Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson Trolls Kevin Hart During Recovery

As Kevin Hart continues to recover from his almost fatal car accident, Dwayne ”the Rock” Johnson decided to troll him on his Instagram story. The Jumanji co-stars have one of the most admired bromances in show business, and their interactions are always entertaining. They both have different personalities, but they work so well together, especially on television screens. The Rock tends to embody this touch exterior with a kind and soft spirit, while Kevin Hart showcases more of a funny and competitive nature. Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Pops Up In Tyga’s IG Comments… Again

People were confused last year when Linsday Lohan appeared to be shooting her shot under Tyga’s Insta posts. We’re just as confused now that she’s back at it again. In 2018, many got a good laugh out of Lohan commenting “#Taste” on a photo of Tyga lying shirtless on his bed. While she was likely referring to his fine selection of the Chanel pillow that cushioned his head, some interpreted the message as her expressing her desire to get a #taste of Tyga. 

Yesterday, the “Taste” rapper posted a selfie and a photo of himself on a yacht with Sydney, Australia tagged as his location. Lohan is currently residing in Australia to film the competition show, The Masked Singer, on which she is a judge. The “Xanax” singer commented “#copycat” on Tyga’s recent post, possibly in a flirtatious attempt to link up in the land Down Under.  According to Hollywood Life, she even slid in Tyga’s DM, as she “had a thing for Tyga for ages.” Continue reading

Kevin Durant Weighs In On Who’s Better: Stephen Curry Or Russell Westbrook

Brooklyn Nets’ All-Star forward Kevin Durant recently made an appearance on Serge Ibaka’s “How Hungry Are You?,” during which Ibaka served up some snake for his former teammate while they discussed a number of basketball-related topics. 

Among the topics they touched on, which of Durant’s former teammates is a better player: Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook? After some consideration, Durant gave his answer, “Steph Curry.” Asked why, KD simply added, “He can shoot better.” Continue reading

Odell Beckham Jr. Rips NFL On IG After Being Fined For His Pants

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the flashiest players in the NBA so it’s no surprise that there have been quite a few eyes on him as of late. Whenever OBJ takes to the field, fans and the league are looking at what he’s wearing, whether it be a nice watch, scintillating cleats, or even the way he wears his pants. Surprisingly, Beckham Jr was fined over $14K this past week for wearing pants that didn’t cover his knees during a game. 

Beckham has been fined in the past, mostly for wearing his expensive watches and his general antics out on the field. This time around, OBJ was particularly upset about the fine as he felt like it was ridiculous for the league to come after him over such a small infraction. According to Pro Football Talk’s Charean Williams, Beckham took to his IG story where he put the NFL on blast. Continue reading

“Spawn” Star Michael Jai White Shares Reservations About Reboot: “I Don’t Get It”

There have been plenty of films that are being rebooted, remade, and revisited, and over the last few years, Todd McFarlane has tried his hand at getting another adaptation of his comic Spawn back on the scene. The artist and Image Comics founder wants to see Spawn back on the big screen, but every glimmer of hope gets hit with a setback. At one time there were rumors that both Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner were interested in joining the cast of the phantom film, but still, nothing has been set in stone, even with Blumhouse Productions eyeballing the potential project. Continue reading

Future Named In Paternity Suit For 8th Alleged Child

The cases against Future are racking up. The rapper is currently at odds with a woman named Eliza Seraphin who claims that Future is the father of her baby daughter, Reign. There were rumors that the HNDRXX rapper may have fathered his seventh child with the Instagram model, but he never acknowledged her nor the baby until recently. That didn’t stop Eliza from giving Reign Future’s last name, Wilburn, a move that the rapper didn’t think was appropriate.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Eliza filed a paternity suit against Future, a case that just last week he asked to be dismissed on the account of fraud on behalf of Eliza. As those two go tit-for-tat in the courts and on social media, there’s another woman whose name has been entangled in this, as well. Over the summer, rumors surfaced that a woman named Cindy Renae Parker was the mother of Future’s eighth child, a baby boy named Legend Wilburn. After Eliza name-dropped Cindy on social media and shared that the two women had plans of meeting so their children could play together, the public read between the lines. Continue reading