The Austel Lotec MkII – A Motorcycle With A 998cc Mini Engine

The Austel Lotec was the brainchild of British engineer and designer Chris Castell. He developed an entirely unique motorcycle powered by a Mini car engine resulting in a claimed engine life of 300,000 miles, with fuel economy of 90 mpg at 70 mph, and a top speed of 125 mph.

Castell named the motorcycle by combining “Austin” (from Austin Mini) with his own surname, with a dropped second “L”. The Model name “Lotec” is a hat tip to the simple or “low tech” nature of the motorcycle – the design of the Austel Lotec was for a simple machine that would be exceptionally cheap to run and have easy access to inexpensive spare parts from the Mini parts catalogue. Continue reading

Project Car: A Barn Find Lincoln-Zephyr V12 Coupe For ~$16,300 USD


When it was introduced in 1935 the Lincoln-Zephyr V12 had its work cut out for it, it was a high-end luxury car being offered for sale in the middle of the Great Depression – the most severe economic downturn of the 20th century.

The car quickly proved itself a winner, in its first year 15,000 of them were sold which accounted for approximately 80% of Lincoln’s total sales.

Competition among the marques in Lincoln’s market sector was fierce, brands like Packard, LaSalle, and Chrysler with its Airstream all battled for every sale. The Lincoln-Zephyr V12 had three key strengths when compared with its competitors, it had almost impossibly handsome streamlined aerodynamic styling, it used advanced unibody construction, and it was powered by a V12 – its rivals largely made do with V8 and straight-8 engines. Continue reading

The Gullinbursti Kevlar Original Motorcycle Zip-Up Hoodie

The Gullinbursti Kevlar Original Zip-Up Hoodie is designed to provide an additional layer of protection for motorcyclists and anyone else who wants full Kevlar coverage.

Each Gullinbursti hoodie is 100% made from Raxton™ a proprietary fabric that’s a double weave of natural cotton on the outside and DuPont™ Kevlar® fibres on the inside. This fabric combines the protection from abrasion and puncture resistance offered by Kevlar with the soft breathability of regular cotton. Continue reading