Marci Phonix ft. Clue – On My Wave (Prod. by Heavy Trackerz/Music Video/iTunes/Spotify)

Grime originator Marci Phonix continues his output of hard-hitting, social commentary singles, joining forces with Clue for the new explosive track ON MY WAVE, produced by Heavy Trackerz

Teaming up with hotly tipped London emcee Clue, the pair has put a defiant middle finger up to the police whilst spitting some close to the bone truths over a Heavy Trackerz beat. Acting as a call to arms to disaffected youth across the board, nothing is off limits as they attack Brexit, Trump, the government’s handling of the refugee crisis, and both the police and media’s misrepresentation of young black men in 2018 – as well as blasting fellow emcees for not tackling real issues in our culture. Continue reading

Japanese dub artist 7FO will turn your chillout room into a nature terrarium

FACT Rated is our series digging into the sounds and stories of the most vital breaking artists around right now. This week Lewis Gordon speaks to 7FO, the Japanese producer who left behind the club to craft watery ambient music as a form of “self-healing”.

FROM: Osaka, Japan.
MUST-HEAR: Moment (Selected Works 2012-2017) (Métron Records)
FOR FANS OF: GAS, Lieven Martens Moana, early Animal Collective

For an artist whose productions sound like miniature aquatic dioramas, it’s strange to that 7FO hasn’t been swimming in years. Given the opportunity, the Japanese producer would travel to the warm, tropical seas of Okinawa, an island far further south than Japan’s largest island, Honshu, where you can find Tokyo and Kyoto. On tracks like ‘Ama ( ( (’, it sounds as if 7FO is cataloguing life forms via sound, from fizzing microscopic organisms to the gentle, weightlessness of water plants. He does so through the amorphous lens of ambient and dub. Continue reading