Barb From Stranger Things Gets The LEGO Treatment


Seen here ruminating on her failure to shotgun a beer without stabbing herself, LEGO Barb from Stranger Things sits on Steve Harrington’s diving board and unknowingly waits to be abducted into the Upside Down. Poor Barb. So — how about that season two finale, huh? Don’t say anything I haven’t actually seen it yet I was just trying to act cool like I can actually binge watch something longer than twelve minutes without falling asleep and pooping myself in a dream and real life simultaneously. “Um, what?” We all have our demons. Continue reading

Star Wars: Galactic Nights – Warwick Davis to Host and More Details Revealed

Star Wars: Galactic Nights is almost here. And with the new details revealed today on The Star Wars Show, it can’t get here soon enough.

Here’s a rundown of the major announcements: Fan-favorite Star Wars actor Warwick Davis is confirmed as the official event host; David Collins will moderate the panel discussion “Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,” featuring Scott Trowbridge, Robin Reardon, Chris Beatty, and Doug Chiang, with an exclusive sneak peek into the Star Wars-themed land; Star Wars: Galactic Destinations will transform the Hollywood Tower of Terror into stunning displays of locations from across the galaxy; plus more Star Wars-inspired food! Continue reading

You Can Now Buy a Gold&Silver Tin Can for $1,000

Some people like to refer to the iPhone as an absurd luxury product to pay money on, but if buying an Apple smartphone is burning money, what do you call spending $1,000 on a tin can from New York jewelers Tiffany & co.?

“Upgrading” everyday objects to luxury item status is apparently really trendy these days. From leather-bound rocks to solid gold fidget spinners and even car mats reimagined as designer skirts, everyone is just slapping obscene price tags on average things. The latest company to jump on the upgrading train is Tiffany & co, with their eyebrow raising tin can priced at a whopping $1,000. That’s more than most people spend on actual jewelry, let alone one that looks like a shiny tin can. Continue reading

Real Products That Exist: A Smartphone Connected Fork With Noise Canceling Sounds To Mask The Sound of Soup Slurping


This is a video demonstration of the $130 Otohiko noise-canceling fork system developed by Cup Noodle manufacturer Nissin to help combat “noodle harassment.” What the hell is noodle harassment? Not what I thought it was, I can tell you that.

Do you know an international issue “Noodle Harassment”? People say that the slurping noise Japanese people make when they eat noodles makes people from abroad uncomfortable. …The moment that the high powered directional mic equipped on the fork detects the sound of noodles slurping, it transmits that signal to a dedicated app installed on a smartphone, using short wave radio communication. Sound is then emitted from the smartphone to camouflage the noodle slurping noise. Continue reading