lets you make your own vinyl records at home! The simple but precise
desktop machine enables you to cut your own custom vinyl, it uses a
diamond stylus to etch sound waves into blank vinyl discs in real-time.
Simply plug in an audio source, place a blank vinyl record on the
platter and push start. You can cut around 10 to 15 minutes of music per
side, and the 10-inch records will play back on any turntable. This definitely brings back the iconic feeling of the glorious mix tape era. watch the video below Continue reading


A couple of years ago Shimoda launched a camera bag geared towards
adventure sport photographers and filmmakers. Building on that success,
Shimoda just launched their next line of bags, the Action X
series. Designed for fast moving and agile adventure photographers,
Action X simplifies the shooting experience while minimizing physical
fatigue. Available in three sizes, the X30, X50, and X70 (numbering
refers to their capacity in litres), all three packs are designed to
make sure all your gear is always within immediate reach. The
lightweight, durable, adventure-driven camera bag offers rear and side
access options, with the side opening being ideal for quick,
under-the-arm access without completely removing the pack. The pack also
accommodates a laptop and has a height-adjustable padded harness with
pockets and connector. Each shoulder strap features a fast access pocket
for commonly accessed items. The backpacks utilize modular core units
and multiple sizes of accessory cases to fit your needs and the size of
your kit. watch the video below Continue reading

Showing at WatchTime New York 2019: F.P Journe Automatique Lune

WatchTime New York is just a week away, and Team WatchTime is steadily growing more and more excited for the 37 brands we’ll be hosting on October 25-26 at Gotham Hall in Manhattan. One of those brands is famed haute horlogerie manufacturer F.P. Journe, and this year the high-end Swiss watchmaker will be presenting its updated Automatique Lune watches from the Octa collection. The Automatique Lune was first introduced in 2007, but in 2019 the Geneva-based company refreshed the interesting moon-phase watches with updated dials, case sizes, and crowns. Continue reading

A Bespoke Kawasaki KZ650 by Mifune Werx Custom Motorcycles

The unusual custom Kawasaki KZ650 you see here is the work of Brent King, founder of Mifune Werx Custom Motorcycles based out of Ohio. We turned it over to Brent to tell us about the build in his own words, it’s a fascinating story resulting in a bike unlike anything we’ve seen before.

I am a licensed landscape architect practicing in Ohio, I have a bachelors and master degree in landscape architecture. I am Lead Designer and Principal at PLANIT Studios, a small boutique landscape architecture, graphics and wayfinding studio. My venture into custom motorcycles came out of a desire to actually build something with my hands, instead of simply drawing all day long. My goal is to build one “significant” bike per year, while continuing to work in my design profession. Continue reading


Again, this month we have rounded up some more practical and functional accessories to turn your commute more pleasant. Some cool stuff that will make the time you spend on the bike even more enjoyable whether you?re riding into the office or not. Check out some of our favorite, bike-centric gadgets below, whether you?re a hardcore cyclist or just getting off training wheels, we have listed some awesome products to help make your journey to work that bit easier. With a waterproof exterior, adjustable carrying capacity, internal laptop sleeve, and slew of other drool-worthy features, the Urban EX Rolltop bag meets the needs of every urban explorer. With a max capacity of 28 liters, the rolltop construction allows you to adjust the size of the bag to fit the load you?re carrying.


The NICOLAI Argon CX questions everything the mainstream sees as standard. Equipping a hardtail frame with cyclocross geometry, a PINION transmission and a GATES CARBONDRIVE timing belt makes you wonder at first glance. At second glance, however, the concept turns out to be a one-four-all bike for commuting, travel to moderate trail on the closing lap. The CX in combination is more versatile than you might think at first glance.

BUY The Zoku Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle makes sure cold beverages stay that way for up to 30-70 hours. And hot beverages do not lose steam, maintaining heat for up to 10-15 hours.


A sleek helmet for all types of road biking, the Outrider uses impact technology inherited from our high-end models presented in a compact shaped value-for-money package. It offers low weight, great comfort and superior protection. Without compromising on performance, this helmet works as good in a fast paced race as for a ride around town.


With everything you need to fix everyday bike problems such as a flat tire or a loose wheel, the Full Windsor Nutter Multi Tool comes in a highly stylized pouch to keep it all together. With a simple, lightweight design which incorporates a nylon type lever, a box head spanner, hex tool bits and many others, the Nutter is a must for all cyclists from the everyday commuter to the hard-core downhill riders. BUY

The Laserlight Core uses laser projection technology to project a bike symbol six meters in front of you to increase your footprint on the road. The Burner Brake is a back light that intensifies as you continue to slow down, offering an ample warning to others on the road.


This innovative and strategic storage solution is designed to protect your essential accessories against extreme elements. It is waterproof (can be submerged in a depth of up to 3ft), dirtproof, snowproof and dustproof, and has plenty of organizational solutions, including a removable lid and divider trays with nylon loops that provide various storage.


The OnGuard Bulldog has a 13 mm hardened steel shackle that will resist cutting, prying, jacking and all but the biggest bolt cutters. And the recently re-designed cylinder is bump proof and resistant to picking, pulling and drilling.


For over the past 20 years, Chrome has been the go-to pack brand for bike enthusiasts and city dwellers that need a bag that won?t quit on them when the going gets tough. their Urban EX Sling bag is no exception. It?s got just the right amount of internal space for everyday, light packing, and a design so comfortable you?ll forget you?re even wearing a bag.


When it comes to pumping, size really does matter, but bigger isn?t necessarily always better. The super-light Ninja P Mini-Pump by Topeak hides inside your seatpost to keep the clean lines of your bike, while still easily accessed when needed.


More and more people are attaching Bluetooth speakers to their bikes in the city. The big, bold, beautiful sound of UE ROLL 2 gives your ride a soundtrack. Sound so loud, you?ll have to shout to be heard. It?s an ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that goes where you go with a stretchy, attachable bungee.


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