Low Jack’s Editions Gravats announces Champion EP from Antinote’s Iueke

The third in Low Jack’s club-ready Les disques de la Bretagne 12″ series.

Low Jack’s Editions Gravats has announced Champion, a new EP from Antinote co-founder Iueke. The release is the third in the Les Disques De La Bretagne 12″ series, following Low Jack’s Riddims du Lieu-dit and reggaeton producer and DJ Clara!’s Meneo.

The four-track EP features Iueke’s first new recordings in over a decade. Touching upon dub, industrial and brain-melting IDM, Champion sounds like the aggressive offspring of Autechre and Dynamo. Continue reading

Field Day pulls out of Brockwell Park for 2019 edition

The London festival will not return to the South London location.

Brixton Buzz reports that Field Day Festival will not return to Brockwell Park for its 2019 edition. This follows complaints of disruption and over-crowding from Field Day 2018, which took place at the South London location.

Lambeth Council – which oversees Brockwell Park – confirmed on Monday that “Field Day will not take place at Brockwell Park in 2019, as the festival is being re-formatted for a unique new site in London.” Continue reading

Laksa, E-Talking, upsammy and BFTT featured on Whities Blue 03 and 04

The latest installments of the Whities Blue 12″ series have been announced.

London-based label Whities has announced the release of Blue 03 and Blue 04, the latest installments of the Whities Blue series that has previously featured tracks from artists including Tessela and Lanark Artefax.

Blue 03 is a four-track split 12″ between Netherlands producer upsammy and Cong Burn affiliate BFTT, whilst Blue 04 is two-track split 12″ between E-Talking, one half of French duo Nummer, and Ilian Tape’s Laksa. Continue reading

Agar Agar – Against The Clock

All aboard for our first ever Against The Clock on a boat.

French electronic duo Agar Agar are singer Clara Cappagli and synth wizard Armand Bultheel. The duo met in art school four years ago and bonded over a love of music and art, forming Agar Agar despite their contrasting backgrounds in garage rock and club music.

We jumped at the chance to feature the duo on Against The Clock and were happily surprised when they told us we’d be recording on a boat. The duo proved themselves an act to watch in 2018 thanks to Bultheel’s electronic shoegaze instrumental and Cappagli’s evocative vocals. Continue reading

Efdemin announces Wrong Movements EP on Stroboscopic Artefacts

The Berlin producer is the latest artist to feature as part of the label’s Totem 10″ series.

Panorama Bar resident Efdemin is the latest to contribute to Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Totem 10″ series. Wrong Movements drops on December 7.

The EP features three variations on a theme, as the producer moves from propulsive minimalist percussion on ‘Wrong Movements (Circles)’ to arpeggiated synth earworms on ‘Wrong Movements (Left)’ and ‘Wrong Movements (Right)’. Continue reading

Thom Yorke shares ‘Hands off the Arctic’, an exclusive track for Greenpeace

The Radiohead singer is Greenpeace’s latest Antarctic Ambassador.

Thom Yorke has released an exclusive new track for Greenpeace. ‘Hands of the Arctic’ is part of an ongoing campaign to create the world’s largest protected area in the Antarctic.

“There are some places on this planet that are meant to stay raw and wild and not destroyed by humanity’s footprint.” Yorke told The Independent. “This track is about stopping the relentless march of those heavy footsteps. The Antarctic is a true wilderness and what happens there affects us all. That’s why we should protect it.” Continue reading