Unseen Footage: 1982 Barry Sheene Interview

This 1982 Barry Sheene interview has been largely unseen for the past 36 years, it includes some fantastic quotes from Barry including him remembering a time he had to steal diesel in from a construction site in Munich to get to a Grand Prix in Austria in 1971.

It was originally filmed as part of a video magazine named Bike Rider by Nick Harris, Bill Gamon, and Dave Knowles. The interview is filmed on Super 8mm so it has a gritty feel to it, and it includes some excellent helicopter footage and some onboard racetrack footage too. Continue reading

1998 Reynard Indycar Wind Tunnel Model

This 40% scale Reynard Indycar model was designed for wind tunnel testing, as such it’s built to exacting specifications to exactly match the full scale race cars.

Just two of these models were made in 1998, it took a team of over two dozen people three months to complete the project. Each of the models is made from the same carbon fibre as the real cars, and they’re made using the same techniques.

Looking closely at the model you’ll see that it has a properly detailed cockpit, including a correct Kevlar seat upholstered in the same fabrics and materials used in the Indy cars. It’s also fitted with correct seat belts, a gear shifter, and a Momo steering wheel – the latter is fitted with the digital display and all the correct buttons used on the original car. Continue reading