Animated short film tells a story of a journey after death

Ever wonder what happens when you die? The creative animation studio And Maps And Plans explore the phenomenon in their playful short film titled ‘Coda.’ The story begins when a drunken man stumbles out of a bar and meets his fate by being struck by a car. The film then follows the character’s ghost as he meets the grim reaper.

The film was only recently released on Vimeo, but has won multiple awards and was even nominated for an Oscar. The story is an Irish tale that explores the mystery of death and the idea of always wanting just a little more time. Continue reading

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Watch this stuntman be the first ever to run a loop-the-loop

In this incredible act stuntman Damien Walters successfully completes the world’s first running ‘loop-the-loop.’ The production was sponsored by Pepsi Max and included a custom loop, a team of helpers, and a feasibility consultant for some mathematical explanation.

In order to successfully complete the loop Walters had to run at a speed of at least 8.65 miles per hour, which doesn’t seem to faze the experienced free-runner. After numerous attempts with a safety pad to catch him as he falls off the ceiling of the ramp, the mat is removed and he finally runs in the full circle. This is definitely a cool video to check out! Continue reading

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This week, the industry paid tribute to postmodernism pioneer Robert Venturi

This week on Dezeen, the death of Robert Venturi, the American architect credited for spearheading the postmodernist movement, led to reflection on the importance of his work.

Along with wife and partner Denise Scott Brown, Venturi was one of the biggest champions of the postmodern style. On Dezeen, we paid tribute to the architect who coined the term “less is a bore” by rounding up seven of his best postmodern projects, Continue reading

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