Patterning 2 circular drum machine app coming soon to iOS

One of the best music-making apps for iOS is getting a follow-up.

Patterning – the drum machine app for iOS that uses a circular interface for making beats – is getting upgraded. Patterning 2 will be released in June/July this year and adds lots of new features and workflow improvements.

One of the biggest additions is the ability to record patterns with a new drum pad page or an external MIDI controller – previously rhythms had to be dialled into the app’s interface of concentric circles.

Other new features include the ability to randomize instrument parameters including panning, filter cutoff and resonance, tuning and velocity on a per step basis, ratcheting for making stuttering beats and new sample folders. Continue reading

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Rolling wildflower roof covers Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners-designed Scottish distillery

Macallan Distillery by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Undulations in the green roof of the Macallan Distillery by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners hint at the bulbous whiskey stills situated below.

Cut into the hills of Speyside, the new distillery sits on the Easter Elchies estate in Scotland, which has been home to the single malt whiskey since 1824.

Costing £140 million, the centrepiece of the whiskey-making building is a rippling timber roof formed of 380,000 individual components – almost none of which are the same.

“The vision was always ambitious, but this enabled us to challenge our own thinking to create something so dramatic and awe-inspiring,” said Graham Stirk, senior partner at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and lead architect on the Macallan Distillery project. Continue reading

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Mexican Townspeople Hold Mayor Captive in Town Hall, Demand Ransom for His Release

A Mexican mayor who incurred the wrath of his constituents by not fulfilling his campaign promises was recently detained in the town hall until he agreed to pay a considerable ransom.

Alfonso Hernández Montiel, the mayor of Chichiquila, had only five months left from his mandate to fulfil the promises he had made during his electoral campaign. However, dissatisfied locals decided they weren’t going to sit around and wait for his term to end while he continued to lead them on with more empty promises. On Sunday, a large number of Chichiquila residents staged a massive protest in front of the city hall, demanding that he deliver on all the things he promised during his campaign, including the construction of an important bridge. Continue reading

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MIT engineers replace chefs with machines at “world’s first” robotic kitchen

MIT engineers replace chefs with machines in

Four engineers from MIT have opened a fast-food restaurant in Boston that uses mechanical woks to autonomously prepare meals in under three minutes.

Billed as the “world’s first” robotic kitchen, the Spyce restaurant employs a series of seven automated cooking woks in place of human chefs. These robots are designed to simultaneously prepare food in three minutes or less.

The project was born from four MIT engineering graduates’ dissatisfaction with the high price tag placed on quality, fast food.

In a bid to “reinvent” fast-food dining, they came up with the Spyce: a robotic kitchen that can serve up to 200 meals per hour costing around £5.60 each (approximately $7.50). Continue reading

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T.I. “Livid” Over The Assault That Occurred To 3 Women At Houston’s Restaurant In ATL

T.I. has a message for Houston’s restaurant & their security guard after they roughed up a few harmless ladies.

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Author: Kevin Goddard

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Drake Hints At Possible DJ Premier Collab On “Scorpion”

It looks like Drake is telling us that DJ Premier is contributing to “Scorpion.”

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Author: Kevin Goddard

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