Surreal Installations And Unexpected Viewpoint Of Myeongbeom Kim

Myeongbeom Kim builds unique works by combining everyday objects whose purposes are often in stark contrast. The sculptures are created from recognizable pieces such as birthday cake candles, canes, and pencils. These objects are reworked to drastically limit their inherent purpose, like the untitled sculpture in which the Korean artist floats a helium-filled balloon inside of a bird cage.


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Chinese City to Launch “Artificial Moon” Bright Enough to Replace Streetlights

The chairman of a private space contractor in Chengdu, China, recently revealed plans to launch an “artificial moon” satellite up to eight times as bright as the real moon and capable of replacing traditional streetlights.

The ambitious project was announced at a national mass innovation and entrepreneurship event held in Chengdu, a city of 14 million people in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan. Wu Chunfeng, the chairman of the private space contractor Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co (Casc) revealed plans to launch an illumination satellite referred to as an “artificial moon” that would be eight times as bright as Earth’s natural satellite and capable of an area with a diameter of 10-80km. Continue reading

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Ricardo Villalobos to release Silent EP on Pressure Traxx

The minimal master teased the release on Facebook.

Chilean minimal techno producer Ricardo Villalobos today (October 18) teased the release of a new EP, Silent, on Frankfurt-based label Pressure Traxx.

According to Juno RecordsSilent will feature two tracks, ‘Wispa’ and ‘909 Track’, and will arrive next months on November 19.

The EP will be Villalobos’s first solo release of 2018. Head over to Juno to hear snippets of both tracks. Continue reading

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Russell E.L. Butler imagines a hopeful future on The Home I’d Build For Myself And All My Friends

Then album was written in the immediate aftermath of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland.

San Francisco-based record label Left Hand Path have announced the release of a new album from left-field techno producer Russell E.L. ButlerThe Home I’d Build For Myself And All My Friends arrives on November 15.

According to a press release, the album “recalls techno’s emancipatory, Afro-futurist roots”, as Butler imagines a future built upon a foundation of hope and progress. Continue reading

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