Matchless G80 TCS Typhoon – The Thumper Desert Sled

The Matchless G80 TCS Typhoon was the fastest off-road version of the G80, with the largest engine, and the highest power-rating that was available to the general public.

The Creation of the G80 TCS Typhoon

Interestingly the idea to create a 600cc version of the popular 500cc Matchless G80 CS (Competition Scrambles) wasn’t the idea of the engineers at Matchless, but of an American motorcycle dealer in California named Harry D. Wilson.

British motorcycles like the Triumph TR6 Trophy and the Matchless G80 were the dominant bikes for desert racing in the late 1950s and 1960s, before the widespread arrival of lightweight two-strokes. The 650cc TR6 had the edge over the 500cc G80 and Matchless riders were clamoring for something more powerful with an engine to match the Triumph. Continue reading

1927 Ford Model T Track-Nose Roadster by Jack Thompson

This Ford Model T Track-Nose is one of the most well-known hot rods of its era, it was built by Jack Thompson with help from Claude Hampson, and it appeared in the August 1958 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

Track-Nose hot rods have a distinctive look that sets them apart from their more traditional counterparts, they’re fitted with noses adopted from motorsports – typically circle track midget racers. These sleek, aerodynamic hot rods also often have a cropped windshield and minimal external appendages (lights/mirrors etc) to further reduce drag. Continue reading