little bit, three-four years ago when we dropped that Nü Religion EP”, says Drew Love. “I definitely don’t want to take all the credit for it, but I definitely didn’t hear too many people doing that before we started. Still, it’s cool to see the growth of it, through the Uzi’s and the Juice WRLDs, and you got Post, continuing to use it. It was about time.” Continue reading

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Video Editing Tools Digitally Alter Everyday Urban Infrastructure

Russian motion designer Vladimir Tomin (previously) manipulates the world around him by overlaying video editing tools onto streets, construction sites, and even his apartment building windows. A pixelated cursor peels back a white strip of paint from the road, while another “pastes” birds on top of the air vent of an industrial building. All of the digitized tricks blend seamlessly into the everyday footage, reminding his audience how easy it has become to make something false appear as unquestioned reality. You can see more of his digital hacks and reality-bending editing in the video below as well as on Vimeo and Instagram. Continue reading

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Rita Ora Made A Mess On “Cashmere”

Rita Ora is finally releasing her second album, 6 years after dropping her debut entitled Ora. The next full-length effort is appropriately titled Pheonix. “Cashmere” leads up to this impending release, hitting all of the popular streaming platforms today to give fans a second taste of this new musical era.

Listeners might experience feelings of nostalgia while streaming “Cashmere,” a song that speaks to the recklessness that arises out of ardent love affairs. Check out the track below and let us know if you can relate. Continue reading

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It’s a Cat’s World in New Character Trailer for ‘Secret Life of Pets 2′

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment have released a new character trailer for The Secret Life of Pets 2.  As we reported last spring, director Chris Renaud and writer Brian Lynch have reprised their duties for this sequel, whose original grossed $875 million worldwide ($104 million was also garnered in just its opening weekend). While the first trailer focused on the lead character Max, voiced previously by Louis C.K. who is replaced by Patton Oswalt for the sequel, this new trailer puts the spotlight on the cat Chloe, voiced by Lake Bell. The situation at the top of this trailer …

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