The Only One Ever Made: A 1965 Ford Cortina Lotus Mk 1 Estate Custom


As far as we can tell this is the only Ford Cortina Lotus Mk 1 Estate in the world, this is largely because Lotus didn’t actually build any estate (station wagon) versions of the original Lotus Cortina.

The car you see here was built years after the Lotus Cortina left the production line, it was designed to answer the “what if?” question – how would a Lotus Cortina Estate have looked and how would it have performed.

High-performance estate cars have been around for a long time and they seem to have become notably more popular in recent years, the appeal lies in the best of both worlds aspect they offer – combining the attributes of a sports car and a station wagon. Continue reading

A Book With A Hidden Flask – An Encyclopedia Of Modern American Humor


This copy of “An Encyclopedia Of Modern American Humor” by Bennett Cerf has been modified into a book safe – specifically a book safe for storing the included 8oz stainless steel flask.

Book safes are nothing new of course, they’ve probably been around in some form since books were first mass-produced. Some use their book safe for storing important keys, USB backup drives, and sensitive personal items but the most useful has to be the option you see here – the flask book safe. Continue reading