SDCC 2018: Jordan Schlansky is Bringing Conan Back to Comic-Con

From a certain point of view, Harrison Ford still owes Jordan Schlansky a new Millennium Falcon.

The original Han Solo actor famously smashed Schlansky’s LEGO ship to plastic brick bits during a comedy skit on Conan, where Schlansky serves as associate producer and occasional on-camera Star Wars enthusiast.

“It was really fun,” Schlansky says. “I’m guessing [Ford] gets a lot of requests to do Star Wars stuff so we were unsure if he’d want to do something silly like this and he was totally up for it. That’s one of the things I get asked about the most. People are always asking: ‘Was it real? Did he really break it?’ He did really break it. It was real. The only extenuating circumstance was, it was not mine.” Continue reading

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Man Forced to Live in His Car to Escape Controlling and Abusive Girlfriend

A 59-year-old man who had moved from the United States to Britain in order to be with a woman he had met playing poker online recently decided to live out of his car just to get away from his controlling and sometimes violent girlfriend.

Robin C. met his girlfriend while playing poker on the internet. They started chatting online, and after a few months, their friendship turned into a romance. Everything was going great, but alarm bells did go off on one occasion when the woman threatened to send intimate pictures of him to his boss in the US if he didn’t travel to Hull to see her. It was definitely a weird way of convincing him to come to her, but Robin put it all on her desire to be with him. He just brushed it off, but little did he know that her unusual behavior on that occasion was just a sign of things to come. Continue reading

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Ancient Methods to release debut album featuring Regis and Prurient

The techno favorite will release The Jericho Records on his own label.

Industrial techno artist Ancient Methods has announced details of his debut album, set for release on October 1.

Despite a discography that stretches back over a decade, The Jericho Records is the first long-player from the producer, real name Michael Wollenhaupt. It features several high-profile guests, including Regis, Prurient, Orphx and Cindytalk. Continue reading

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Tirzah shares title track from forthcoming debut Devotion

Listen to the stunning Coby Sey collaboration now.

Experimental pop artist Tirzah has shared a new song ‘Devotion [feat. Coby Sey]’, taken from her forthcoming debut album of the same name.

Featuring woozy, piano-led production and backing vocals from Coby Sey, ‘Devotion’ is a potent blend of sad-but-sexy ambience and striking lyricism. Check out the video below.

Previously this year Tirzah has shared the tracks ‘Gladly’ and ‘Affection’, both also cuts from the album. Written and produced in collaboration with long-time collaborator Mica LeviDevotion is out on August 10. Continue reading

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How To Make A Joe Goddard Track

Studio secrets from the Hot Chip member and producer.

London producer Joe Goddard has quite the career under his belt. A founding member of Hot Chip – who he’s been performing with for 18 years – Goddard has made six studio albums with the band, released two solo albums, DJs regularly and even runs his own record label, Greco-Roman.

But how does the man that helped to write countless Hot Chip hits and produced the 2011 classic ‘Gabriel’ make a track? We visited his production space in east London to get an insight into his creative process, where he gave us a step-by-step guide to making music with vintage synths, classic rack effects, Just Blaze drum samples and Cubase. Listen to the finished track below. Continue reading

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Photographer Spotlight: Chiara Zonca

A gorgeous study of nature’s epic extremes from photographer Chiara Zonca (previously featured here). Travelling to New Zealand with the intention of documenting the active areas surrounding an andesite stratovalcano, located 30 miles off the main coast of the North Island and Whakaari, Zonca taps into the feeling of exploring a long-lost world. As she describes:


“Ultimately I am hoping this collection will inspire a true sense of mystery and renewed respect for nature and our surroundings that way too often we tend to forget and should instead be re-discovered.” Continue reading

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