Andrea Riseborough Is Long Past Due for an Oscar Nomination

If you’ve been following the Academy Awards race this season closely, you may have been shocked that the name that seems to be circling around the most in the wake of the nominations is Andrea Riseborough. Riseborough received a surprise nomination for Best Actress for her performance in To Leslie, an excellent, yet wildly underseen independent film from the independent distributor Momentum Pictures. Continue reading

Bear Takes Over 400 Selfies With Motion-Activated Trail Cam

A motion activated trail cam set up by the city of Boulder, Colorado was recently checked for photos and revealed that out of 580 images, over 400 were of the same bear. Wildlife officials said they weren’t able to identify if the bear was a male or female, but many news outlets reported it was a lady bear because they’re sexist and assume if you’re taking 400 selfies, you’re probably a woman. Hey, I take selfies too, you know. Maybe not 400, and usually only when I’m trying to take a picture of something else and accidentally turn the front camera on, but still. Continue reading

Felix Kammerer Is All Quiet on the Western Front’s Secret Weapon

With nine Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, director Edward Berger‘s big screen adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s 1929 novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, has become an unexpected contender in the 2023 Oscar race. This German import is the fourth film version of the World War I story, and undoubtedly the most brutally unflinching. But for all its cinematic grandeur and dogged depiction of the horror of the French-German front line battle, it’s the performance of newcomer Felix Kammerer that makes the film such a painfully personal experience. Continue reading