Saweetie Exposes Quavo On New Song: “You Was Humpin’ Thots”

It’s a real shame that one of hip-hop’s cutest couples, Quavo and Saweetie, has been on a mission to tear each other down following their messy break-up. Their split has brought cheating accusations and elevator fight videos to the forefront as each party insults the other to their millions of followers. Quavo has been previewing a bunch of new songs referencing his present distaste for his ex-girlfriend, but he should know that two can play at that game.

Saweetie just released her brand new summer playlist, titled Pretty Summer Playlist, highlighting a bunch of lesser-known artists including Lourdiz, Kendra Jae, and more. On her new record “See Saw,” Saweetie comes for Quavo without holding back, exposing all kinds of secrets about their relationship and bringing back the cheating accusations.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

“Feelin’ dangerous, I thought you was my anchor,” she starts rapping in the second verse of the song. “But you ain’t sh*t and on some real sh*t, tell me what the problem is/Say he gon’ do better but it’s always just the opposite/How you fumble the baddest b*tch, are you a dumb n***a? You got nerve selling me all these threats when you wrong, that’s a big trigger/How you figure? Ain’t the woman that you thought? You was humpin’ thots, f*ckin’ narcissist, you just mad you got caught.”

Recently, Saweetie came through with some clear shade at her ex-man on social media, sharing a promotional video for her new team-up with sunglasses brand Quay Australia. In the video, she teaches her fans how to pronounce the brand’s name, throwing a clear shot at Quavo in the process. Check that out here.

What do you think of Saweetie’s new song, with lyrics directed at Quavo? Check it out below.

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Author: Alex Zidel