This Song Means More to the Fast & Furious Franchise Than Any Other

Star Wars, James Bond, Spider-Man — The key to almost every major franchise is its recognizable music. But for a billion-dollar franchise, the Fast & Furious seemingly doesn’t have any recognizable theme music. This isn’t to say that the franchise hasn’t tried. Composer Brian Tyler has been a consistent part of scoring the films. But instead of focusing on its score, the Fast movies have emphasized the numerous hip-hop and R&B songs featured on its soundtracks from artists such as Ludacris (who plays Tej), Tyrese (who plays Roman), and Pitbull, among many others. Because of this rotating group of artists and scattered music, some might argue that unlike Star Wars or Mission Impossible, the Fast Saga hasn’t had a proper theme. But Furious 7’s “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth has now, more than ever, presented itself as the unofficial theme song of the franchise, appearing both as a song and as part of some films’ musical scores. “See You Again” is not only a great tribute to Paul Walker but also a perfect mix of music and lyrics that ultimately capture the franchise’s theme of family.

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Author: Patrick Caoile