Diagramming the connection between color and branding

A brand and its color choices are intrinsically linked, and for many consumers this connection becomes subconscious. There are some obvious choices such as the green of a Starbucks logo or the golden yellow arches of McDonald’s, but there is also the less-noticed orange and blue of Amazon and the light blue of Bandcamp.

The website BrandColors separates out the forms from their colors, presenting companies with only a corresponding colored bar. When disassociated from their forms, we may even see these colors a little differently. A nice feature of the website is that when you hover over a color, the HTML color values appear. Continue reading

‘Not Your Girls’ reflects the gaze of a confused teenager at the point of losing her conscience: Will passion prevail?

Can you split your heart in two? Can you be in love of two people at the same time? What are the consequences? The story of a girl divided into her two weaknesses, leads her to live simultaneously two love stories on which we see her enjoy and suffer at the same time. The film Not Your Girls reflects the gaze of this confused teenager, at the point of losing her conscience and live her passion with freedom Continue reading

Adam Savage’s 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Schedule

Because he’s currently shooting MythBusters Jr. for Discovery, Adam Savage’s time at Comic-Con is shorter this year. But there are still plenty of opportunities to be part of his Comic-Con experience! Here’s where Adam will be in 2018. (And stay tuned for our “friends of Tested” schedule as well.)

Syfy Wire Hosts the Great Debate (Thursday at 4:45 pm)

What superfan doesn’t love a good debate? To reboot or not reboot? Have video games eclipsed movies and TV? Pine, Pratt, or Hemsworth? Felicia Day, Joe Manganiello, Adam Savage, Janet Varney, Orlando Jones and John Barrowman join the ultimate debate as they share their thoughts, feelings and theories on the genre’s most hotly contested topics while moderator Aisha Tyler keeps the peace. After each round, you’ll get to settle the debate by casting your vote for the most convincing argument. Continue reading

Custom Keyboard Spotlight: Kailh Low-Profile ‘Choc’ Switches

Most keyboard switches currently in production are based on Cherry’s classic designs, and even many of the others at least have support for Cherry-style keycaps. Kailh has a line of increasingly popular low-profile switches that eschew all that. The so-called “Choc” switches (AKA the PG1350 series) take up less space and offer interesting properties, but it’ll be a pain to find keycaps. Continue reading