Leon Bridges Delivers Nostalgic, Soulful “That Was Yesterday”

Soulful singer/songwriter, Leon Bridges, has followed his 2018 album by returning to what he knows best, releasing a new single, “That Was Yesterday.” The single arrives as Bridges’ first preview of new music since his second album in 2018, Good Thing. Whilst he took on a groovier, RnB and funk sound on that album, he reverts to the sound he originally debuted on his first album, the critically acclaimed Coming Home. In fact, it was even revealed that the track had actually been written around the time that Coming Home was, something which makes sense as its vibe coincides with that of his hit single, the acoustic “River.”

On this track, Bridges goes back to his OG, more genuine acoustic, and old-timey sound, as he takes a nostalgiac trip back to his humble beginnings, pondering on how drastically his life has changed since achieving fame, and how he hopes to stay true to his roots as he steers through life. “That Was Yesterday” is “a lil song from archives I wrote with my good friend Dan Wilson after the whirlwind that was the Coming Home album and touring cycle,” Bridges said about the song in a statement. The impossibly beautiful song absolutely drips with soul and melancholy – but the type that doesn’t get you feeling sad afterwards, only contemplative on your own memories and life. Bridges’ delivers his version of “I’m still Jenny from the block,” with his lyrics, reminding us to stay humble ourselves, despite the successes we may one day face.

Quotable Lyrics:

No matter how far I come
Still know where I’m from, oh
Never let it slip away
Still trying to figure out
What the game is all about, oh
So I take it day by day by day

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Author: Nada Mesh