Ekali Plays Out New Skrillex ID & It’s A Certified Trap Banger [WATCH]

New Skrillex incoming! One of our first glimpses into the iconic producer’s updated soundscape comes in the form of this massive new ID courtesy of Ekali.

He might have started off brostep, but this new production proves Skrillex is a trap lord as well (in case you had any doubt). Of course, the producer is a chameleon when it comes to music, taking on any genre he so desires and executing every time. Continue reading

Printworks London Floods After Attendee Allegedly Snaps Pipe Doing Chin Ups

We’ve all seen the types of “Chads” at EDM shows who are muscled out and wear tank tops that are two sizes two small hitting on women and drinking vodka red bulls through those thin straws. Their shirts generally have some type of stereotypical raver phrase like “I <3 MOLLY” or “WHERE THE THOTS AT?”

While there’s no indication that this person was at Printworks London this past weekend, it’s certainly the kind of person that this story paints a picture of… Continue reading