The Amazing Stone Paintings of Stefano Furlani

Maybe “stone paintings” isn’t the best phrase to describe the amazing artworks of Stefano Furlani, but it’s so unusual that I just didn’t know what to call it. The Italian artist basically searches for geometrically appropriate stones on the beach and arranges them to create complex compositions.

Stefano Furlani discovered this fascinating art form while playing with his son Davide, when he was three years old. They would scour the beach for strangely shaped stones and then assemble them into all kinds of shapes and designs, on the sand, under an umbrella. As time passed and they both got better at this ‘game’, they started creating more and more intricate and detailed artworks, and at one point, Stefano started feeling disappointed that the artworks he and his son had worked so hard to create got washed out by the sea or trampled on by other people. So he started creating these stone compositions on hard canvases and preserving them as proper works of art. Continue reading

Shop the Galaxy’s Finest Star Wars Exclusives at SDCC 2018

We love the panels, the surprises, and the new friendships fostered by line alliances, but if you’re heading to San Diego Comic-Con this week, chances are you’re also looking forward to grabbing up some convention exclusives. We’ve gathered some of our favorite galactic selections to help you prepare a wish list, packed with porgs, pins and posters galore.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Chewbacca and Porgs set
Booth #3329 and
Continue reading

Dog Survives 6 Days in Atacama Desert After Jumping from Airplane

After falling from an airplane and roaming through the Atacama Desert for 6 days, “Gaspar the miracle dog” was recently rescued and reunited with his owner.

Surviving the harsh Atacame Desert for almost a week is a challenge for any human, let alone a scared dachsund that happened to have fallen out of an airplane at landing. So it’s no wonder that 2-year-old Gaspar has been dubbed a “miracle dog” for defying the odds and making it out alive out of the driest desert on Earth. Continue reading

Adam Savage’s 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Schedule

Because he’s currently shooting MythBusters Jr. for Discovery, Adam Savage’s time at Comic-Con is shorter this year. But there are still plenty of opportunities to be part of his Comic-Con experience! Here’s where Adam will be in 2018. (And stay tuned for our “friends of Tested” schedule as well.)

Syfy Wire Hosts the Great Debate (Thursday at 4:45 pm)

What superfan doesn’t love a good debate? To reboot or not reboot? Have video games eclipsed movies and TV? Pine, Pratt, or Hemsworth? Felicia Day, Joe Manganiello, Adam Savage, Janet Varney, Orlando Jones and John Barrowman join the ultimate debate as they share their thoughts, feelings and theories on the genre’s most hotly contested topics while moderator Aisha Tyler keeps the peace. After each round, you’ll get to settle the debate by casting your vote for the most convincing argument. Continue reading

Custom Keyboard Spotlight: Kailh Low-Profile ‘Choc’ Switches

Most keyboard switches currently in production are based on Cherry’s classic designs, and even many of the others at least have support for Cherry-style keycaps. Kailh has a line of increasingly popular low-profile switches that eschew all that. The so-called “Choc” switches (AKA the PG1350 series) take up less space and offer interesting properties, but it’ll be a pain to find keycaps. Continue reading