The Best VR Deals for Black Friday 2019

It’s the annual sales extravaganza again, Black Friday, where retailers hope customers spend big while everyone is hunting for a decent bargain. The virtual reality (VR) industry has embraced the event for the past couple of years, offering even more incentive to delve into a bit of VR gaming. So VRFocus thought to make things a little easier let’s find all the deals and list them here.

Oculus Rift S controllers


Oculus has a few deals on both hardware and software for new and existing customers alike. There’s no discount on Oculus Quest, with both the 64GB and 128 GB models their regular price but you can at least get a free videogame. Continue reading

Save $50 off Lenovo Mirage AR and MARVEL Dimension of Heroes for Black Friday

A couple of months back Lenovo looked to relaunch its beleaguered augmented reality (AR) headset system from 2017, the Lenovo Mirage AR with new content in the form of MARVEL Dimension of Heroes. That doesn’t look to have happened but for Black Friday you can save a further $50 USD to pick up an AR novelty bargain.

Lenovo Mirage AR

When the Lenovo Mirage AR originally arrived in 2017 along with Star Wars: Jedi Challenges it sold for $250. Prices didn’t stay that high and if you can find one, tend to retail well under $100. When Marvel Dimension of Heroes came along the price returned to $250, with new controllers which are compatible with both videogames. Continue reading

Launch Trailer Arrives for Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency

There are myriad of virtual reality (VR) videogames coming in December, one of the biggest being Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency by Neat Corporation and Fast Travel Games. As there are only a couple of weeks until the big day arrives the pair have just unveiled the videogame’s launch trailer.

Budget Cuts 2

Get ready for some more sneaky times as Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency is going to be bigger and more audacious. Neat Corp has kept a lot of the locations under wraps until now, the trailer showcasing missions on trains, inside giant warehouses and across rooftops. Continue reading

Stormland Dev Insomniac Games Release Strangelets for Magic Leap One

Insomniac Games will soon no longer be an independent studio thanks to its acquisition by Sony Worldwide Studios. Before that happens the developer released Oculus Rift exclusive Stormland earlier this month. And today the studio has announced another, this time for Magic Leap with Strangelets. 


The title is in fact a sequel to 2018’s Seedling, with Insomniac Games taking the lessons learnt from that first experience and expanding them into Strangelets. The story goes that players have to confront the effects of “The Schmelling Incident,” a catastrophic cosmic event that served as the catalyst for Seedling’s story. As such, they’ll find the Incident has caused alien creatures from across the galaxy to become trapped in pockets between dimensions. Continue reading

Perp’s Peace on Earth Christmas Calendar Event is a Collaborative VR Effort

This Christmas season Perp Games – best known for publishing physical versions of PlayStation VR titles – in conjunction with fellow developers, publishers, and content creators will be holding a festive virtual reality (VR) event called Peace on Earth, celebrating combat in VR.  

Perp ChristmasStarting 1st December and spanning 25 days, the event will be filled with announcements, competitions and more. Revolving around Perp Games’ YouTube channel, every day will feature a selection of new activities based on a particular theme, run by one of the collaborating parties. For example, one day will be dedicated to singleplayer videogames while another looks at multi-player. There’s plenty planned so VRFocus doesn’t want to spoil too much. Continue reading

Styly’s new AR App Offers Immersive Art on the go

Japanese developer Psychic VR Lab launched its cloud-based virtual reality (VR) platform Styly in 2017, enabling customers to build immersive content through a simple, easy to use drag and drop interface. Today, the company has expanded into augmented reality (AR) releasing a mobile app to view AR art.

Styly AR App

To start with, the app will feature an art piece called World’s End Supernova created by the XR spatial designer “Discont” – who won the Parco VR content award at the 2018 NEWVIEW Awards. The artwork will change based on the user’s surroundings, with natural, green environments offering a similar theme, while more industrial settings likewise. Continue reading