25+ of the Most Inspiring Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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Instagram has helped shape the way that creatives express themselves and share their work—particularly when it comes to photographers. First created as a photography app, the social platform allows both professionals and enthusiasts a way to share their unique view of the world. And throughout the years, it’s turned former amateur photographers into full-blown pros with millions of followers admiring their work.

No matter what stage we are in our career, we can all use some visual inspiration every once and awhile. To inspire you as you take your own pictures (or engage in other types of art), here are some of the best Instagram photographers around. They are divided into categories—travel, color, animals, landscape, and lifestyle—so if you’re searching for a particular style, check out the accounts associated with that aesthetic or approach. Continue reading

Photographers of Modernist Buildings Give a Face to the Tenants Who Live in Them

The Tenants Paper Architecture Model Photo Series by Zupagrafika

Za Żelazną Bramą Estate, Warsaw 2014.

Based in Poland, Zupagrafika is a creative publisher and design studio run by Hispanic-Polish duo, David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka. Since 2012, Zupagrafika have published award-winning “build your own” architectural books showcasing their favorite Modernist and Brutalist buildings from the former Eastern Bloc and beyond. For half a decade, the design duo have been working on a photo series—titled The Tenants—which documents inhabitants outside of their post-war Modernist estates, proudly holding miniature, illustrated paper models of their buildings. Continue reading

This Artist Created Very Cute Covers Of The Music World, Replacing Singers With Cats

The kittens always success on the internet. For those who like to see them in fun poses, musician and designer Alfra Martini has created The Kitten Covers, a blog with classic album covers with cats digitally inserted on the scene, replacing the stars cover.

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First ‘Sense8′ Series Finale Featurette Celebrates the Fans & Teases the Cluster’s Last Adventure

As cult shows go, Sense8 is far more inviting than most. The central idea of the beloved Netflix series, that many disparate people can be part of a grouping called a “cluster,” stresses inclusion above nearly everything else, even as worldwide catastrophes and evil plots send them on adventures across the globe. For the Wachowski siblings, who created the series and wrote the entire first season alongside J. Michael Straczysnki, this has always been a major thematic obsession but Sense8 brings the idea of finding a supportive network (or a kind of proxy family) in others that may seem completely …

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Curator Naima Breaks Down Her #MusicSermon Series, Love For New Edition & More [Interview]

Curator Naima Breaks Down Her #MusicSermon Series, Love For New Edition & More [Interview]

Source: Naima

Your favorite music curator on Twitter, @Naima, shares her inspiration behind the popular #MusicSermon series and more in this exclusive interview.

If Twitter was ever to charge its users money, I’d gladly pay for it if it meant that I could subscribe to #MusicSermon every Sunday. The wildly popular thread takes the best and sometimes worst of the music industry, curated by @Naima and her vast knowledge of the business, and creates a visual tour de force for the eyes and ears.

I first came along to witnessing the brilliance of #MusicSermon when Naima, a seasoned marketing and creative professional with more than 10 years of salt in the game, posted a thread about the “Female R&B Voices of the ’80s”. With such soul stirring performances from Phyllis HymanAngela WinbushPebblesKlymaxx and Regina Belle — #MusicSermon showcased how brilliant and beautiful black music truly is. Continue reading

“Stranger In A Strange Land”: The Striking And Futuristic Artworks By Stuart Lippincott

Immerse yourself in the dark and futuristic world of Stuart Lippincott, an American artist and designer who has been creating a new picture every day for a year! Using primarily Cinema 4D and Marvelous Designer as softwares, Stuart Lippincott unveils day after day a fascinating and contrasted world, bathed in colorful lights and mysterious shadows.

More info: Behance, Instagram (h/t: ufunk)

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