Goldtop Viceroy Gloves – Classically-Styled British Motorcycle Gloves

Goldtop was originally founded in 1951 and quickly grew to become one of Britain’s leading motorcycle gear manufacturers, many of the original ton up boys of the late 1950s and ’60s wore Goldtop gear while riding their cafe racers, and the company has supplied both the British Motorcycle Police Force and the Household Cavalry over the years.

As with all Goldtop gear, the Goldtop Viceroy gloves are based on traditional ’50s and ’60s era designs that have been subtly upgraded to offer more modern materials and safety. Each pair is made from a single high-quality 1mm thick aniline cowhide, each hide is hand selected by Goldtop leather workers and they refuse to use offcuts or imperfect leather. Continue reading

The AMC Mighty-Mite – An Unusual V4-Powered American Mini Jeep

The American Motors Mighty-Mite was developed in the mid-1940s as a lightweight alternative to the Jeep that could be more easily deployed by helicopter. Interestingly, an early prototype (the MARCO MM-100) was powered by a Porsche flat-4 air-cooled engine, and unusually for a four-wheel drive vehicle at the time the Mighty-Mite has all-independent suspension.

The Willys Jeep had more than proven its mettle during the Second World War and the Mighty-Mite wasn’t intended as a replacement, more of a supplement that was better suited to air deployment and for use in environments that called for a smaller more manoeuvrable vehicle. Continue reading