Modeselektor – Confessions

“Having a studio without a 909 is like having a kitchen without a fridge.”

Modeselektor are two of the German electronic music scene’s most prolific figures. Since forming in 1996 the duo have released extensively on BPitch Control, collaborated with Apparat and Thom Yorke, and launched several labels, including the much-loved 50Weapons and Monkeytown imprints.

But how much do you actually know about the German duo? Did you know that Sebastian Szary likes to make concrete in his spare time? Or that Gernot Bronsert has more animals in his house than he does books? We met up with Modeselektor at Dalston Curve Garden to ask them about their favorite bit of gear, their most memorable studio session and what they would do if they performed at the Super Bowl. Continue reading

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Breguet Dials Up the Blue With New Classique 5177 in Grand Feu Enamel

A blue wave continues to roll over the luxury watch industry, as more and more brands strive to put forward their own distinct shades of the popular color. One of the latest to do so, and in a rather interesting way, is Breguet, whose new Classique 5517 is fronted by a dazzling grand feu enamel dial in so-called Breguet blue — a hue achieved by painstakingly re-creating the color of the watchmaker’s emblematic blued steel hands.

Breguet Classique 5177 - front

Breguet Classique 5177 (Ref. 5177BB/2Y/9V6

The Breguet Classique, among the most elegantly simple in the manufacture’s portfolio, is inspired by 18th-century pocketwatches created by brand founder and namesake Abraham-Louis Breguet, which stood out amongst the “baroque exuberance” (to use Breguet’s words) of other timepieces of that era. This is the first in the collection to feature a blue dial in grand feu enamel — a material characterized by the kiln-firing of its pigments at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Celsius (hence, “grand feu,” or “big fire”). This particular shade of blue, arrived at after extensive research to ensure its stability during firing, mimics that of Breguet’s classically shaped hands, which is also wrought by a delicately controlled firing process. The open-tipped hands on this model, however, are made of rhodium-plated steel for legibility against the deep blue face, while the Arabic numerals, stars, diamonds, and fleur-de-lis on the chapter ring silvered, and larger in size than those of previous Classique models, also in the service of greater readability. The numerals in the trapezoidal date aperture at 3 o’clock are executed in the same process as the hour numerals (both use calligraphy used by Abraham-Louis Breguet himself on the No. 15 pocketwatch from 1787) and the Breguet “secret signature” appears in enamel relief at 6 o’clock. Continue reading

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This Dog Has an Extra Mouth Where Her Right Ear Should Be

Toad, a five-year-old grey pitbull mix, suffers from a very rare deformity – she has a second mouth, complete with teeth and salivating glands, growing on the side of her head, where her right year should be.

Toad arrived at the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare shelter two years ago, as a stray. The staff there realized almost immediately that there was something different about her, but it wasn’t until they sedated her and performed a through checkup of her right ear that they realized that wasn’t actually a normal ear, but a second mouth, with fully developed teeth and saliva coming out of it. It doesn’t function as a normal ear, because it doesn’t have a jaw to allow it to open and close, but Toad can’t hear with it either. Continue reading

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Ford invents smart mattress that keeps sleepers on their side of the bed

Ford Lane-Keeping Bed smart mattress

Auto-maker Ford has dabbled in the world of home furnishing with the Lane-Keeping Bed, which promises to help couples get a better night’s sleep.

The smart bed can identify when a “selfish sleeper” has rolled onto their partner’s side of the mattress and act to put them back in their place.

The smart bed borrows a technology from Ford’s cars called Lane-Keeping Aid. This feature monitors road markings ahead of the vehicle and “nudges” the steering wheel in the opposite direction if it senses the driver is veering too close to another lane. Continue reading

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Glenn Murcutt to design sixth MPavilion for Melbourne

Glenn Murcutt

Australian architect Glenn Murcutt has been appointed to design this year’s MPavilion, an annual commission in Melbourne that follows the model of London’s Serpentine Pavilion.

Murcutt, 82, will become the sixth designer of the temporary pavilion, which is installed every summer in Queen Victoria Gardens.

One of Australia’s best-known architects and a Pritzker Prize winner, he is famed for projects including the Australian Islamic Centre in Melbourne, and the Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre in Illaroo. He has also produced a number of highly acclaimed private residences, including Donaldson House. Continue reading

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