Maurice Moore Makes His Return On “Water Runnin”

Canadian crooner Maurice Moore is back with another selection, offering up his smooth “Water Runnin” track. The selection plays right into the crisp stylings of the Ottawa-bred singer as he delicately unpacks a rendezvous with a special someone.

It marks the first arrival from Moore since he dropped off this year’s Destination Unknown project. With the new track, Moore has promised fans that more is on the way as he thanked contributions from the likes of Ye Ali and 12 AM.

“We carrying the real R&B torch proudly into the 2020s,” Moore proudly declared. Continue reading

Tom Holland & Will Smith Met For First Time In Escape Room After Filming “Spies In Disguise”

Typically, movie stars meet each other before they do a film together. That wasn’t the case for Will Smith and Tom Holland though. The two A list celebrities had billion-dollar films this summer (Spider-Man: Far From Home and Aladdin) and are starring in this Holiday season’s animated film Spies In Disguise. According to VarietyHolland admitted that he and Smith first met after the film was already wrapped. 

At the premiere of the film at El Capitan Theatre on Wednesday night (December 4), Holland stated, “It was kind of crazy, you know, because we did an escape room together. I’ve been a big Will Smith fan for a long time, and then all of a sudden I was locked in a room with him, trying to get us to escape. And I don’t know if I wanted to escape, I was enjoying myself in there with Will Smith.” Continue reading

The Game Says He & 50 Cent Have “Timeless” Unreleased Records

The Game’s beef with 50 Cent was the biggest hip-hop beef of their era. Although the feud was only about 4 years removed from when Jay-Z and Nas’ epic showdown hit its peak, 50 and Game’s issues defied music and led to actual shootouts. The rappers called a truce, but it was short-lived. Imagine what could have been if The Game and Fif’ had played nice? G-Unit may have become the biggest record label of the decade. Instead, The Game helped dismantle G-Unit slowly, and Fif’ jumped into other business ventures.  Continue reading

Post Malone Gets Chains Tested By Strangers For Authenticity: “It’s All F*ckin’ Diamonds!”

Post Malone ran into some a group of innovative young men outside the LA bar The Nice Guy on Wednesday night. The guys in question own a device that can determine whether or not a diamond is real, and offered to test out Posty’s diamond chains for authenticity. One of the men gave him a shining introduction on the video, calling him “one of the biggest artists in the world” and saying that “if you don’t know him, you’re probably living under a rock.” Before he and his buddies proceed to test the star’s jewelry, he mentions that they’re “continuing the series,” indicating that this is a regular activity that this team engages in, and we’re lowkey here for it. Continue reading

“The Batman” Casts Peter Sarsgaard

The Batman cast is looking very good. The film earned the ire of fans worldwide when Robert Pattinson was cast as Bruce Wayne. His Twilight days could not be forgotten. Still, Warner Bros. is trusting Matt Reeves to put together something different and entertaining. As the days flew by, more announcements made fans feel better, such as the casting of Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon. Now, according to The Hollywood ReporterWarner Bros. has cast Peter Sarsgaard in the film. His role has yet to be revealed, but fans are speculating that he will be Harvey Dent. Sarsgaard is married to Maggie Gyllenhaal in real life, and she played Harvey Dent’s lover in The Dark Knight. That is the basis of most of the casting speculation, and it isn’t much to go off of. It is possible that Sarsgaard is playing someone else entirely.  Continue reading

Adam Driver Doesn’t Think Kylo Ren Needs Redemption In “Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is almost here. The film will debut in roughly two weeks, and fans cannot wait. Kylo Ren, the star villain of the last two Star Wars films in the Skywalker Saga, took awhile to catch on with fans. First, many thought he was too immature or emotional after his role in The Force Awakens. Then, he won many over with The Last Jedi, even if the film was the most divisive film in Star Wars history. Now, several fans are expecting JJ Abrams to wrap up Kylo’s story with a redemption arc (much like with Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi). Speaking with Entertainment WeeklyKylo Ren actor Adam Driver clearly states that he doesn’t believe the man formerly known as Ben Solo deserves any redemption.  Continue reading