After surprising their fans with a four-wheeler modification,
Vagabund Moto are back to their usual business of custom motorcycles
and have applied their magic to this spectacular BMW RnineT. The German
duo gave it the Vagabund treatment by designing and manufacturing a
whole bundle of new body parts, including a bolt-on rear end with an
integrated LED taillight. They refined it further by adding high-quality
parts from Rizoma, Motogadget, Remus, Koso and BMW. The bike was named “VnineT
and is available for purchase in a limited series, customers can choose
between different versions, colors and accessories to fully customize
their dream build. Each bike takes eight weeks to build. The price
includes a brand new BMW RnineT, but customers can also bring their own
RnineT at an adjusted price. Continue reading


Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Pain
can be caused by a sudden injury, an overuse injury, or by an underlying
condition, such as arthritis. E-Knee
offers real-time protection of your knee and ligaments, and unlike
other knee braces, it is customized to fit your own measurements. It
features a smart pneumatic knee brace that automatically pumps up the
support, according to the amount of exercise pressure you are applying
to the joint. An integrated smart ARM chip, gyroscopes, and five-airbag
system detect your state of motion in real time, adjusting  the
tightness level accordingly for the right fit. A full charge should
reportedly be good for about 35 hours, and when need of washing, you can simply detach the control box. watch the video below Continue reading


The sleek new Keysmart Ultimate Charger
has a 20,000mAh battery capacity and is capable of charging up a laptop
once, a tablet twice, or phones up to seven times. With its 3 charging
ports (Lighting USB, Micro-USB & Type-C) it can juice up  3 devices
all at the same time, and recharges itself in just 1.25 hrs using a
USB-C cable. Weighing just 1.05 lbs, the slim and lightweight design
features a sleek metal shell that fits perfectly in your backpack or
briefcase. Continue reading