A Brief History of the MGA – Everything You Need To Know

The MGA – An Introduction + Background

The MGA was born out of two strands of activity; one was the American’s discovery of British sports cars in the years after the Second World War with the car responsible for that being the MG TC of 1945-1950.

The second was MG’s quest to be recognized as a serious sports car maker which meant that the company needed to be involved in motorsport and such things as setting speed and endurance records.

MGA Twin Cam

In the post World War II years the British Government faced a dire economic situation resulting from not just one world war, but two world wars with an economic depression sandwiched in between them. Continue reading

Laser Cut Wooden Vehicle Blueprints by Simply Cut Art

This series of artworks are each designed by Jeff and Lisa in their studio near the city of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Their designs are entirely unique and they feature some of the most iconic vehicles of the modern age including the P-51 Mustang, the Series 1 Land Rover, the Toyota FJ40, the Datsun 240Z, the Citroën 2CV, the Ford Mustang, and many more.

Jeff and Lisa used to sell their art on Etsy however demand grew to the level they decided to go out on their own and set up their own store, and fulfill all of their orders personally. Continue reading