Conducta showcases the new sound of UKG on The Kiwi Manifesto

30 unreleased tracks from the best and brightest in modern UK garage.

UK garage producer Conducta has collected 30 exclusive and unreleased tracks from a variety of UK garage producers for The Kiwi Manifesto, a free mixtape that aims to showcase the new sound of UKG.

The release is described as “both a call to arms for this scene and a taster of what’s to come from Conducta and this new wave of producers this year”.

The mixtape features artists including Sharda and bassline veteran Bassboy, who have both released projects on Murlo’s Coil Records, as well as a new wave of UKG producers such as Mind of a Dragon, Jack Junior and Sammy Virji.

The Kiwi Manifesto is available to download for free now. Check out the album artwork and complete tracklist below.



01. Conducta – ‘Manifesto Intro’
02. Jack Junior – ‘Sleep Remix’
03. Mind Of A Dragon x Prescribe Da Vibe – ‘Watching’
04. Conducta x Mind Of A Dragon – ‘Pringles’
05. Kollaps – ‘NRG (El-B Remix)’
06. Higgo – ‘Meet Me In The Middle’
07. Bassboy – ‘Vibsey ‘
08. Conducta – ‘Dancing’
09. Jack Junior – ‘Someone 2 Hold’
10. Sammy Virji – ‘Oh Will’
11. Prescribe Da Vibe – ‘Just Chill’
12. Burt Cope – ‘Desire’
13. Sam Deeley – ‘Rinse Sound’
14. Sharda – ‘Replay’
15. Jack Junior – ‘Play It Again’
16. Conducta – ‘Vitamin C’
17. Marcus Jakes – ‘Knockin Boot’
18. 47 Sounds – ‘First Time’
19. Shift Key – ‘Boogie Tonight’
20. Stimpy – ‘Get Up’
21. Mind Of A Dragon – ‘Steezing Remix’
22. 47 Sounds – ‘koruption’
23. Otis – ‘Want U’
24. Earthnut – ‘With Me’
25. Sharda – ‘Need No One’
26. Sammy Virji – ‘Get Up’
27. Conducta x Sammy Virji – ‘Untitled’
29. Mind Of A Dragon – ‘Wheel Up’
30. Conducta – ‘Come Thru n Chill’

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Author: Henry Bruce-Jones