The Haunted Youth – Coming Home

Sounds like:
Empire of the Sun, Miami Horror, Cut Copy


The Haunted Youth – Coming Home

What’s so good?

No one really wants to revisit teenagehood, right? Those gangly legs, acne cheeks, drama by the spoonful, and a list of firsts — no thanks.But then this happens: you hit play on The Haunted Youth’s “Coming Home” and you’re right back on that smelly, innocent, and half-conscious dancefloor. Drink in hand, drink slipping out of hand, drink downed; and just like that, being a teenager again doesn’t feel so bad, right?For some teenage escapism, one only needs to press play; maybe even close your eyes, light a cigarette (not at the same time), sip back a drink, and enjoy the nostalgia. The good news and the bad news: those days are never coming back. So enjoy.

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