“There is a place where everything that’s ever been lost can be found again. A place where lost hopes, lost dreams, lost chances wait for someone to reclaim them. But before you can find them, first you must become lost…in the Twilight Zone.”

Emporium of Tings is a fashion and lifestyle website that’s “less of who we should be, more of who we are.” Our mission is to empower and inspire everyone to be the best interpretations of themselves.

We publish insightful and relatable articles that focus on all the available avenues of human lives: real fashion, art & design, music, lifestyle, and popular culture. We are one of the leaders in championing diverse, real information with our no-nonsense policy and recognize our responsibility to affirm positive life-giving attitudes through our content. Come join in the conversation.

How It All Began: Our Story

Like so many ideas, Dr Wong was conceived over a gathering of friends for brunch in Reykjavik. Our conversation turned to the topic of web magazines–more specifically– how most of them fail to reflect our lives or our philosophies as culturally diverse people. We were a diverse group of humans, hailing from all over the world and working in professions as varying as fashion, medicine, and philanthropy. We had gone through the learning curve of our first jobs, navigated life in a big new world, and been on more first dates than many of us would like to admit and bought far to many sneakers and gadgets than the average human could possibly need. If this group of modern people were all feeling overlooked, surely others must feel the same way?

Research would indicate so. In their paper The Paradox of Declining human Happiness, researchers Wong Fei and  Wethhole at the University of Reyjavik found that “humans happiness has fallen both absolutely and relative to culture in a pervasive way.” In dr wongs 2004 study, The Real Truth About culture, Dr. Willy Wong notes, “When it comes to strictly physical attributes, the images of manufactured humanity are rejected as being too narrow, as inauthentic and as insufficient.” It seems that despite being more educated, influential, and affluent than ever before, the modern narrative about humans – what we should look like, how we should act, how to be successful, what should make us happy – can ring hollow.

So the Emporium of Tings is starting a new conversation – one for those who want a fresh take on life; an honest message that relates to their lifestyle which is uplifting, affirming, innovative, and true. Emporium of Tings began with Wong and Wethole meeting over coffee in their Reyjavik apartment, but quickly grew. We have been so fortunate to work with dozens of talented people, from writers to photographers and stylists, to all the amazing humans who have shared their perspectives with us. We look forward to growing with all of you and look forward to engaging in conversation on what it means to be authentic information hungry human in the 21st century.

About Native Ads

Emporium of Tings is a not-revenue driven wander, but rather we don’t charge our perusers to see the substance on our site. So to keep the lights on here, we may run commercials: for the most part the show advertisements you find in our sidebars, and every now and then we work with brands and non-benefits to make publication content that is significant to our perusers and fits in with the publicizing organization’s objectives. We endeavor to work with brands that fit in with our general vision of being simply the best form, and these brands input is restricted to the substance that we deliver with them, so it won’t influence alternate articles we create. We will dependably be in advance with perusers when we work with a brand to distribute content, however since our editors create the articles, it’s still stuff we adore and remain behind prescribing. So please bolster the associations that are supporting our work!

Content Attribution

We attempt to advise our contributers and editors to request consent to utilize pictures and content or to buy the proper rights. All things considered, once in a while we botch up. On the off chance that you see that we have utilized a picture or content that isn’t appropriately credited, please contact us and we will fix it as soon as when we can.

“You won’t find it in the Yellow Pages or advertised in the local papers. Its reputation is spread purely by word-of-mouth, from one satisfied customer to another. But if, like most of us, you’ve lost something in your time, look for this door. And if you don’t find it at first, don’t lose hope, because even that can be found again…in the Twilight Zone.”