Iman Nunez – Why U Mad? (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Yonkers, NewYork based emcee Iman Nunez recently dropped his latest single WHY U MAD? produced by The Rondon & The Religion

Iman Nunez is no stranger to the spotlight since making his mark with his previous effort, ‘Blessed’. The project helped catapult the newcomer onto the national scene, gaining him recognition from the likes of Vibe, Hot 97, HipHopDX, Rap Radar and others. Eventually, the progress led to a partnership with The Orchard/SONY Music.

Now, as the weather begins to cool down in his native New York, Iman looks to kick things up another notch with the release of his brand new single ‘Why U Mad’. Produced by The Rondon & The Religion, the bouncy track finds Iman in peak confidence, scoffing at his detractors. The single will appear on Iman’s forthcoming project slated for release this winter. Keep an eye out for Iman this fall as he is set to perform at New York’s SOBs and the A3C Festival in Atlanta. Continue reading

Skipp Whitman – Girls (Music Video) Taken Off: GIRLS (Album/26th Sept)

Boston, Massachusetts-bred, Los Angeles-based emcee/producer Skipp Whitman drops the visual to his latest track GIRLS

Shot on location at a High School in Pasadena, CA by Zach Trout, we find Skipp Whitman attempting to gain the favor of a Summer School teacher (Sara Ryan). He has been chosen as a reluctant volunteer, and hilarity ensues when food is involved.

‘Girls’ is the title track for the forthcoming album produced and written by Skipp, also called ‘Girls’ out the 26th of September.

Pre-Order Skipp Whitman – GIRLS via iTunes
(26th of September)
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Rings from this far distant shore: Enya’s Watermark, 30 years on

“Dear Enya, my mom played your CD almost every day in our kitchen”.

“Dear Enya, I’m slightly defective regarding music because I binge and purge”; “Dear Enya, as I’m writing to you now, I’m playing ‘Orinoco Flow,’ and tears are falling.” These deeply sincere evocations come from American poet Abe Louise Young’s ‘Dear Enya and Dear Sinead’. Here, Young assumes the virtue of confession, of prayer, opening a direct channel between worlds both material and divine. Continue reading

Nyege Nyege 2018: The world’s best electronic music festival is in Uganda

This year, Uganda’s MTN Nyege Nyege festival returned to Jinja for its fourth year – its biggest yet. FACT’s John Twells flew to Africa to investigate a four-day non-stop party that fused East African underground music with diverse sounds from across the globe.

As I double-checked my inventory, wondering which crucial item I’d neglected to pack for this year’s Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda (spoiler: it was bug spray), I received a concerning message. A friend had heard word that the event had been canceled and linked me to a statement made by the country’s Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, Rev Fr. Simon Lokodo. “There will be nudity and sexuality done at any time of the hour. There will be open sex,” Lokodo warned the world. “Let foreigners not come to Uganda for sex. If you are coming for sexual reasons worse still homosexuality and LGBTQ, stay away. On that basis, #MTNNyegeNyege is cancelled. This event called MTN Nyege Nyege is off. It won’t happen in 2018.” Continue reading

Shackleton releases EP Furnace Of Guts on Woe To The Septic Heart!

The producer’s first release of 2018.

Skull Disco and Woe To The Septic Heart! founder Shackleton has today (September 21) released a surprise EP, Furnace Of Guts.

The psychedelic new two-tracker develops the esoteric sound of last year’s Behind The Glass EP with Anika, featuring the same murky synth sounds and kaleidoscopic knotty percussion.

‘Furnace Of Guts’ floats stuttering choral samples and feverish thumb piano over an ominous drone loop, whilst ‘Wakefulness and Obsession’ spins a polyphonic vocal montage into a propulsive drum pattern. Continue reading

Mutable Instruments refreshes Tides module for Eurorack

Mutable Instruments Tides 2018
Image via: Mutable Instruments

The popular “tidal modulator” gets a fresh look and new functions.

Mutable Instruments has given its Tides module for Eurorack a refresh.

Described as a “tidal modulator”, Tides is a looping AD envelope generator that can be used for many different functions. As well as envelope generation, it can function as an LFO and even a self-contained synth voice.

The main difference between the new version and its predecessor is the addition of new quad output modes that can produce variation in amplitude, time, phase or frequency of the main signal. Continue reading