Why Top Gun’s Beach Volleyball Scene Is Ridiculously Amazing

There are certain movies that become so entrenched with the time they were made that they become the epitome of that period. One such movie is the 1986 action blockbuster Top Gun. Directed by Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise as Captain Pete Mitchell, better known to the movie world as Maverick. The film is deeply rooted within 1980s popular culture thanks to its cast of memorable characters, non-CGI action sequences, classic love story and iconic soundtrack. Continue reading

Why Harold and Kumar Was a Turning Point for Asian Male Representation

When it comes to issues of race and representation in cinema, all eyes are on Hollywood, and rightfully so. Unlike many other territories, North America is home to an incredibly diverse mix of people from all walks of life. Therefore, it only makes sense that its film industry accurately reflects this. Indeed, as the decades have gone by, the inclusion of diversity on screen has gradually improved. Thanks to films like Minari, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and series such as Never Have I Ever, Asians are finally planting their feet firmly in Hollywood soil, but this wasn’t always the case, even as recently as twenty years ago. Continue reading

Gone Too Soon: 8 Cancelled Comic Book Shows Worth Revisiting

It’s always heartbreaking when you find out that one of your favorite shows has been canceled. Though some lucky few have been brought back thanks to fans, many others are never given the chance. The characters you’ve become so attached to are left in the dust. Their storylines and arcs are unresolved. All audiences get is an abrupt and unfulfilling ending. It becomes difficult to rewatch them or to recommend them to friends and family knowing there’s no proper conclusion. Continue reading

5 Disney Channel Child Stars Who Actually Made It Big

Throughout the history of filmmaking, we have learned that television and movie sets are not child-friendly environments to grow up in. It is a fact that a handful of child stars have a rocky upbringing within this industry and can’t manage to overcome the pressure and expectations of being in the spotlight for so long. Continue reading

9 Unique Documentaries You’ve Probably Never Seen

There are so many documentaries out there. Sometimes, it feels like too many. The number’s also ballooned further in the 20-30 years, thanks to the emergence of relatively affordable recording equipment that allows many people to capture whatever they choose to. Considering that professional movies can be shot on mobile phones, it stands to reason that the tools to document people, places, or events are now in the hands of more people than ever before. Continue reading