1 of 2 Ever Made – The Bizzarrini 128P Was Abandoned Then Resurrected

The Bizzarrini 128P was a personal passion project from the man most famous for developing the Ferrari 250 GTO – now by far the most expensive car in the world, and the most sought after by (very) well-heeled collectors. Although the 250 GTO is his most famous work, Bizzarrini developed countless other cars over his long career including less well-known classics like the Iso Grifo and the Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada.

Giotto Bizzarrini

Giotto Bizzarrini originally trained as an engineer at the University of Pisa before being hired by Alfa Romeo and assigned to the development of the Giulietta chassis. Bizzarrini was immediately impressive, he was transferred to the Experimental Department and became a test driver. When applying his natural engineering abilities to new chassis he made a significant impact, and people outside Alfa Romeo began to notice. Continue reading

Veldt Helmets – The Desert Race x Fuel Motorcycles Limited Edition

Veldt Helmets

Veldt Helmets are designed and made by the same team who developed the stunningly beautiful Atéliers Ruby helmets that took the high-end motorcycle helmet market by storm a few years ago. Ruby co-founder Jean-Etienne Prach founded Veldt on the Isle of Man, a place already sacred to motorcyclists, and he brought a number of former Ruby employees with him.

From the outset all Veldt helmets have been designed to be modular with a removable chin bar, and either an open face or a flip-up shield. All of their helmets have a shell made from Japanese carbon fibre with a close-fitting design made possible by multiple shell sizes – allowing you to get a perfect fit and avoid looking like a bobblehead. Continue reading