Kanye West Slammed By Planned Parenthood Over Recent Comments

Kanye West is under scrutiny following his interview with Forbes formally announcing his presidential run — or walk, as he’d call it. The rapper is eying either being the candidate for the Republican party if Trump ends up stepping down or running independently if all else fails. But he made it abundantly clear, he’s not associating himself with the Democratic campaign.

As a God-fearing man, and the leader of Sunday Service, he identifies as a pro-lifer. “I am pro-life because I’m following the word of the bible,” he said. That’s controversial, enough, though not entirely surprising, but it was his claim that Planned Parenthood is a vehicle of White supremacy that had many scratching their heads. “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work,” he said, likely in reference to the founder of the organization’s making a speech to the women’s branch of the KKK in Silver Lake, NJ which PP has since denounced. Continue reading

Kash Doll Wants Us To Believe She & Omarion Are Engaged

Kash Doll has had a crush on Omarion for a long time. Her childhood desire returned to her last year when she expressed publicly her love for Omarion. It looks like the two may have forged a long-lasting relationship because, if Kash is to be believed (and she’s probably not), then that means that she and Omarion are engaged.

In her latest plea to end up a married woman with the former child star, Kash Doll told the world that she and her crush are ready to exchange vows.

“Me and Omarion is happily engaged,” wrote the Detroit rapper on Twitter. The post has since been deleted but it did enough damage, having been reposted on The Shade Room and all. Continue reading

Ben Frost and MFO draw inspiration from the depths of the ocean for The Centre Cannot Hold

Berlin artist Marcel Weber channelled the raw power of the ocean for the immersive staging for the noise artist’s 2017 live show.

For our very first online residency we gave you a glimpse into the multidisciplinary audiovisual practice of Marcel Weber, aka MFO. Today, we present his 2017 collaboration with one of his most frequent collaborators, Ben Frost.

Back in 2017 the Australian composer and producer released The Centre Cannot Hold, his fifth studio album and his first produced by Steve Albini. For that record’s immersive live show, Frost drew inspiration from the constant flux and movement on the ocean, enlisting the talents of MFO to translate this dream into reality. Continue reading

Kanye West Running For President As Birthday Party Nominee; Twitter Explodes

Kanye West is as unpredictable as they come. In his brand new four-hour interview with Forbes, the Presidential hopeful confirmed his run in the upcoming election, spoke out against a coronavirus vaccine, revealed his stance on abortion, and said that he would be running for a new party… the Birthday Party.

An hour into his talk with Forbes, West revealed that his running mate would be Michelle Tidball, a preacher from Wyoming, and that he would be running for the Birthday Party, which he created. Why that name? The reason is simple. Continue reading

Billie Eilish’s Mom Jokes About Sending Her To Therapy Over Justin Bieber Obsession

Once upon a time, Billie Eilish was the biggest Belieber known to man, so much so that her own parents considered getting her therapy for how crazy obsessed she was with the singer. It’s no secret that the now-18-year-old Grammy winner is a big fan of the Biebs. She’s often spoken about how much Justin’s music influenced her as a budding artist, and when they finally met at Coachella last year, her stunned reaction said it all. However, her love for him now is nothing compared to the Bieber mania that took over Billie’s preteen years, and her mom can definitely attest to that. Continue reading