Whee!: Little Bird Rolling And Riding Basketball

via Imgflip

This is a video of a little bird (any of you birdwatchers or ornithologists want to identify it?) purposefully rolling a basketball around somebody’s patio and repeatedly trying to ride on top of it. How about that! So, the next time somebody tries to tell you birds aren’t people you can show them this video and tell them “No shit, but they’re still a lot smarter than you are.’ Then grab a weapon and prepare to fight!

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Pastry Designer Creates the Most Mesmerizing Pies

Ever heard of a pie too pretty to eat? Me neither, but then I discovered pastry designer Karin Pfeiff-Boschek and her intricately decorated creations, and I started to have a whole new appreciation for pies as works of art.

Anyone would be lucky to call Karin Pfeiff-Boschek their friend. That’s because the German-born pie master bakes at least three pies a week and gives most of them to her friends after taking some photographs of them and sharing them with her Instagram fans. But looking at how beautifully decorated her works are, you can understand why she cares more about the photos than the pies themselves. Some of her creations look so incredible that it would be a crime not to keep any evidence of their existence. Luckily, Instagram lets artists like Pfeiff-Boschek do just that and make a living off of it. Continue reading