Drake Unveils New Custom Art Piece “The Many Faces Of Benjamin Franklin”

It looks like Drake has a custom new art piece to hang up in his Toronto mansion. The 6 God took to his IG story today to unveil his newly acquired artwork “The Many Faces Of Benjamin Franklin,” which he said he had been waiting for such a long time.

Just as the title depicts, the framed artwork contains several one-hundred dollar bills placed all over with significant key figures & athletes making up the face of the bill rather than Ben Franklin. Athletes such as LeBron James, Christiana Ronaldo, and Tiger Woods are a few of the names represented. Meanwhile artists such as Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, and Diddy are also displayed throughout the 100 bills. There’s even drawings of Zendaya, Dave Chapelle and what appears to be Rihanna as well. Continue reading

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Drake’s Toronto Restaurant Pick6ix Reportedly Closed Due To Late Rent

Drake has just not been pulling in as many wins lately and we’re starting to feel for him. First, the “Feel No Ways” musician got dissed by his own father who claimed his music was all built on a liethen he got booed off stage at Tyler, The Creator’s annual festival followed by fans not feeling his latest PND feature. Now, Drake’s Toronto spot Pick6 has closed down and BlogTo is reporting it’s due to no rent payments. 

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

According to the publication, the closure was due to flood damages but a set of papers posted at the restaurants 33 Yonge Street location says the property was seized as of November 18 for owing close to $70,000 back in rent. Drake owns the spot with his right-hand man, Nessel “Chubbs” Beezer, but as per the recent update, they aren’t able to enter the premises. “The Premises have been re-entered and the Lease has been terminated by the Landlord for default in the payment of Rent in the amount of $67,514.73,” the notice reads Continue reading

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The All-New Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope Features A Unique Folding Upper

Nike has created a brand new silhouette along with their ISPA department utilizing their Joyride technology.

The tooling from the Nike Joyride NSW Setter (the “muscle car” of the Joyride family) offers a plush three-pod cushioning system. However, its upper, while tough, isn’t designed for quickly taking on and off, which can be difficult when attending dinner parties at shoes-off apartments or trying to navigate dressing rooms at packed sample sales. ISPA answers for these peculiarities of urban life, and the Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope explicitly adapts the Joyride NSW Setter for easy on, easy off use. Continue reading

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‘The Mandalorian’: All the Weapons and Gear the Bounty Hunter Uses

Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian. I hope you’re all caught up on Chapter Three of The Mandalorian. If not, remedy that now, or bookmark this article until after you’ve done so. This latest episode, “The Sin”, featured an all-out battle sequence acted out by the title character. In a crisis of conscience, Mando heads back to retrieve Baby Yoda from the clutches of The Client, but he has to traverse a maze of a compound that’s absolutely swarming with stormtroopers. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, Mando then has to escort Baby Yoda back to …

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Author: Dave Trumbore

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The Fashion Houses Selling Expensive Dresses That Don’t Really Exist

Earlier this year, San Francisco businessman Richard Ma spent $10,000 on a dress created by The Fabricant, the world’s first digital-only fashion house. The problem is that the dress didn’t really exist outside the digital world.

Digital-only clothes are so new that most people haven’t even heard about them, but some experts believe they will one day be a flourishing industry. But why would anyone be interested in fashionable garments that don’t exist in the physical world? If you can’t put them on and show them off, what’s the point? Well, that’s what makes them so interesting, you can actually put them on (sort of) and show them off on social media, in fact that’s actually their main purpose. Continue reading

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