“Suicide Squad” Director, David Ayer Remains Apologetic For Yelling “F*ck Marvel” Years Ago

David Ayer has had his hand in the making of some of the most culturally relevant cinema over the past couple of decades. Ayer wrote Training Day (2001), co-wrote The Fast & The Furious (2001), and directed Netflix’s Bright (2017) starring Will Smith. The multifaceted director also provided his services directing DC Universe film, Suicide Squad (2016). Back during the opening weeks of the movie, in a moment of passion Ayer screamed, “f*ck Marvel” after someone in the audience of a Suicide Squad event yelled the insult at a premiere event.   Continue reading

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The First Trailer For The “Beastie Boys Story” Has Arrived: Watch The Video

What originally started as a four-piece hardcore punk band known as the Young Aborigines morphed into a three-man hip-hop group that would claim their legendary status in the music industry years later as the Beastie Boys. Now, Apple TV+ has revealed the first-ever trailer for the upcoming documentary starring Michael “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “MCA” Yauch, and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz entitled the Beastie Boys Story (2020). 

Rich Polk/Getty Images

In the documentary, surviving members, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz will narrate the world-renowned hip-hop group’s journey over the course of their four-decade friendship and business relationship. The documentary directed by Spike Jonze is also responsible for directing the following music videos for the Beastie Boys; “Time for Livin’,” “Sabotage,” “Ricky’s Theme,” “Sure Shot,” the second version of “Root Down,” and “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win.” Continue reading

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Harvey Mushman Racing T-Shirt – The Pseudonym Used By Steve McQueen To Secretly Enter Races


Harvey Mushman T-Shirt – 25% Of Profits Operation Second Chance

Harvey Mushman was the pseudonym used by legendary Hollywood actor Steve McQueen when he entered motorcycle races in the ’60s and ’70s.

McQueen wanted to be treated just like any other competitor and receive no special treatment, he also wanted to avoid crowds of fans showing up so he could keep his mind on the race ahead, and he needed to keep the extent of his racing from the movie studios who would be less than impressed by having one of their A-list stars risking his life for dust and glory. Continue reading

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TMZ Scolded Over Kobe Bryant Death Report Prior To Family Being Notified

No one wants to learn that their loved one was killed in a crash while watching or reading the news. Authorities do their best to keep information under wraps when tragedies occur in order to make sure they’ve correctly identified the victims involved and to give them time to notify family members before anyone else. However, in this day and age where outlets want to be the first to break a story, oftentimes ethics aren’t a contributing factor in reporting.

When TMZ reported the stunning news that Kobe Bryant had died in an accident, many people thought that the celebrity-gossip outlet was mistaken. According to CNN, it had only been an hour since police were even notified of a downed aircraft, so while they were still assessing the scene and trying to identify the passengers of the helicopter, the story was shared on TMZ‘s website and social media accounts. Continue reading

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More “Transformers” Films On The Way From “Zodiac” & “Army Of The Dead” Writers

For those that enjoyed the Transformers film franchise reboot Bumblebee from 2018, get ready to embark on yet another adventure — better yet, make that two! — as Paramount Pictures and Hasbro are officially bringing the “Autobots vs. Decepticons” war to theaters once again for a double feature the very near future.

According to Variety (seen above), sources tell them that two new Transformers movie scripts are in “active development” by two separate writers: James Vanderbilt and Joby Harold. Vanderbilt, writer of David Fincher’s 2007 mystery thriller Zodiac, and Harold, who helped co-write Zack Snyder’s upcoming Netflix horror Army of the Dead, are two names that make sense for these kind of projects given their respective niches for the sci-fi genre. As Bumblebee made $468 million off a budget almost 1/4th of that amount, it’s not surprising in the least bit that interest in more Transformers films would be desirable to Hollywood execs.  Continue reading

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