Kid Breaks Statue At Museum, Parents Charged $132,000


This is a video news report about a child in a Kansas City community center museum who hugs a bust of a busty woman (“Mama?”), which then topples over on top of him (at which point he really gets his face right between those breasts) and onto the floor, breaking it. I like how the newswoman says the boy’s mother “rushes over to help him,” because that is arguably the most casual rush I’ve ever seen. In the mother’s own words: Continue reading

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The new generation Suzuki Jimny has been officially revealed! The 2019 Suzuki Jimny
looks like it could be everything you could ever want in a compact SUV,
first, it looks like an adorably baby-faced take on a mini G-Wagen, and
this time around, a larger focus has been placed on its off-road
capabilities. Ready to replace the old model built since 1998, the
upcoming 2-door Jimny 4WD features a low range transfer gear to help you
crawl through rugged terrain, a ladder frame, and a three-link rigid
axle suspension. Inside there is a fancier dashboard with a decent sized
color touch screen, and some safety basics like forward collision
emergency braking. A manual and automatic transmission will be offered
and it will be powered by a 1.5L inline-four engine. Continue reading

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The sound market has never been so dynamic and the Sonos company aims to ride this wave by presenting the new Sonos Beam Soundbar,
the first product on the market that supports the two more important
voice assistants on the market: Siri and Alexa. So should you get one
you may use both and get the help you need at your home, along with this
feature you also get a piece that?s well designed and built,
understated with two color options ? black or white. The Sonos Beam
Soundbar can support up to 61 different music services and is also
Airplay 2 prepared. You may upgrade the sound quality by simply pairing
other Sonos products to give a surround effect or to boost up the output
power. The sleek soundbar is equipped with four full range woofers and
one tweeter, adjustable bass and treble, plus five class D amplifiers,
the mandatory microphone, an HDMI ARC input, and an optical audio
adapter. watch the video below Continue reading

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