The Four Leaves House sure is worth a long and serious glance should you be an architecture lover, a perfect example of what oriental design is capable of in terms of designing a beautiful house. The unique home was designed by the guys at KIAS (Kentaro Ishida Architects Studio) and built in the Nagano metro area, 150 miles from Tokyo, more accurately in the Karuizawa forest, ideal for weekend escapades. It has around 225 sqm and was finished last year. The main feature has to be the wonderful concave and convex roofing (created using straight laminated veneer) that was designed to mimic “gently twisted leaves”. Inside the beams have been left exposed, adding detail to the high dark wood ceilings. The appearance of the villa blends in harmoniously with the natural surroundings and is perfectly integrated into the local landscape. Continue reading


The RhinoWolf Tent is an interesting item aimed at those who love the outdoors, what sets this option apart from its competitors are some cool features such as the fact that this is an individual tent that includes a mattress and sleeping bag, all in a packable bundle that weighs just 5lb. You may also attach other units to it so it may become a multiple person shelter. It is weatherproof and has a bug net, and you may choose from three different options of weather in which you aim to use it; you may decide to buy a two-season tent, a three-season or the more complete four-season one. The RhinoWolf Tent sets up easily thanks to its innovative one pole design and the included backpack enables you to fold up and collapse it, store and pack in a jiffy too. Learn more from RhinoWolf, or grab one from Amazon

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