The Ford RS200 – The Fastest Accelerating Road Car In The World (For 12 Years)

This article was written by Nathan Duff, the founder of Retromotive Magazine and a contributor to a number of magazines including Top Gear, CAR, Wheels, and MOTOR.

Andrei Shinkarenko likes things that are rare, different and unique. He’s refreshingly left of centre and unashamedly so. I had that impression even before we meet, as I park my car next to ‘Rex’, the dinosaur in his front yard. “Might be Rexona.” He quips as we greet. “We’re not that friendly yet.”

Andrei, or Andy, is an engineer. “We’re a different breed,” he explains. “We think differently – genetically, we are created, were not just taught to be engineers. Russians have a long history of engineering. We don’t invent new stuff, we perfect old stuff.” Continue reading

The BMW Volkswagen Fikobike – A 1500cc VW-Engined BMW R60

The BMW Volkswagen Fikobike is a one-off custom motorcycle built by Dallas oilman Lee Fikes in the autumn of 1967. He had a BMW R60 but its 600cc horizontally opposed twin wasn’t producing as much power as he wanted, so he embarked on a project to install a modified 1500cc Volkswagen flat-4.

Fikes had bought the BMW to ride to the Yucatan Peninsula on his honeymoon, it’s the eastern-most part of Mexico that contains the cities of Cancún, Mérida, and Playa del Carmen. His reasoning was that the original 600cc engine wasn’t going to be powerful enough to carry two people and their luggage. Of course, it almost certainly would be powerful enough, but there’s no denying an engine that was over double the size and at least twice as powerful would be a lot more fun. Continue reading