James Cameron Says Filming On “Avatar 2” Is “100 Percent Complete”

Director James Cameron has revealed that Avatar 2 has finished filming and the cast and crew are “95 percent” done with Avatar 3, despite delays suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Cameron spoke about the film in a video call with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the 2020 Austrian World Summit environmental conference.

James Cameron, Avatar, FilmingTommaso Boddi / Getty Images

“COVID hit us like it hit everybody… We lost about four and a half months of production,” he said. “As a result of that, we’ve rolled around one more full year for a release in December of 2022. That’s been announced already. Now that doesn’t mean I have an extra year to finish the film, because the day we deliver Avatar 2 we’ll just start working on finishing Avatar 3.” Continue reading

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Toshiko Mori Architect tops circular school in Senegal with thatch roof

Circular school in Senegal by Toshiko Mori Architect 

Japanese studio Toshiko Mori Architect has created a circular building topped with a thatch roof for the Fass School and Teachers Residence in the rural village of Fass in eastern Senegal.

Created in collaboration with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and Le Korsa not-for-profit organisations, the school was designed by Toshiko Mori Architect for 300 students aged from five to 10.

In total, there are four classrooms of different sizes and two open flexible spaces arranged in a circle around a central courtyard to give the school a variety of spaces for children of different ages. Continue reading

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Denver Broncos Fill Stands With Cutouts Of “South Park” Characters

A sizable section of the crowd for the Denver Broncos game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Empower Field at Mile High, Sunday, was taken up by cardboard cutouts of characters from South Park

The seats were not filled by the show’s main cast alone, what appears to be the entire population of South Park engulfed the stands. Each character appeared wearing a mask.

Additionally, over 5,000 football fans socially distanced inside the stadium.

Season 24 of South Park has yet to be given an official release date, however an hour-long “Pandemic Special” of the show will air on September 30th at 8:00 PM on Comedy Central. Continue reading

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Buku Releases Otherworldly New Ep, “What You See”

Buku has been pumping out forward-thinking, innovative bass music for years, and each time you think he has to be hitting a slump, he comes out with something that pushes his sound forward even further. A little over a month ago, he dropped the title track of his new EP, What You See, which we likened to the “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” mantra of Muhammad Ali.

Now, the full EP is out, including new tracks “Uh Huh” and “Pinky Fingaz.” Along the same sonic line as “What You See,” Buku pushes insanely intricate and heavy bass with impeccable songwriting and composition, creating complete songs in a bass world where, at times, a single bass patch is all the makes a track. Continue reading

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Bears Bench Mitch Trubisky During Shocking Comeback Victory

Trailing by 16 points to the Atlanta Falcons in the third quarter, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy benched quarterback Mitch Trubisky in favor of the veteran, Nick Foles. Foles led a come from behind victory that was capped off with a game-winning touchdown pass to wide receiver Anthony Miller.

Mitch Trubisky, Nick foles, BearsTodd Kirkland / Getty Images

“I just wasn’t expecting this today,” said Foles after the game. “I felt good out there. Not perfect. But I felt good.

“This is one game. We have a long road ahead.” Continue reading

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Donald Trump Did Not Pay Income Tax In 10 Of 15 Years Before Presidency: Report

President Donald Trump reportedly did not pay income tax for 10 of the 15 years prior to being elected President. He also paid just $750 in income tax in 2016 and 2017, according to a new report from the New York Times. 

Donald Trump, Tax Returns, New York TimesJoshua Roberts / Getty Images

The Times also claims that Trump is in massive debt, and his “core enterprises,” such as golf courses and other properties, are losing millions per year. His golf courses have reported $315.6 million in losses since 2000.

“It’s fake news,” Trump said Saturday in response. “It’s totally fake news. Made up, fake. We went through the same stories, you could have asked me the same questions four years ago, I had to litigate this and had to talk about it. Totally fake news. Actually, I paid tax. Continue reading

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