Calvin Harris Takes Love Regenerator On Live Stream For Another Two Hours Of Glorious House

Calvin Harris is back with his second Love Regenerator live stream! After the success of the last one last week, a second one was bound to happen and we’re left with another two hours of glorious house music.

Compared to the stream last week, there are far fewer Calvin/Love Regenerator tracks (only two) in the mix, instead keeping the vibes to other artists. Could these be the track requests he saw last week? We’re not going to dig through the thousands of comments to find out, but it’s probable at least a couple of these are. Though, a lot of people were asking for Calvin’s biggest hits and that’s not what these streams are about. Continue reading

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Your EDM Guest Mix: It’s High Time We All Paid a Lot More Attention to Soothslayer and Her D&B ‘Witchcraft’

Most of us in the West Coast bass music scene know Soothslayer for her teeth-kicking sets at Insomniac events, Respect or other D&B events around SoCal, either solo or with mixing partner Nightstalker. She’s also quietly released a number of tracks with Insomniac and Bassrush to coordinate with said teeth-kicker sets, including a track with Follow the Sun called “Nova” that made it onto the Bassrush/Viper 3.0 compilation album last year.

Her new debut solo EP Witchcraft sees Soothslayer lacing up her combat boots once again but this time she’s really serious. With this incredibly heavy and polished gut-check of an EP, Soothslayer is now a major player in drum and bass and Witchcraft demands we all stand up and salute (after we recover from the gut-check). Continue reading

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Earl Sweatshirt Joins Drakeo The Ruler & 03 Greedo On “Ion Rap Beef” Remix

It looks like Earl Sweatshirt is even blessing us with a new verse when we need it the most. Earlier today, Drakeo The Ruler’s camp released the official remix to his collaboration with 03 Greedo, “Ion Rap Beef” with a brand new verse from Earl. Slick tongued with a laid-back bravado, Earl kicks off his verse by calling out the D.A and calling for Drakeo’s freedom before dropping braggadocious bars. The song was initially teased on Drakeo’s Instagram page in early March but it has since been deleted. Earl’s also expressed his support for Drakeo on Twitter in the past. Continue reading

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