The Peruvian vocalist A.CHAL was MIA for a minute before appearing with two new singles. “LA DUEÑA” and “DÉJALO” were teasers for his project EXOTIGAZ, which touched down on Friday. The tape is an immaculate blend of Latin, R&B, Electonic, and Pop. Running for a brief six tracks, the new EP will be in heavy rotation over here long into 2019. 

“EXOTIGAZ is a mood that combines the energy of the women and clubs in Miami with the attitude of the cowboys in Texas and Cali,” A.CHAL told Complex. “The EP defines where I’m at right now and is only an introduction to all the music that I’ve been making.” Stream EXOTIGAZ on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal now. 

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Author: Karlton Jahmal