Urban Vault Interviews – Jazz Fresh + The Streets Are Talking (Music Video) + Don Of The “D” League (Album/iTunes)

South Philadelphia emcee Jazz Fresh presents his new visual for THE STREETS ARE TALKING, featuring King Magnetic, taken from his album, DON OF THE “D” LEAGUE. Urban Vault caught up with Jazz to ask him some question about the video and more…

The track was produced By S’pply n D’mand Productions and the video was filmed and edited by Randy Boehm. The track is from ‘Don Of The D League’, his forthcoming album on Marsten House set to feature Army Of The Pharaohs members King Magnetic & V-Zilla, Doodlebug of Digable Planets, Big Lou of The Streetsweepers and Adlib of Battleaxe Warriors.

First signed by DJ Jazzy Jeff, he was featured on the platinum record ‘Trapped On The Dance Floor‘ by The Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff. After parting with the duo, Jazz signed with Select Records alongside the Real Roxanne & Chubb Rock. During the Select Records days, Jazz battled The Juice Crew’s Big Daddy Kane. Beanie Sigel and Black Thought credited Jazz Fresh as their inspiration. In the early 90’s Jazz retired from music until he met Kurupt of The Dogg Pound and signed with Antra Records, where he recorded an album that was never released.

“When I first decided to come back to rap everyone was saying I was too old and I wouldn’t be able to do it,” Jazz says.“I wasn’t taking the insults personally because people have the right to their opinion but I believed differently. I was going to prove everyone wrong. I linked up with Marsten House and started jumping on their cyphers, dropping videos and doing shows. Now everyone’s talking about me. ‘The Streets Are Talking’ about the ‘Don Of The “D” League’. Not about my past. Not about the Big Daddy Kane battles or Jazzy Jeff & Will. About right now”.

Urban Vault UK caught up with Philadelphia based Jazz Fresh to ask him some questions about his new video, collaborations, and the industry…

How did ‘Streets Are Talking, music video come together? What was most memorable about shooting it?

When we first got the beat from Spply n Dmand I knew that song was a single. Then me and Mag linked up and hit it off right away. We wanted to work together, and I laid my versed down at Marsten House and he recorded his at the roots studio. Soon as we got it back I knew that had to be the follow up to “Burn Your House Down” with Adlib. I didn’t want to film this video in Philly so we went to Allentown and shoot it with King Magnetic around his way. You can see the chemistry is genuine. The most memorable part of that day was it was Mags birthday and we was partying like rock stars the whole day.

How did you link up with King Magnetic and what was your experience working with him?

I linked up with Mag through Steve from Marsten House. Mag had already worked with my label mate 3t3n and Steve and Ethan knew him for a while. I think Mag commented on my first video saying he remembered my battle with Big Daddy Kane so I checked all his music out and I wanted to work with him. I went to see him at the Voltage Lounge and was very impressed with his performance, crowd control, and lyricism. My experience working together was special because we both respected each other’s craft and still knew at the end of the day it was a friendly competition. The true essence of Hip Hop to see who brought the hottest bars.

What do you think the old school can learn from the new school and vice versa?

I think the new rappers can learn how to be the master of ceremony on the mic and to perfect their lyrical crafts. The old school rappers can adapt the philosophy of the new culture, so we can have a better transition being successful with this new generation. The game has changed since I got on the scene. People gonna learn from me whether they want to or not.

Having made a comeback, do you think your age and experience can defy your success in the Hip Hop industry?

My age plays an intricate part in my comeback because at 48 years old you haven’t heard a rapper with a skillset like mine at my age. Having taken a 16 year hiatus I still have a lot to say. With both of my previous deals on select records and antra records, I recorded albums that never came out. I’m the most notorious rapper who never released an album. You can track my history all the way back to 1984 coming under Grandmaster Nell (Meek Mill’s uncle) and Robbie B. South Philly is so rich in Hip Hop culture. Beanie Sigel and Black Though both came up under me.

Who do you see yourself collaborating with in your future projects?

I see myself working with other Philly legends like Beanie Sigel, Black Thought, Vinnie Paz, Schoolly D and Jazzy Jeff. I was supposed to work with Jakk Frost and Ab-liva on this record so hopefully that can happen in the future. I’d like to do something with Big Daddy Kane to celebrate our 30-year battle anniversary.

Thank you for your time and may you carry on making dope, fresh music…

Jazz Fresh – Don of the “D” League via iTunes


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