‘The Flash’ Season 4 Villain Explained: Who Is The Thinker?

Barry Allen has returned! And with it, the STAR Labs gang faced a lot of changes during the premiere of The Flash’s fourth season. While Barry was (willingly?) trapped in the Speed Force for around six month, Cisco, Wally, and Iris attempted to fill the void by fighting some minor metas who plagued Central City. After his grandiose return, though, Barry Allen will now have new major villains to tangle with in the forms of the Mechanic, Blacksmith, and most notably, the Thinker. Each season of the CW’s breakout hit has — so far — seen Barry facing off against …

Kevin Feige Explains ‘Iron Man’ Script Changes and the Death of Obadiah Stane

We are just a few months away from the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s crazy to think that Iron Man started the multi-billion-dollar franchise nearly ten years ago, but it’s crazier still when you learn that Jon Favreau’s superhero film could have ended quite differently. You might remember that the MCU’s first villain was Jeff Bridges’ Obadiah Stane, who antagonized Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in the business world and battled against Iron Man as the Iron Monger in super-suited combat. Stane ended up as a one-movie villain, …

“Imperator” Art Print by Jeremy Geddes (Timed Edition Onsale Info)

Jeremy Geddes

The latest art print by Jeremy Geddes is stunning and luckily will be available as a timed edition. “Imperator” is a 61cm x 115cm giclee, is a timed edition, and costs $250 AU. It will be available for 24 hours starting Monday, October 23rd at 9AM and ending Tuesday, October 23rd at 9AM Australian Time. Visit his shop.

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Custom PC Case Mod That Looks Like There’s A 3-D Anime Girl Dancing Inside

This is a custom PC case mod that has a transparent LCD panel in the side that makes it appear as if Hatsune Miku (a popular “humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application”) is dancing inside. Incredible — people are building PCs with seemingly holographic girls dancing inside, and I’m just praying my computer doesn’t crash writing a Geekologie article. You know what I found the last time I opened my computer case? That I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Plus I think I left my car keys in there. Continue reading

More Sweet Handmade Demon And Animal Skull Masks


Remember those handmade skull masks from a while back crafted by artist Catherine Gretschel? Well now she’s back with more, including a couple different bird designs. In her own words while I put on my own scary mask and pummel my roommate with a turkey drumstick to wake him up:

Each mask was sculpted by hand in Monster Clay, molded with platinum silicone and cast in polyurethane resin. They are hand painted, sealed in Mr.Super Clear and backed in a faux suede with leather straps. Continue reading