Tamiya 1:10 Scale R/C Citroën 2CV Rally – This Is The Only R/C Car That Matters Right Now

This is the Tamiya Citroën 2CV Rally, a 1:10th scale reproduction of the legendary French people’s car. Although the 2CV may not seem particularly well-suited to rally, they were entered into a number of long-distance endurance events, including the Dakar and a slew of other rallies.

The Citroën 2CV was chosen for long-distance rallies and rally-cross not due to its speed, but for to its extreme simplicity, ease of repair, and surprising off-road ability made possible by the car’s unusual suspension. Continue reading

Piloti Vittoria – Driving Shoes Specifically Designed For Women

The new Piloti Vittoria driving shoes are the company’s first foray into driving footwear designed specifically for women, after they were inundated by requests from female drivers of classic and performance cars.

Over recent years Piloti have become one of the world leaders in the premium driving shoe genre, creating multiple product lines to suit a variety of needs including leather driving boots, driving sport shoes, classic driving shoes, and now a line of driving shoes designed from scratch for women. Continue reading

Documentary: The Story Of The Escort Cosworth

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth is one of the most beloved British-Fords of its era, it was developed for rally, with the homologation requirements meaning that a road-going version was also offered to the general public.

Despite the relatively high cost, the exorbitant insurance premiums, and the famously aggressive turbo lag the Escort RS Cosworth sold quite well, over 7,000 were delivered to customers and today they’re deemed highly collectible.

Ken Block famous owns a modified example of the Escort RS Cosworth which he famously drives in a number of films on his YouTube channel. Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Motorhome Of The 20th Century? This Is The 1937 Western Clipper

The series of Western Clipper Motorhomes were designed by the prolific and influential industrial designer Brooks Stevens, before the United States entered WW2 in the late 1930s and very early 1940s.

A number of unique though similar designs were used, they’ve been hailed as the most beautiful motorhomes of all time and compared with the Zeppelins that ruled the skies during the same era. The truth of the matter is that a shroud of mystery lies over the Western Clipper designs, no one seems to know how many were made or how many variations were made, and surviving examples only very rarely come up for sale. Continue reading