Lizzo Roasts Mike Pence With Her Halloween Costume

During the Vice Presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence just a few weeks ago, there were some memes that were able to stick around on social media for a short time after. Of course, one of these was the fact that a fly landed on Mike Pence’s head and wouldn’t leave for a while. Pence never even noticed that the fly was there, and it ultimately turned into a massive joke on Twitter.

Now, the Mike Pence fly has been turned into a costume by the likes of Lizzo. As you can see in the Instagram posts below, Lizzo got dressed up in an elaborate costume that featured some wings and even some stickers that urged people to vote. Meanwhile, the artist posed in front of a green screen that featured an image of Pence with the fly on his head. Continue reading

50 Cent Reacts To Lil Nas X’s Nicki Minaj Costume

Lil Nas X’s past as a Barb is something that he tried to hide in the past. For a while, he denied that he ran an incredibly popular Nicki Minaj stan account on Twitter. Only as of recent has he embraced his past by slightly poking fun at the previous account he used to hold.

For Halloween 2020, he decided to fully own up to it and give credit where credit is due. He dressed up as Nicki for Halloween, recreating the rap Queen’s outfit from the “Superbass” video shoot. The costume wasn’t simply a quick get-up that he put on, similar to his Cam’ron get up in 2019. He pulled out the prosthetics to match Nicki’s curves, captioning the photo, “NAS MARAJ.” Though Halloween isn’t done just yet, Lil Nas X’s dedication should have him at the top of plenty of “Best Costume” lists of 2020. He’s damn-near unidentifiable.  Continue reading

T.I. Condemned For “Spreading Misinformation” About COVID-19

Over 230,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 as the pandemic surges forward, and it’s unclear how the United States will grab hold of the virus to keep cases from increasing. While some cities are still on lockdown under quarantine, others have opened back up to business as usual—so while one town is still “bored in the house,” another can be out at the club. Recently, T.I. celebrated the release of his album The L.I.B.R.A. where he was spotted in a packed club, and when questioned about if he was worried about contracting coronavirus, the rapper said he wasn’t overly concerned. Continue reading

Mel B. Asks Court To Increase Eddie Murphy’s $25K Per Month Child Support: Report

It came as a surprise when news broke back in 2006 that Spice Girl Mel B was pregnant with Eddie Murphy’s child. That same year, Murphy’s divorce from wife Nicole Murphy was finalized, so the news of the comedian expecting another child stunned the masses. Initially, Murphy denied knowing if he was truly the father of Angel Iris Murphy Brown, but a DNA test would later prove that Eddie is her father. 

The two parents have been in and out of court over the years in regards to Angel’s care. In 2009, it’s reported that Mel B. was awarded sole custody of the now-13-year-old, and Murphy was ordered to pay $25K per month in child support. According to Us Weekly, the actor was also deemed responsible for Angel’s education and health expenses, but Mel’s attorneys have recently claimed that Murphy hasn’t been keeping up with his end of the court order. Continue reading

A$AP Twelvyy Shares “Noon Yung” Ft. A$AP Rocky, Conway, A$AP Ant

Fans expected the arrival of Noon Yung earlier this month, but some things are worth waiting for. A$AP Twelvyy shared his third studio album on Friday (October 30) and it’s a labor of love that developed out of a chaotic year. While the music industry was placed on paused during this pandemic, Twelvyy used this time to tap into creative spaces that had gone undiscovered. The hard work paid off and is shown in Noon Yung, an album that fans will certainly keep on repeat.

“After beating all the odds it’s finally here,” he said of the record. “This album weathered the storm, stood the test of time. Here’s my art piece Noon Yung the moment is Now!!” Noon Yung hosts features from Billz Raw, A$AP Rocky, Lagos 2.0, Zay Nailer, A$AP Ant, and Conway The Machine. Stream Noon Yung and let us know what you think. Continue reading

Houston Rapper Montana22 Killed While Shielding Child From Gunfire: Report

Police are investigating a tragic shooting that occurred at a Houston, Texas apartment complex earlier this week. According to ABC13, it was a normal afternoon on Monday (October 26) when shots suddenly rang out. It’s unclear what led up to the shooting, but it’s reported that 41-year-old Emanuel Solomon, a rapper known as Montana22, was killed during the incident. He lived in the complex with his girlfriend and her 11-year-old son, and he reportedly died shielding the boy from gunfire. Continue reading