Lil Jon Defends Receiving PPP Loan, Says He Is Trying To Support His Team

Days after it was announced that Kanye West reportedly received a $2 Million PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Loan from the government to help pay his employees, news circulated that Lil Jon had also followed suit. Immediately, the multi-talented producer was met with backlash about taking between “$150,000 and $350,000, according to the Small Business Administration and Treasury Department,” said Rolling Stone. Lil Jon spoke with the outlet to explain why it was necessary for him to receive government assistance during the pandemic. Continue reading

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August Alsina Reflects On His Recovery: “We’re All Living To Die”

As the public waits for Jada Pinkett Smith to pull up those chairs to the red table, August Alsina is taking time to reflect on just how far he’s come in the last year. The 27-year-old singer recently shared his The Product III: State of Emergency album with the world, a project that was a long time coming for fans. Yet, for Alsina it was a major accomplishment considering just one year ago he believed that he was knocking on death’s door.

August Alsina
Michael Buckner / Staff / Getty Images

The singer has previously shared his road to recovery after being hospitalized due to complications connected to his autoimmune disease. For a moment, August Alsina even lost the ability to walk, so he’s eternally grateful to be in the place that he is now. The singer shared a series of photos showing what a difference a year makes and included a lengthy caption about his journey. Continue reading

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Spiral Tower is concept for an observation tower ride powered by a windmill

Spiral Tower by Northern Lights

A consortium of Dutch companies has developed a concept for a viewpoint, which would have electric cabins that would spiral up it and be run off solarpanels and wind.

Engineers KCI, electrical specialists Bosch Rexroth, steel experts Hillebrand and creative agency NorthernLight, are the four companies from the Netherlands that collaborated on the piece of conceptual architecture.

Its designers claim it will be the world’s first “climate-neutral high-rise attraction”.

Spiral Tower by Northern Lights
A steel mast would be topped by a windmill

A windmill would sit at the top and solar panels would be integrated into the mast, along with vertical gardens. As the cabins roll back down the mast they could also generate electricity. Continue reading

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Omar Basaad Shares Chill House Track “Without You” [OUT NOW]

Omar Basaad dropped a new track that is as chill as it is catchy. His new song is a chill, summer bop called “Without You” out on his own label Coexist Records.

The new track is a deep house cut featuring tranquil piano-key strokes and phantasmic female vocals. Omar Basaad arranges soft plucks around gentle synths and flowing rhythm to create an airiness and relaxation. These elements juxtapose the story told in the lyrics which center around heartbreak and regret. As the beat drops, the hi-hats and kick are just as melancholy and soft as the production up to this point. However, there is a little more “umph” in the beat to give “Without You”  that chill house, 5 am vibe. Continue reading

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Facebook Is Adding A Tab Specifically For Music Videos On Artists’ Pages

Years ago, there was a shift on Facebook from prioritizing text and photo posts to prioritizing video posts. Of course text and photo posts still have their time and place and still do well, but the algorithm unequivocally favors videos.

Now, Facebook is adding a full music video library to artists’ pages beginning in August.

Artist page admins received the notification this afternoon, stating, “Your official music video library will be added to the Videos tab on your Page starting in August, 2020.” Continue reading

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