Cover & Article Illustration for De Volkskrant

Cover & Article Illustration for De Volkskrant


To add some variety to our features, I wanted to share these beautiful & striking illustrations for the Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’ by Maaike Canne. What’s interesting is that Maaike uses a combination of the iPad Pro and Procreate to create these. I think the results came out beautifully and I love the visual style too. The level of details is defined in the number of lines that would create contrast and depth, then layered with a color palette. Check it out! Continue reading

Marco Mazzoni Produces A New Limited Edition Lithograph @ Idem Studio, Paris

Marco Mazzoni recently teamed up with MyFinBec and has put his pencil-based intricate and detailed drawing technique to challenge while producing his limited edition lithograph at Idem studio in Paris. As a part of the Legend exhibition, the Italian artist was challenged to create a lithograph using the traditional technique of painting with a brush onto a slab of limestone using oil based ink, and then scratching in the details using a razor.

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