Tenikle, A Tentacle Inspired Suction Cupped Smartphone Mount

via Imgflip

This is the Tenikle 2.0 ($24, also available with Blu-Tooth camera operating clicker for $36), a smartphone mount that uses three highly bendable suction cupped tentacles to stay in place while you film your sexy solo web show or whatever the hell people use things like this for, presumably shower-based sexy solo web shows. Which gives me an idea. “You should shower.” It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? “I can smell you through the internet.” Imagine what my neighbors must think. “That you’re a corpse.” Yes — that’s exactly it! Continue reading

“String Art Guy” Creates Incredible Portraits with Just Strings and Nails

London-based Ben Koracevic is a young, self-taught string artist determined to push the boundaries of the art form. Looking at the insanely detailed portraits he is able to create using only black string and expertly placed nails, I’d say he has already succeeded.

Using thousands of nails carefully positioned on a blank white canvas, and pieces of string with a collective length of over one kilometer, Ben Koracevic spends dozens of hours painstakingly recreating iconic portraits of celebrities, movie characters and even animals. The level of detail in his works is simply uncanny considering the materials he works with. Continue reading