You Know How I Feel About Whimsy: Tea Infusers That Look Like Pool Floats


These are the Float-tea single cup tea infusers available from Fred. You just fill the stainless steel bottom with loose tea, screw on the pool float top, and you’ll be sipping the hot stuff in no time. They come in three varieties: pink flamingo, swan, and unicorn. I just bought the flamingo one for my girlfriend because she loves tea, hanging out on pool floats, AND flamingos. “I don’t really like tea.” But you do like the pool and flamingos! “I do like the pool and flamingos.” Haha — do I know you, or do I know you, Julie? “Amber.” Close!

Keep going for the video.





Thanks to Linby, who agrees now all you need is a coffee mug shaped like a pool and you’ve officially gone too far.

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