Franky Hill Shares “Better Than I Look”

New Jersey emcee Franky Hill has now touched down with his latest “Better Than I Look” track, delivering on his first audio release since breaking through with his USER full-length project last year.

He takes a break from a supporting tour trek alongside KOTA The Friend to share the latest effort with his audience. The new selection is produced by Kam DeLa whie featuring background vocals from Dom B,  and takes listeners down an uplifting listening experience that highlights Franky’s role as a creator of easy listens.  Continue reading

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Sophie Dries renovates Haussmann-era apartment in Paris for clients who are “really into colour”

Apartment Paris Marais by Sophie Dries

French architect Sophie Dries has combined a pair of mid-19th-century Parisian flats in a design that brings together street art and colour blocking.

The apartment was previously two separate homes, built during Haussmann’s major reconstruction of Paris. The renovation sees them brought together into a 100-square-metre residence for a family of four.

Apartment Paris Marais living and dining room by Sophie Dries

Dries designed a new layout for the property, with the entrance lobby, hallway and kitchen at the centre of the floor plan. Wherever possible, doorways were opened up and spaces were simplified, to make the property feel more spacious. Continue reading

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Frames and mirrors are more than just boring implements for French artist Mathias Kiss — they’re the artworks

Frames are objects of utility, there to fulfill practical functions rather than serve any more noble purpose, such as inspiring one to reflect on a given subject, as art is designed to do. But that’s not the case for designer Mathias Kiss. For him, a frame, presented in a certain way, can be more than a material used to define the realm of an artwork; it can also be a thing of artistic value in itself in that he can use it to provoke thought. For the French artist, frames — as well mirrors, which are equally mundane in their existence as implements —  can be artworks, ones that can decidedly go against classicism, as one might expect. Continue reading

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Piloti Vittoria – Driving Shoes Specifically Designed For Women

The new Piloti Vittoria driving shoes are the company’s first foray into driving footwear designed specifically for women, after they were inundated by requests from female drivers of classic and performance cars.

Over recent years Piloti have become one of the world leaders in the premium driving shoe genre, creating multiple product lines to suit a variety of needs including leather driving boots, driving sport shoes, classic driving shoes, and now a line of driving shoes designed from scratch for women. Continue reading

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Princess Nokia Stars In Trailer For New “Angelfish” Film: Watch

Princess Nokia is ushering in her feature film debut with her newest Agelfsih film. Written and directed by Peter Lee, the film stars Nokia as one-half of a young couple in the Bronx who fall in love during the summer of 1993.

The film itself also features Jimi Stanton and is scheduled to premiere on November 14th at Washington Heights’ United Palace prior to a November 19th digital release.

“I loved sharing this experience with Peter Lee and the incredible team of women who made this film possible,” Princess Nokia said in a statement in regard tot he new project. “I’m really grateful to have someone believe in me so much, and believe in this talent—not just my name or the idea of me. He respected me, he respected New York and the importance of bringing these Latino characters alive respectively and accurately. Which has truly meant the world to me.” Continue reading

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