Kid Buu Allegedly Robbed, Thieves Flex His Jewelry On Social Media

The streets of Toronto haven’t been kind to Kid Buu. Recently, there were rumors floating about that the 30-year-old rapper got himself caught up in some trouble after he was robbed during a visit to the Canadian city. DJ Akademiks and No Jumper‘s Adam22 shared video clips and images of a masked person flaunting Kid Buu’s jewelry, suggesting that the rapper had been robbed. The alleged thief wears one chain while displaying another along with an iced out watch.

“Goons in Toronto claimed they robbed #kidbuu…most likely a stunt but idk,” Akademiks wrote in the caption to the video. A Canadian outlet named 6ixBuzz TV also shared the news of Kid Buu’s alleged robbery and commented on Akademik’s post, “Nah its facts crodie. @kidbuu can’t be acting up in the city 😤💯.” Continue reading

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Hella Jongerius fills atrium of Parisian foundation with a giant loom

Hella Jongerius Interlace Textile Research exhibition

Dutch designer Hella Jongerius has created a giant loom with threads that tumble 16 metres between the floors of the multi-storey Lafayette Anticipations foundation in the Marais, Paris.

Installed in the atrium of the foundation’s building in central Paris, the giant Space Loom has turned the four-storey space into a textile studio that is open to the public to view.

Over the course of three months, a 3D shape has been gradually woven on the hanging warp threads by weavers who worked on small raised platforms. Continue reading

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BROCKHAMPTON’s “SUGAR” Is A Standout On Their Album “GINGER”

BROCKHAMPTON released their fifth studio album GINGER on Friday, and fans have been soaking in the Los Angeles-based hip hop collective’s vibe ever since. They’d previously shared their singles “BOY BYE,” “I BEEN BORN AGAIN,” “NO HALO,” and “IF YOU PRAY RIGHT,” but the second track on the album, “SUGAR,” is a noteworthy addition.

Ryan Beatty is responsible for the melodic chorus as the lyricists stick to the theme of GINGER and deliver rhymes that are emotional and oftentimes introspective. “Some stuff I feel like you just can’t control,” Kevin Abstract told Rolling Stone. “I don’t know what makes a song connect anymore, and I don’t think people really know. Our album is very summery right now. Even though it’s maybe rooted in sadness, the goal is to make it feel right and to uplift and to help people get through.” Continue reading

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27-Year-Old Woman Marries 83-Year-Old Grandpa, Claims It Was Love at First Sight

The unlikely love story between a 27-year-old woman and an 83-year-old famous shaman in Indonesia’s Central Java province has been making headlines in the Asian country for the past week. Despite the controversy regarding the age difference between them, the young woman claims she fell in love with her new husband the moment she saw him.

27-year-old Nuraeni first met 83-year-old Sudirgo in July, when the girl accompanied her parents to the famous shaman’s house in Desa Jatilaba, to seek his advice. It was then and there that the young woman says she fell in love with Nuraeni, and even though she left with her family, she kept finding excuses to visit the grandfather of eight. She even asked him to visit her at her family’s home, and even though the signs were pretty clear, the 83-year-old says he didn’t even consider a romantic relationship because of his advanced age. However, he could only resist love so long, and after confessing his feeling to Nuraeni and asking her to marry him, she accepted. Continue reading

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Johnny Depp’s Alleged Assault Victim From Tupac & Biggie Film Suing For $70K

Someone else besides Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard is looking to take the acclaimed actor to court. Back in 2018, Depp starred in the film City of Lies alongside Forest Whitaker. In the film, Depp portrayed real-life Los Angeles Police Department detective Russell Poole who investigated the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace.

One month before the film was to hit theaters, it was pulled and shelved. While there hasn’t been any further announcement regarding a worldwide release date (although it has been leaked), it hasn’t kept the movie from making headlines. Earlier this year, a crew member from the film named Gregg “Rocky” Brooks filed a lawsuit against Depp claiming that the actor punched him twice in the ribs when Brooks attempted to impose the restrictions of certain permits. Continue reading

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