‘Polar’ Trailer: Mads Mikkelsen Is a Ruthless Assassin Who Just Wants Peace and Quiet

Netflix has released the first trailer for its upcoming movie Polar, based on the graphic novel “Polar: Came from the Cold” by Victor Santos. It stars Mads Mikkelsen as the world’s top assassin, who has retired now and just wants some peace and quiet. That is not to be, however, as his former employer marks him as a liability, and sends a host of hungry young assassins to take him out and collect the money they’ve placed on his head. As you can imagine, it is not as easy as they think. Polar is not to be confused …

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Your EDM Premiere: KRIMER – Crown [Never Say Die]

The landscape of music is constantly shifting. Midtempo, which experienced such a fast rise in 2018, is already beginning to expose new producers and interesting ways of pushing the sound. Riddim, which experienced a scarily fast rise in 2017 akin to midtempo last year, is also undergoing such a change. There are only so many iterations of that sound you can make before fans start to become disinterested. Continue reading

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Wendy Williams Postpones Her TV Return Due To Fractured Shoulder

Wendy Williams still hasn’t publicly addressed all the drama that seems to be going on in her household. Her husband allegedly got another woman pregnant, forcing Wendy to rethink her marriage entirely. Apparently, he has been seeing his mistress on the low for over a decade, which adds even more insanity to this story. Wendy’s fans have been waiting for the TV host to return so that she could finally address the rumors in a public setting. She was set to finally come back today but it turns out she hit everybody with the pump fake, announcing that her return will actually take place next week. Continue reading

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