Exclusive ‘First Man’ Blu-ray Clip Reveals How They Shot the Moon Landing

We at Collider are extremely happy to be sharing an exclusive clip from the upcoming home video release of First Man, Oscar-winning filmmaker Damien Chazelle’s chronicle of the mission to put a man on the moon. The ambitious feature puts Neil Armstrong front and center, with Ryan Gosling delivering an ambitiously subtle performance as the notoriously quiet and private astronaut. Chazelle and screenwriter Josh Singer straddle the line between an intimate drama about grief and a propulsive “men on a mission” movie, as the story is anchored by the death of Armstrong’s daughter Karen shortly before he …

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5 Star Wars Hairstyles We Love

Whether it’s Leia Organa’s unforgettable hair buns or Padmé Amidala’s decorative headdress, Star Wars is chock-full of iconic looks. While these hairstyles are no doubt unique and head-turning, many of them are also steeped in symbolism or cultural meaning. From Anakin’s over-the-shoulder braid to Rey’s hair knobs, they’re often associated with tradition and history. Continue reading