Arturia Announces Drum Brute Impact

Today, French hardware company Arturia has announced the Drum Brute Impact, a new smaller footprint drum machine based on the Drum Brute. Think of it as the Micro Brute in drum format. However, the new Impact has taken the original Drum Brute to the next level with new features and engine. The …

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Author: Kane Michael

‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Trailer Sees Danny Rand Back in Action

Iron Fist, as a character, needs some rehabilitation. His debut season was disappointing, and his turn in The Defenders was irritating at best (and the choice to make The Defenders all about him and his story was a hugely bad one). Danny Rand (Finn Jones) showing up in Luke Cage Season 2 has helped a little bit — this is the zen-master kind of Danny that’s more interesting to see, especially when it comes to his dynamic with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage (even though I wish, in vain, that they would have scrapped Iron Fist’s solo seasons …

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Skrillex Reportedly Working on Rihanna’s New Reggae Album

Skrillex has been relatively quiet as of late. He operates similarly to his hip-hop, indie and other genre peers, taking breaks instead of constantly touring and releasing music. While we wait anxiously for new music, it appears Skrillex may pop up in an unexpected place: Rihanna‘s new album.

A Rolling Stone story covering the development of Rihanna’s upcoming album broke the news. In the story, an unnamed industry source says Skrillex has represened Rihanna at some recording sessions. The wording is a bit mysterious, but it suggests Skrillex may be deeply involved in the album’s production. Continue reading