Nestled in Batumi’s bustling city center in Georgia, the impressive Curvix Penthouse by Stipfold
is a visionary residential interior design project offering stunning
vistas of Batumi Central Boulevard and the serene seaside. This unique
200 sqm penthouse features a distinctive layout with a central tunnel
flanked by two flat-ceilinged wings, seamlessly blending contrasting
spaces. The tunnel is clad in a biomorphic shell of fiber-concrete
panels, creating a sense of spatial continuity. Parquet islands
strategically placed in dining, lounge, and bedroom areas counterbalance
the concrete’s starkness, adding warmth. The minimalist essence allows
biophilic design elements to shine, with lush green plants connecting
the interior to scenic views through sizable arched windows. The guest
bathroom, adorned with micro mosaics, maintains design coherence,
showcasing the meticulous and unique craftsmanship of design studio Stipfold.

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