Jam Master Jay Celebrated On What Would Have Been Run-DMC Legend’s 55th Birthday

It’s mindblowing to think that it’s been nearly 18 years since Jam Master Jay was tragically murdered in his New York recording studio. The Run-DMC legend’s death has been the subject of speculation for almost two decades, but his impact, not only in hip hop but in his local communities, remains evident. 

Vince Bucci / Stringer / Getty Images

Tuesday (January 21) marks what would have been Jason William Mizell’s 55th birthday, and it didn’t go unnoticed by those who were family, friends, and fans. His son, a DJ named Jason Mizell Jr., shared an image of his father with a simple happy birthday message on Instagram. Both Jam Master Jay and Run-DMC’s official IG accounts not only celebrated the late icon’s birthday, but they also shared that Jan. 21 is special to the group because of another milestone. “On this day 35 years ago RUN DMC released their 2nd studio album titled KING OF ROCK!” Jay’s IG page wrote. “Must have been a nice b-day present for the 20 year Jam Master!” Continue reading

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KellyAnne Conway Says Martin Luther King Jr. Wouldn’t Want Trump Impeached

Once again, revolutionaries of yesteryear are being used as pawns and talking points to push the narratives of this current political administration. With yesterday being observed to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI, an organization rumored to be a participant in his assassination, Tweeted out a message in remembrance of the activist/pastor. Which wasn’t well-received by those aware of the organization’s history. Now, White House counselor, KellyAnne Conway, is facing similar criticism for her comments pertaining to an impossible scenario stating that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn’t want Trump to be impeached.  
Win McNamee/Getty Images

With Monday being a national holiday in observance of Dr. King, NBC News White House correspondent, Geoff Bennett, decided to pose a question asking Conway what President Trump had planned to commemorate the revolutionary after realizing the President’s public schedule made no reference to honor Dr. King on his nationally-recognized holiday and birthday. 

While asking a very direct question in regards to celebrating the Reverend’s world-renowned holiday, Conway immediately veered off-topic bringing up Donald Trump’s impeachment trial with the Senate which began earlier today stating: Continue reading

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The headphones from heaven

The newly released Orpheus model was unveiled by Sennheiser in 2015. Before the new Orpheus, Sennheiser crafted two models of Orpheus in 1991 which were electrostatic.These older models created sound via a 500-volt amplifier tube along with two platinum-vaporized diaphragms that move back and forth between gold-vaporized glass electrodes. Only 300 of those models were made.

Now, the new Orpheus model has 6,000 parts and has a range of frequency from 8 Hertz to 1000 kilo Hertz. These new Orpheus headphones now use gold-vaporized ceramic transducers, along with vacuum tubes coated in quartz bulbs, and silver-plated copper cables. Continue reading

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Steel and glass exoskeleton transforms abandoned warehouse into concert venue

Sudraba Arhitektüra has reinforced the dilapidated shell of an abandoned 20th-century railway warehouse in Riga and turned it into a concert hall.

Called Hanza Platform, the venue is in a cargo warehouse that was formerly part of a large freight railway station on the edge of the Latvian capital’s historic city centre.

The abandoned warehouse, the last of 15 that once stood by the train tracks, had been deemed structurally unsound.

Sudraba Arhitektüra built an external load-bearing steel structure that encases and extends the original building. Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Sources Confirm Ultra Contract With City Of Miami Is Signed

Local Miami media has been ferocious about reporting on Ultra Music Festival’s lack of signed contract with the city. The festival responded to reports of a lack of contract in November, stating, “Ultra’s agreement was previously ratified in July and, as is customary, we are working with the City Administration on some final touches.”

Still, the Herald doubled down on the lack of contract just last week, while also reporting on a lawsuit filed by the Downtown Neighbors Alliance. Now, sources have confirmed with Your EDM that Ultra and the city of Miami have officially signed a contract. Continue reading

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Expects AR: ‘Will Pervade our Entire Lives’

When it comes to preference over virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies Apple CEO, Tim Cook has made his stance continually clear, AR is most certainly the future. Cook was in Dublin, Ireland this week to receive a Special Recognition Award for the company’s contributions to the country – 6,000 people work at its Cork office – and discussed the future of tech and AR’s role.

During a session chaired by IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan, he asked Cook about his expectations for the next five to ten years: “I’m excited about AR. My view is it’s the next big thing, and it will pervade our entire lives,” reports Silicon Republic. Continue reading

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