Poll: What Star Wars Content Are You Going to Watch First on Disney+?

Finally! Earlier this week we learned everything Star Wars coming to Disney+ in the US for the service’s November 12 launch. There’s The Mandalorian — the first live-action Star Wars series — along with Star Wars movies, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Seasons One through Five, plus The Lost Missions), every episode of Star Wars Rebels, the classic Empire of Dreams documentary, and much more. So we want to know…what are you going to watch first? Make your pick in the poll below! Continue reading

The 21 Best Zombie Movies of All Time

Zombie movies have had a fascinating path to the mainstream. For decades, the creatures didn’t have much of a presence or definition outside Voodoo lore, radioactive humanoids, and the unforgettable art of E.C. comics. Zombies were scarcely used, and when they were, they were a pretty far cry from the cannibalistic flesh-hungry creatures of the undead we know and love today. Then a gentleman and pioneering filmmaker named George A. Romero came along and changed the game forever. Romero didn’t invent the zombie as he’s often credited, but he did redefine it into a universal …

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Author: Collider Staff

Dare To Dream: Team Builds A Massive 3,168 Square Foot Ouija Board


This is a video of the world’s new largest Ouija board, OuijaZilla, a massive 72-foot by 44-foot Ouija board constructed out of painted plywood in Salem, Massachusetts (appropriate). The board was constructed from 99 sheets of 4′ x 8′ plywood, weighs 9,000 pounds, and measures 3,168 square feet (three times the size of the previous record holder). It also features a 15.5-foot x 10-foot planchette, which can be moved around the board by a single person standing in the middle of it. “What about a person in a relationship?” LOL. Man, just imagine the size of the unholy demons that are gonna be summoned with this thing. Because one time in middle school my best friend and I were playing with his Ouija board during a sleepover and the planchette started moving around the board all crazy, then a face appeared in his fireplace so we burnt the whole house to the ground just to be on the safe side. Continue reading

Belgian Restaurant Serves Drinking Water Recycled from Its Toilets

To highlight a new type of water purification system, a restaurant in Kuurne, Belgium, has started serving its customers free drinking water recycled from its sinks and toilets.

The water served at the Gust’eaux restaurant in Kuurne these days is the same as any other potable water – it has no smell, no taste, no color – so it’s impossible to tell that it’s source is actually the restaurant’s toilets. By using a complex, five-step purification system, Gust’eaux is able to turn its sewage into a water so pure that it has to be enriched with minerals before being served to clients. Continue reading

Live-Action ‘Barney’ Movie Coming from Producer Daniel Kaluuya

Barney & Friends is a great PBS show for very small children. It’s not as good as Sesame Street or Mister Rogers Neighborhood, but it’s fine for what it is. It keeps young ones entertained and imparts a positive message. However, I’m not really sure it’s meant for the big screen, and the reason I know this is that in 1998, when the show was pretty popular, there was Barney’s Great Adventure, which grossed $12 million. That’s not bad for a pre-school property, but there’s a ceiling because you’re asking a …

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Author: Matt Goldberg