Tech Company Uses Virtual Influencer to Present to Show Off Its Creations

South-Korean tech giant LG recently made international news for using a virtual influencer as a co-presenter to introduce its innovations to the world, during the first ever all-digital CES 2021 tech show.

Reah Keem’s bio on Instagram describes her as a songwriter, DJ and virtual musician. She has over 6,000 fans on the popular social network, which may not seem too impressive, but is actually quite a lot, considering Reah isn’t real. She is part of a growing number of human-like virtual influencers created by AI and CGI companies and designers, some of which have proven massively successful. Keem seems on her way to social media stardom as well, especially after being “hired” by LG Electronics to present its newest tech innovations during this year’s CES event. Continue reading

Inside The Unsolvable Mystery Of The ‘Montauk Monster’ That Washed Ashore In Long Island

In the summer of 2008, locals in the New York hamlet of Montauk were shaken by the discovery of a bloated and bloodless creature they couldn’t identify. It was dubbed the “Montauk Monster” — then it mysteriously vanished.

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Author: Marco Margaritoff

This guy made a bot that turns Reddit arguments into Ace Attorney


User micah made a bot that turns Reddit comments into scenes from the video game Ace Attorney. You can add !objection-bot to any Reddit comment thread and the bot will automatically create a Streamable video with the Ace Attorney results. It’s pretty great, and for some reason people having dumb internet arguments becomes much more tolerable when it’s in the form of Ace Attorney. Now somebody just needs to somehow apply this to real life, maybe transcribing everything that comes out Washington DC into Ace Attorney scenes. Continue reading

Vietnamese Woman Allegedly Has 400-Gram Bladder Stone Surgically Removed

Photos of a giant bladder stone that a young woman recently had surgically removed have doing the rounds on Vietnamese social media.

Several Vietnamese media outlets have been reporting on the case of a 34-year-old woman who showed up at the emergency room of Phu Binh General Hospital, in Thay Nguyen, complaining of severe pain in her abdomen. After running some tests, a CT scan revealed that the woman had a massive, round mass in her abdomen. She was scheduled for emergency surgery, and a stone over 10-cm-long and weighing 400 grams was extracted from her bladder. Continue reading