Chad Wheeler Released From Seahawks After Domestic Violence Arrest

The Seattle Seahawks released a statement today announcing that they’ve released offensive tackle Chad Wheeler from the team in the wake of his recent arrest. Wheeler was arrested on domestic assault charges Saturday morning on allegations of choking his girlfriend to the point she lost consciousness. 

Wheeler’s girlfriend told police that the NFL player wasn’t taking his medication for bipolar disorder in the days leading up to the gruesome attack. A call was made to police on the evening of Jan. 22 by Wheeler’s girlfriend who told police that she was trying to kill him after locking herself in the bathroom during a physical altercation. Police arrived to the scene with his girlfriend’s face covered in blood after having to force their way into the home. Continue reading

Enny Bodies Biggie’s “Kick In The Door” Instrumental On “Ask About Me Freestyle”

South East London rapper and singer Enny is heating up. After dropping off the empowering “Peng Black Girls (Remix)” with Jorja Smith in December, she’s back with a freestyle over one of Hip-Hop’s most recognizable beats. 

“Ask About Me Freestyle” arrives packaged in a black-and-white video that serves more as a grungy lyric video than a full-on production, and as a result, Enny’s bars are on full display. She devours the “Kick in the Door” instrumental and flexes her lyrical chops, proving that the pen that crafted the empowering lyrics on “Peng Black Girls (Remix)” can also be wielded as a weapon.  Continue reading

Migos Unveil New “Culture 3” Trailer

Make no mistake — the rollout for Migos’ anticipated Culture III is underway. Not long after Quavo shared a promising teaser on Culture II’s three-year anniversary, the group have taken to Instagram to unveil a three-and-a-half-minute teaser trailer to the upcoming project. Off the bat, we get a glimpse at “the Compound,” where Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo holed up to focus entirely on the music.


Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

“We been having time to bond with each other and time to spend, because our solo careers been allowing us to do different things,” explains Quavo. “We got relationships, and we growing.” Offset explains that he understands the significance of the third album in a trilogy, and Takeoff reveals that they have had many sleepless nights putting in work in the studio. From there, we get a glimpse at one of the project’s more melodic cuts — as well as a hint at the possible thematic direction. Continue reading

Experts Predict Another Global Pandemic From ‘Disease X’ Could Be Coming

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting our daily lives for nearly a full year now, especially those of us in the United States. With the vaccine distribution ongoing and the Biden administration ramping up preventative measures to get the pandemic under control, news that another global health crisis may be right around the corner is not what many of us want to hear right now.

Mark Woolhouse, a professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, has suggested another pandemic could be on the horizon caused by an unknown ‘Disease X.’ He admitted that in 2017, he and some colleagues asked the World Health Organization to add something called Disease X to its list of priority illnesses.  Continue reading

Ashanti Says There’s No Bad Blood Between Her & Keyshia Cole After ‘Verzuz’ Battle

A few days removed from her record-breaking Verzuz battle with Keyshia Cole, Ashanti appeared on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning. The 40-year-old New York native discussed her recent appearance on the show and her relationship with Cole, as well as dishing about her side of the story about why Tamia and herself appeared on two different versions of Fabolous’ 2003 hit “So Into You.”

Giving a simple explanation, Ashanti simply believes her replacement on the single version and music video of the track was a business move than anything else due to her media and music presence at the time.  Continue reading

Kid Cudi Reflects On “Hating Life” & Announces New Clothing Line

Kid Cudi has always been a style icon in his own right, influencing millennial youth and arguably starting the skinny jean trend. The rap artist built his legacy off of incredible music, timeless albums, and creativity beyond borders, as well as an honestness about him that resonated with an entire generation of listeners

The 36-year-old seemingly has his hands full with projects galore in the new year, teasing the arrival of his next studio album Entergalactic, as well as the accompanying television series directed by Kenya Barris. He’s also teased a follow-up to Kids See Ghosts, which probably isn’t coming anytime soon, knowing Kanye’s history of rarely sticking to announced plans. On top of it all, Kid Cudi announced on Wednesday that he’s also creating his first-ever clothing line, which feels long overdue given his status as a style icon. Continue reading