Submission Policy

I write and have a story just for EOT.

Awesome. We will happily take a look at your submission. But do understand that EOT content is based on our personal selection. We choose the talent being featured. Your chances will greatly increase if you bring a fresh perspective to your pitch. We don’t much care if you’ve been previously published, your work will speak for itself. Please submit all proposals as a Word doc to our editor via email (info at Don’t forget to include your full contact-details.

I’m a photographer and have a story just for EOT .

Show us what you’ve got. Don’t bog our email down with images, though. Submit your work via links and we’ll take a look online. If it doesn’t live online, you can always spend money on postage, but that seems so yesterday. Your call, here’s the EOT mailing address:
unit 3. lark st, Lancs BB12 0HJ

If you feel like you’re shaping the future in real-time, please let us know. EOT was created to document it. If you’re a musician, don’t send MP3 files—send us a link and we’ll have a listen online. If you’re a photographer, see above. As always, don’t forget to include your full contact-details.

We could be into this, but it’s not a given. Please let our publisher know why you think exchanging links would be a good idea. Just send him an email. He’s cool like that.

I’m an agency and want to promote a new product or brand or artist.

For branding and advertising initiatives, please email our publisher directly. For artist and/or music submissions, please read above.

Does EOT sponsor events or tours or art-projects or exhibitions?

Indeed we do. We are very open to new creative collaborations from across the globe. Please get in touch with our publisher with all the details and how you feel we can work best together.

I love what you guys are doing at EOT and just want to support it in some way, what can I do?

First, thank you very much. The simple fact that you took the time to reach out for this reason means a lot. It’s what keeps us motivated and lets us sleep. Did you have something particular in mind? Hit us up… we’re all ears.

I want to join the EOT team; I’m looking for a job; do you have any openings?

The only positions currently available are internships. If this is something you’re interested in, please send our editor an email. Questions you should ask yourself before hitting send: Do I have drive, motivation and passion for electronic music and the surrounding culture? Do I love creative things and creative people? Am I knowledgeable about upcoming trends, styles and music? Do I love to write? Do I have a command of the English language? Am I interested in a relationship or am I just looking for a one-night stand? Still interested? Sweet, tell us a few words about yourself, your goals, things you like, what motivates you and send us also some examples.