Ambient Reflections: Lamin Fofana – Blues

Sitting out in the woods has been a good time for ambient music and reflecting, so this new project by Lamin Fofana has been excellent to become more at peace with the world around us. The album titled Blues is the third in a trilogy of albums. This trio of albums draws its influences from works …

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Author: Ryan Middleton

Sauce Walka Only Dates White Women, Calls It A Business Decision

It only took 50 Cent’s recent interview with Lil Wayne for people to draw attention to Sauce Walka’s comments about Black women. Last week, 50 Cent ruffled feathers over his remarks about desiring “exotic,” non-Black women, but just the day before, Sauce Walka’s controversial interview with Dallas Global was shared on social media. The video has recently gone viral because, during the discourse, Sauce Walka expressed that he doesn’t date Black women and prefers White women because they seem to cater to his needs. Continue reading

“Black In Crew Chicago” Star Ryan Henry Blasts Production Over Portrayal

For six seasons, Black Ink Crew Chicago has been bringing in millions of viewers who tune in weekly to check up on reality television drama. The crew of rag-tag tattoo artists have become overnight celebrities because of the series, and when you put yourself in the hands of reality television producers, you never know how you’re going to be portrayed on-air. Ryan Henry, the leader of the 9Mag crew, has endured criticism for years, and now that the sixth season has picked up this week, he had a few things to get off of his chest. Continue reading

Loon launches floating balloon-powered internet service in Kenya

Loon launches floating balloon-powered internet service in Kenya

Google‘s sister company Loon is deploying a fleet of 35 solar-powered balloons that will provide internet service across more remote areas of Kenya by floating on stratospheric winds.

This is Loon’s first non-emergency, commercial internet service. Previously the company provided emergency-only internet access in response to disasters such as the 2017 Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the 2019 earthquake in Peru.

Loon launches floating balloon-powered internet service in Kenya

Loon – a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc and one of Google’s “moonshot” projects – is using a fleet of what will eventually be more than 35 balloons to provide a 4G wireless broadband service to Telkom Kenya subscribers across the country. Continue reading

The Neon Museum’s ‘Lost Vegas’ Exhibit by Tim Burton Used VR to Visualise the Expansive Setup

The Wild - Neon Museum

If you’re ever in Las Vegas and want to visit somewhere other than a casino then iconic The Neon Museum is a good place to stop off a see a little of the city’s history. A non-profit which collects and preserves Vegas signage, last year Tim Burton (Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands) took over the location for a special exhibition called ‘Lost Vegas’. And to help make it a reality the designers used VR collaboration software.

The Wild - Neon Museum_Photogrammetry

Burton brought in experiential designer Craig Winslow who had previously worked for clients like NikeLab and Adobe to help bring his ideas to life. As it happened Winslow had been experimenting with enterprise collaboration software The Wild. The app specialises in supporting architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) businesses, with tools allowing them to import most 3D file types. Continue reading

Eighty-Four Photographers Band Together to Raise Money for Greater Chicago Food Depository

“Smiley” (2018) by Lyndon French. All images courtesy of Prints for Hunger, shared with permission

Food banks across the United States have been seeing an unprecedented uptick in usage since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and dozens of Chicago natives and current residents have joined together to provide local aid. Since June 25, Prints for Hunger has raised $20,000 for the Greater Chicago Food Depository through its online fundraiser selling 84 photographers’ most significant works from the past few decades. Continue reading