Gucci Mane Compares “Big Guwop” & “Slim Guwop” In Motivational Post

The Ice Cream Man might live on, but only in spirit. Upon his release from prison, Gucci Mane underwent a massive physical transformation, shedding pounds upon pounds. So drastic was his change in appearance that a “clone” narrative spawned, only half-seriously. Now, Gucci Mane is legitimately slim, with no sign of the once mighty gut worthy of Trailer Park Boys’ “BoBandy.” In fact, it’s somewhat surreal to examine the two variations of Guwop on a side-by-side basis, as they actually feel like two separate people.  Continue reading

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Watch: ‘Aquaman’ Visual Effects Reel Shows How the Underwater VFX Came to Life

Filmmaker James Wan has not been shy about his displeasure at learning that Aquaman didn’t make the Academy’s shortlist for the Best Visual Effects Oscar, and now you can see for yourself all the hard work that went into bringing the DC film to life. In many ways, Aquaman is DC’s biggest VFX challenge thus far, as much of the film takes place underwater. Zack Snyder attempted to tease a bit of how that might work in Justice League, but Wan and his team hit upon a few different key ways to create the illusion that Jason …

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The Hyundai Elevate, A Car That Can Transform And Walk To Tackle Rough Terrain

This is a video released by Hyundai starring some CG animations of its conceptual Elevate, a vehicle that can transform and walk on its tires at speeds up to 3MPH to tackle rough terrain. It looks like a space rover. “That Transformer would never make the Autobots.” Optimus Prime, ladies and gentelmen! “I’m sorry but it’s garbage.” Strong words (I suspect it may have had relations with his mom!). Continue reading

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