Chinese County Shames Debtors by Showing Their Faces During Cinema Screenings

Authorities in Hejiang county, China’s Sichuan province, have come up with a controversial method of convincing borrowers to pay up their debts – showing their faces and names during short clips played in cinemas before the main movie starts.

Called “Reel of Shame”, the clip features an animated character who tells the audience “Come look at these laolai” before showing the borrowers’ faces, names and other details on the big screen. The derogatory term ‘laolai’ refers to borrowers who fail to pay their debts on time. To maximize the technique’s effectiveness, authorities show the borrowers’ faces in cinemas in their local area. Continue reading

Mexican Townspeople Hold Mayor Captive in Town Hall, Demand Ransom for His Release

A Mexican mayor who incurred the wrath of his constituents by not fulfilling his campaign promises was recently detained in the town hall until he agreed to pay a considerable ransom.

Alfonso Hernández Montiel, the mayor of Chichiquila, had only five months left from his mandate to fulfil the promises he had made during his electoral campaign. However, dissatisfied locals decided they weren’t going to sit around and wait for his term to end while he continued to lead them on with more empty promises. On Sunday, a large number of Chichiquila residents staged a massive protest in front of the city hall, demanding that he deliver on all the things he promised during his campaign, including the construction of an important bridge. Continue reading

Heroes: ‘Deadpool 2′ Spoiler Review, Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio

On this episode of Heroes, Jon Schnepp, Robert Meyer Burnett, Amy Dallen, and Jeff May discuss the following from the world of Hero: The panel has a moment of silence for Margot Kidder and offers remembrances of her. (1948-2018) BREAKING: THR is reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to play the villain Mysterio in the sequel to Spider Man: Homecoming. CW President Mark Pedowitz and Stephen Amell announced at CW’s upfront presentation that Batwoman and the city of Gotham will be coming to the world of Arrow next season. The panel offers a spoiler-filled review of …

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Zachary Levi Reveals First Official Look at the ‘Shazam!’ Costume

We’ve seen a blurry set of photo of the Shazam! costume. We’ve seen grainy set video of the Shazam! costume. And now, we finally have an official image of Zachary Levi all suited up. Kind of. Well, we have an instagram image of the official image, which only reveals half of the costume. Look, at this point, we’ll take what we can get. And what we can get looks pretty good! Directed by Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg, Shazam! is poised to bring some levity and family-friendly fun to the on-screen …

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