The North Face have introduced a new version of their popular Rolling Thunder line of travel bags. Ready for the long haul, the Rolling Thunder
collection now sports a lighter, more user-friendly design and is sized to
safely take you (and your gear) around the world. Available in three
sizes, the strong rolling suitcases are made of ultra-durable materials,
and now feature self-cleaning wheels, a stronger back-panel structure,
more-durable handles, and a separate, external, zippered dirty-clothes
or shoe compartment. Add in a new, more user-friendly design and lighter
more manageable weight and you?ll see why those in the know refuse to
travel with anything other than The North Face Rolling Thunder Bag. Continue reading

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Officially Licensed Full-Scale Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Door Knockers


These are the officially licensed, full-scale door knocker replicas (both 14-inches wide — they’re big knockers) of the ones in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth available for pre-order today from Chronicle Collectibles. Unfortunately they aren’t animatronic and don’t talk like the ones in the movie, which, for $399 apiece or $625 for a set of two, I think we can all agree they should. Also who even has a front door grand enough for a 14-inch door knocker, and can I come live with you as a pet? “Not a chance.” But what if I told you I was the babe? “What babe?” The babe with the power. “What power?” The power to eat out of a dog bowl and do whatever you say, now have we got a deal or what? Continue reading

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