specializes in classic restorations and innovative creations based on
the raw essence of the classic Porsche 911. This fantastic build is
their interpretation of their client?s dream of an RSR evocation. The
idea was conceived when the client, a seasoned collector, was running the fun
Targa California road rally a couple of years ago. Inspired by the
“spirited” cornering and driving of that event, his vision became clear:
wide body, long-nose, lots of power, and more than enough brakes and
suspension to match. Continue reading


British design label Buster + Punch work with rare, solid materials to
make unexpected and elegant interior products for everyday use, from
lighting and hardware to whisky bars, furniture, and accessories. They
are now adding a new category to their collection: kitchens. The versatile Buster + Punch Kitchen
is the fusion of all their innovation and technical knowledge ? a
kitchen you design, with the flexibility to evolve with you as you
journey through life. “We wanted to flip the conventions of kitchen
design, using hardware and detailing as the launchpad for the entire
process. The result is a kitchen that?s adaptable, usable, and feels
like it?s been machined from one solid piece of metal and stone. From
the moment you hit the configurator, to when it?s installed, and when
you?re in it ? this kitchen feels beyond special. It?s a design that?s
linked to every part of our DNA, a complete kitchen look that?s got
Buster + Punch?s character and style in every configuration.? Each
kitchen can be configured by choosing one of their styles, colors,
modular units, countertops, fittings, kitchen sinks, wall shelves,
lighting, and from several of their metal home accessories. Continue reading


Nocs Provisions, maker of durable, adventure-ready outdoor binoculars and monoculars, has introduced the new Pro Issue Waterproof Binoculars.
Available in 8×42 or 10×42 models, the Pro Issues offer a massive field
of view with the accustomed feel of Nocs? original Standard Issue
binoculars yet built around pro-class optics designed to rival
binoculars costing 2x to 3x more. What sets the Pro Issue apart is the
expanded field of view (429ft @ 1000yd for 8x model) that resolves all
the way to the edges of the field. The Pro Issues uses phase-coated BaK4
roof prisms with a fully multi-coated eight-piece lens assembly. The
result is a super bright, wide, color-correct image with high contrast
and minimal chromatic aberration. Continue reading