Elektron’s Analog Rytm and Analog Four can now sequence your gear

Conditional trigs on some of Elektron’s best instruments.

Elektron has added a crop of new features to its Analog Rytm and Analog Four instruments, including the ability to control external gear with their onboard sequencers.

Sequencer MIDI Out adds the same kind of power found on Elektron’s Octatrack and Digitakt instruments to use Elektron’s sequencer and conditional trig function with any MIDI-enabled synthesizer or drum machine. The update applies to both the recent MKII and earlier MKI versions of both instruments. Continue reading

No one is fusing metal with bass like Sullivan King

Photography: Tessa Paisan & Joseph Gabay


Raging with the machines… While it’s not uncommon for bass artists to peel back their brash electronic side to reveal their metal foundations, very few have celebrated their roots and brought the two worlds together as sonically, aesthetically or thoughtfully as Sullivan King.

These two worlds have always sat well together. It’s a tradition that goes right back to the earliest days of rave with acts such as The Prodigy ushering in a whole generation of moshers in the mid 90s with tracks like Their Law on Music For The Jilted Generation. Over the years we’ve had incredible combos from the likes of Pendulum, Skrillex, Concord Dawn, Modestep, Dirtyphonics, to name but a very select few. It’s a fusion that never dates or tires; just this summer EDM helmet-wearer Marshmello made waves with Remember Me, a collaboration with A Day To Remember, bringing the cult Florida band out of a three+ year spell of release silence. Continue reading

Noods Radio explores the sounds of Cairo’s streets with mixtape featuring Zuli and Rama

The third instalment in the beloved Bristol radio station’s ongoing mixtape series.

Noods Radio have enlisted the talents of Cairo producers Zuli and Rama for the latest instalment in its mixtape cassette series.

Exploring the sounds of the streets of Egypt’s capital, side A sees Zuli moving from experimental and ambient to industrial, while on side B Rama blends Arab trap with noise and footwork.

The mixtape features artwork designed by Niall Greaves and arrives alongside a new T-shirt, also designed by Greaves. Previous tapes in the series have featured Smith & Mighty, Anina, Aleksa Alaska and Chlorys. Continue reading

Serato updates its DJ software to work with macOS Catalina

But some controllers still may not work.

Serato has updated its DJ software to work with Apple’s new macOS 10.15 Catalina, including Serato DJ Pro and DJ Lite.

The updates add support for Apple’s new Music app, the iTunes replacement that’s caused many DJ apps to break due to the removal of support for the XML file format. This change has made it impossible for some apps to export the old iTunes Library file to update playlists.

“Apple’s new ‘Music’ app is also supported which means it will be a seamless transition for DJs,” Serato says in a press release. “Libraries are loaded automatically with no need for manual exporting.” Continue reading

FACT mix 733: Breakwave

Liverpool’s Breakwave cracks open club music’s experimental fringes on this mind-melting mix of bleeps, burps and bass.

For the last three years, Jessica Beaumont, aka Breakwave, has been assembling some of Liverpool’s most essential warehouse parties. Called Meine Nacht, the series was the first live-streamed party in the city, using unusual venues (a police station and a bakery for example) and word-of-mouth promotion to create a totally unique atmosphere.

As a DJ, Beaumont has developed a unique style blending genres and tempos in a soup of atmosphere and sound design. She’s performed across the UK and Europe and hosts a bi-monthly show on NTS, runs the Deep Sea Frequency label alongside Or:la and has just this year established her own Mein Nacht imprint. Continue reading

“Spawn” Star Michael Jai White Shares Reservations About Reboot: “I Don’t Get It”

There have been plenty of films that are being rebooted, remade, and revisited, and over the last few years, Todd McFarlane has tried his hand at getting another adaptation of his comic Spawn back on the scene. The artist and Image Comics founder wants to see Spawn back on the big screen, but every glimmer of hope gets hit with a setback. At one time there were rumors that both Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner were interested in joining the cast of the phantom film, but still, nothing has been set in stone, even with Blumhouse Productions eyeballing the potential project. Continue reading