Sivion – I’m Good (Prod. by Tee-Wyla/Music Video/iTunes/Spotify)

Dallas, Texas-based emcee Sivion drops the visual to his new track I’M GOOD, produced by Philadelphia based Tee-Wyla, via Illect Recordings

It’s time to face facts. This year has been a little funky and not in the head nod type of way. There are rumors of war; government officials are winging it and marketing outrage is all the rage. However, your man Sivion returns like the Jedi to bring some clarity to the chaos.

Much like the current phenomenon of obsessively washing one’s hands, Sivion’s flow stays clean and crisp over Tee-Wyla’s champion sound production. The beat is sure to put any speaker through its paces. Each bar has a particular bob and weave to it and altogether oozes confidence and enthusiasm. Continue reading

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LeBron James Reacts To Elderly Man Being Shoved By Police

Police brutality has been ramping up all throughout the United States in light of the protests combatting, you guessed it, police brutality. Various videos have been going viral which showcase the sheer brutality in which some cops are operating, seemingly for no reason at all. Perhaps the best example of this needless violence was showcased in a now-viral video that depicts a Buffalo police officer shoving an elderly man to the ground, causing him to bleed from his ear.

In the video, none of the cops try to help the man although eventually, some National Guard members came and called an ambulance. LeBron James saw this clip floating around the internet and immediately spoke up, noting just how sad the state of affairs in the United States is. Continue reading

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T.I. & Nasty C Connect For Inspiring Anthem “They Don’t”

Following the death of George Floyd, many artists have been moved to speak out against police brutality and anti-black racism. Today, T.I. and Nasty C have connected for a powerful new collaboration called “They Don’t,” an anthem designed to raise awareness for the changes that must transpire. Nasty C opens the song with a reflection of the tragedies present within South Africa, drawing poignant parallels with those occurring in North America. His voice soaring as he expresses his frustrations, singing “I can only imagine the pain and the grief/from the innocent mothers with all the shit they had to see/ when you lose the ones you love to the fuckin’ police /it cuts deep. Continue reading

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A Bold Black Lives Matter Statement Transforms a Street Leading to the White House in Washington D.C.

In a show of solidarity, a massive tribute to Black Lives Matter has been painted on the street leading to the White House in Washington, D.C. Completed in permanent street paint, the message features bold, yellow letters that span more than a block of 16th Street and marks a historic moment in the United States after weeks of protests.

Mayor Muriel Bowser commissioned the banner-style piece, which city workers and volunteers began at 3 a.m. Friday morning ahead of weekend demonstrations. The new message is just two blocks north of Lafayette Square, where police charged peaceful protestors and released tear gas and flash-bang shells to clear the crowd for a photo-op for President Trump earlier this week. It sits at the foot of St. John’s Church. Continue reading

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