Official Look At The New Nike Mamba Rage

Kobe Bryant‘s retirement from basketball doesn’t mean an end on his sneaker line yet. The newest style is already revealed with this Nike Mamba Rage. The model is morel like a lower tier version of his basketball shoes like the Venomenon, Kobe Mentality or Mamba Instinct. The upper on this sneaker basically features snakeskin inspired graphic in black and grey hues, while it rests on top of a Mamba Instinct-inspired rubber outsole in white.

Retailing for a price of $100, look for this Nike Mamba Rage at select Nike stores like Footlocker now and online very soon. Always keep it locked to KicksOnFire for the latest in sneaker news and release dates. Continue reading

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Well That Sucks: Automatic Car Wash Employee Gets Wrapped Up In Giant Spinning Brush

This is some footage from an automatic carwash where an employee accidentally gets his hose wrapped in one of the giant spinning brushes, causing him to get wrapped up in one of those giant spinning brushes. That does not look like a very fun ride and I just vomited trying to watch it. I get dizzy easily, but the worst kind of dizzy is when I position my pillow wrong and my head hangs over the top and I get paroxysmal positional vertigo and wake up so dizzy I beg my girlfriend to kill me. “Um, what?” I thought it happens to everyone. Continue reading

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Video From A Japanese Game Show Of Contestants Trying To Climb Oiled Stairs


Because Japan will always will be the pinnacle of quality entertainment, his is a clip from a Japanese game show in which a rainbow of contestants try to make their way up an oiled staircase. Apparently it isn’t very easy, although a single contestant does manage to make it to the top after nine minutes of slipping and falling. Personally, I would have just licked up all the oil in my way to clear a path, but that’s just me and I’m a disgusting monster who isn’t above drinking a gallon of lube to win a shitty prize. Continue reading

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Star Trek The Original Series Inspired Bathrobes


These are the $60 Star Trek The Original Series inspired bathrobes available from ThinkGeek. They’re available in one-size-fits-most-adults in gold (Command), red (Operations, Engineering, and Security) and blue (Science and Medical), complete with matching insignia and gold stitched ranking on the sleeves. Obviously, I just bought a red one and will likely die in my sleep soon, just hopefully– “Not next to a Vulcan blowup doll.” Right, but if it does happen I need you to pop it and dispose of the evidence. Continue reading

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Jorge Sprave Builds Sword Launching Slingshot In Attempt To Pierce Chain-Mail


This is a video of slingshot lover Jorge Sprave using his giant sword-launching slingshot in an attempt to pierce chain-mail. SPOILER: It does. So, if you ever see someone with a sword launching slingshot and think you’re safe in your shiny new chain-mail, you’re wrong and now might be a good time to reconsider trying to save that princess. Besides, even if you do manage to best Sir Slingshot there’s still the dragon to contend with. Just settle down and start a family with a bar wench like a normal person. Continue reading

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Womp Womp: Weather Channel’s Live-Stream Of Georgia Dome Implosion Gets Interrupted By Bus, Cameraman Loses It

This is a video from The Weather Channel’s live-stream of the Georgia Dome implosion (it was replaced by the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium) featuring a city bus that blocks the most exciting part of the demolition. In the cameraman’s own words:

Come on bus, get out of the way!


Jesus get out of the way bus!

Are you…are you…are you…ARRRRRH!


Damn lady!

Thankfully, plenty of other people got clear footage of the implosion (another video of that below), but this is still my favorite. There’s just something about people losing their cool that brings great joy to my heart. “Who are you, the Grinch?” Please, my heart is seven and half sizes too small. Still, what I lack in heart I more than make up for in other things. “You’re talking about your penis.” You are! Continue reading

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