Academy of Art University: The Subaru Project (Part 4)—Bringing Design to Life

Over the past month, we have been documenting the Academy of Art University’s Subaru Project, and in episode 4 of 6, the students are really beginning to make their designs come to life. This episode in particular is fascinating because we get to see the clay modeling stage of the designs, as well as working with “digital models, interior architecture models, color and finishes, user interface and experience components, and more.” 

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Nike Air Max 270 Receives USA-Themed Colorway: Photos

One of the best Nike shoes of the last few years has been the Nike Air Max 270, which is fairly underrated as far as the Air Max line is concerned. For those who are uninitiated with the silhouette, this shoe has a knit upper, all while the midsole on the back part of the heel is mostly made with a large chunky Air Max unit. It’s a truly unique look that set the trend of Nike going much bigger with their Air Max units. Over the course of the last few years, it has received a ton of new colorways and in 2021, it still continues to make the rounds. Continue reading

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The TikTok Music Takeover

2020 was an unprecedented time for everyone, with the coronavirus pandemic leaving many people stuck at home, for more than a year at this point. State-mandated lockdowns left people unable to perform their daily (let alone extra-curricular) activities, and even seemingly mundane things, such as going to school, the grocery stores, or seeing friends were foregone. People had a tremendous amount of time on their hands during the day as a result, and much of this time was filled by social media, especially then-newcomer app, TikTok.  Continue reading

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