Ring (maker of the popular video doorbells) has announced a unique new security product, a fully autonomous drone that flies around inside your house! The Ring Always Home Cam
flies to pre-chosen locations, or when it detects a disturbance, so you
can easily check on your home. When it detects a break-in, the flying
camera un-docks from its station and flies to the intruder, capturing
their face, and sending a live video feed right to your smartphone. It
can also be used to check on things as simple as if the ovens been left
on or a door left open. Once it?s done flying, the Always Home Cam
returns to its dock to charge its battery. Available in 2021. Continue reading


This has to be the coolest mini speaker on the planet. Reaching its funding goal in half an hour, the Muzen Wild Mini Speaker
has a rugged look and great sound quality for its size. The palm-sized
Bluetooth speaker packs a built-in flashlight with three modes, is
water-resistant, and can provide up to 6 hours of playtime at full
volume on a single charge. The small size of the speaker allows you to
clip it onto your backpack with the strap whilst it unleashes stunning
sound for your wildest adventures. watch the video below Continue reading

Fifty Shades Of Grey – A Custom Harley-Davidson Sportster by Black Lanes


This article was written by Andreas Jönsson of Black Lanes, a Swedish custom motorcycle garage. When possible we like to bring you the story of a bike in the words of the people that built it to cut out the middle man and give unfettered insight into their methodology and thinking.

Black Lanes + Andreas Jönsson

I’m a small towner who started skateboarding in the late 80’s for the fun, creativity and freedom. I loved every aspect of skateboarding and the feeling it gave me. Motorcycles and the motor culture came into my life when I realized that it shared many of the same freedoms and aspects as skateboarding. Continue reading