Mndsgn Flips Washed Out’s “Floating By” into a Cosmic Slow-Burner

Mndsgn Flips Washed Out's

An all-star Stones Throw link-up

Fresh off the road, Mndsgn is on to his next recalibration.

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The Stones Throw producer has turned in a new remix of Washed Out‘s “Floating By,” flipping his labelmate’s bossa-tinged Mister Mellow cut into a cosmic slow-burner, equally fit for late-night dance floor fodder and a couch-locked session with the highest grade available.

HEAR: Mndsgn Treats Joyce Wrice’s “Good Morning” to a Glistening ’90s R&B Remix Continue reading

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Movie Trivia Schmoedown: Mike Kalinowski vs JTE

It’s time for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown! On today’s match, JTE takes on Mike Kalinowski in the semifinals of the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. ROUND ONE Each competitor gets eight questions with each question worth one point. The competitor will answer the question in as little time as possible before getting a 5 second countdown. If the competitor doesn’t get the answer right, no points will be awarded and the other competitor will not be able to steal the answer. ROUND TWO Each competitor gets six questions with each question weighted two points. Multiple choice is …

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Freddie Gibbs Shares Update on New Madlib Project, Drops Booming Lophiile Collaboration

“I can’t tell y’all when we’re ‘gon drop it, but we’re just gon’ hit y’all out the blue.”

Hard to believe it’s already been three years since Freddie Gibbs and Madlib joined forces for their nearly-instant classic, Piñata.

READ: “I’m about to drop the bomb with this Madlib shit” – Freddie Gibbs on The Piñata Follow-Up

And while the Indiana rapper has suggested that Bandana (the presumed title of the sequel) would be arriving sooner than we’d expected, Gibbs took to Beats 1 to share an update on the project, stating that the album was “back in the mixing process right now, but it’s definitely coming soon” from an undisclosed desert locale. To hold us over, he shared a booming new track with Seattle producer, Lophiile, to hold us over. Continue reading

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