Case Reflects On Crafting R&B Classics With Ex-Flame Mary J. Blige

He’s responsible for belting out classics like “Missing You,” “Living It Up” with Ja Rule, and “Touch Me, Tease Me” with Mary J. Blige and Foxy Brown, but in recent years, Case hasn’t been involved much in the music scene as an artist. He was once one of Def Jam’s stars and the music video for his 1999 single “Happily Ever After” even featured Beyoncé as his love interest. In his recent feature on BET for Finding Case, the singer reflects on his career and how he topped the charts. Continue reading

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Trina & Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Debate Sparks Wild Celebrity Comparisons

It isn’t uncommon for two celebrities to be deemed lookalikes, but the internet gave us a chin-scratcher this week. A bit of a debate was sparked on social media after someone shared the Trina looked like Marilyn Monroe. The person shared a side-by-side photo of the rapper and the actress and wrote that it was a resemblance they couldn’t unsee. Later, the person added, “The K*nnedy family tried to end Marilyn and she came back reincarnated as an even badder b*tch. Let’s talk about it.” And “talk about it” the internet did, indeed. Continue reading

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Justin Bieber & Quavo Spotted Filming Music Video For Forthcoming Single

After teasing their upcoming track by sharing a snippet of their collaboration two weeks ago, Justin Bieber and Quavo were captured out and about filming the music video. Bieber and his team are preparing for the release of his forthcoming album rumored to be titled Changes with a March 2020 release date. The singer has already shared his hit song “Yummy,” and it looks like his joint single with the Migos rapper is next up. 

Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

According to TMZ, Bieber and Quavo were in Los Angeles at a daycare facility on the front steps dancing with what’s rumored to be members of the community. “Ain’t it funny how the money, and the cars, and the clothes were nothing until I met Jesus / And ain’t it funny how they you look up in the sky and see the stars & the moon and still don’t believe them,” Bieber rapped in the snippet of the Murda Beatz-produced track. Continue reading

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Janet Jackson’s Seductive Tinder Profile Picture Killed The #DollyPartonChallenge

Over the past half-decade, social media challenges have enriched the internet with hilarious and follow-worthy content. From the #BottleCapChallenge to the #FaceAppChallenge to the #DMXChallenge, patrons everywhere have been able to show off their skills and flex their creative muscles. Now, a new challenge started by legendary country singer/songwriter, Dolly Parton, featuring four different profile pictures including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder has taken off and Janet Jackson has decided to participate.  Continue reading

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