Young Thug Teases New Music In The Studio

2019 is going to be a great year for music. Last year was filled with Young Thug leaks, but this year it looks like Thugger is getting ahead of the bootleggers. There was a plethora of Thugger tracks that appeared online in 2018, and he also touched down with official releases as well. He’s one of the hardest working entertainers in the game right now, and 2019 will surely be filled with a ton of new music from Thugger. To kick off the New Year, Young Thug hopped on social media to tease fans with a new single. Thugger lets his hair down and places his camera on selfie mode as he mobs out in the studio to the new banger.  Continue reading

Post Malone Puts His Support Behind The Cowboys: “We’re Gonna Kick Some A**”

The Cowboys will be facing the Seahawks in the playoffs, and Texas native Post Malone thinks that his team will take the “W.” The Cowboys have just as many haters as supporters due to their dominant run through the 90s. They haven’t been dominant in years though. Tony Romo could barely lead the team to any playoff wins during his tenure, and now Dak Prescott will attempt to lead his team back to glory. The Seahawks are deadly in the playoffs though, so the Cowboy have their work cut out for them.  Continue reading

Giannis Antetokounmpo Believes He Can Beat Dwayne Johnson In A Wrestling Match

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the best big men in the NBA. Due to his strength and skill, the Milwaukee Bucks are currently sitting at #1 in the Eastern Conference. When Giannis isn’t dominating on the court, he’s just like the rest of us. The NBA star enjoys scrolling down his Instagram feed, and he ran into a post of Dwayne Johson doing hip/glute thrusts. The wrestler turned movie star lifted 460lbs, and humbly bragged about it on social media. “Personal best 460lbs hip/glute thrusts to warm up before hitting legs,” wrote Johnson. “And according to NASA, I’m basically bionic from the waist down. Which always leads to inappropriate jokes whilst I drink my tequila.” Continue reading

Jay-Z & Beyonce Credited With Bumping The Louvre’s Attendance By 25%

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “Apeshit” video was a smash hit in 2018. The artistic visuals were shot in The Louvre, and highlighted several of the most famous pieces of art on the planet. The Carters blessed the world with new music and Black excellence, reestablishing their dominance in the culture. We already reported that The Carters were credited with being a factor in The Louvre’s rise in attendance. Now, the official website for the historic museum has released the numbers.  Continue reading

Alicia Keys Tweets & Deletes XXXTentacion Twitter Post Amid Backlash

Alicia Keys hopped on Twitter to co-sign the late XXXTentacion on Friday, and the internet was stunned. X’s legacy is complicated. Before he was murdered in Florida in June X was awaiting trial for domestic violence charges. Although the artist’s alleged history of abuse should never be excused, his musical talent is difficult to ignore. Keys acknowledged X’s talent when she tweeted, “Such a vibe!! Big love to the talented @xxxtentacion !! Gone too soon.” She accompanied the caption with a video of her and her son Egypt playing the piano while singing “what are you so afraid of.” Continue reading