Man Performs Guitar Solo With His Gloved Hands On Fire

Presumably too terrified to follow in the footsteps of The Flaming Lips, this is a video of musician Davidlap performing an electric guitar solo while wearing a pair of gloves he designed that allow him to play with his hands on fire. That’s pretty cool. Also Davidlap stresses very, very hard at the beginning of the video that you should not try this at home, like there’s actually somebody out just itching to get off work to go home and set their hands on fire. Come on, bro. *eyes wall clock impatiently* Hey none of you happen to have any oily rags laying around do you?

Keep going for the full performance of a fiery John Mayer. Also your body really is a wonderland, just for the record.

Thanks to hairless, who informed me that he too plays the guitar. Awesome, let’s start a band.

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