1986 BMW Alpina B7 Turbo / 1 – The Fastest Four Door Car In The World in 1986

The BMW Alpina B7 Turbo/1 was the fastest four-door saloon car in the world from 1984 to 1987, largely thanks to its heavily modified engine and its KKK turbocharger, pushing horsepower to over 320 bhp and delivering a hefty 383 ft lbs of torque.

What is Alpina?

At the start of the 1960s Alpina was known as a manufacturer of typewriters, but by the end of the decade the company would be known for their runaway motorsport success, including winning the European Touring Car Championship, the Spa 24 Hour, the German Hillclimb Championship, and a slew of race track and rally wins. Continue reading

The Pendulux Altimeter Table Clock

The Pendulux Altimeter Table Clock looks like it was pulled from the cockpit of a military surplus B-17 bomber in the years after WW2, but in reality it’s a brand new clock made from cast aluminium alloy, brass, and glass.

With a hefty weight of 1.6 lbs, the Pendulux clock isn’t a lightweight. The team behind its design have sworn off the use of plastic, resulting in a line of handmade products that have the solid look and feel of the equipment used by our grandparents.

Pendulux Altimeter Table Clock 3

Each of these desktop clocks is designed to look like an altimeter from a mid-20th century aircraft, with an aluminum body, a brass stand, and brass fixings. The clock displays a standard 12 hour face with a minute and an hour hand. Continue reading