Unimatic U1-FN – A Minimalist Italian-Made Automatic Military Watch – $725 USD

The Unimatic U1-FN is one of the latest offerings from the rapidly growing Italian watchmaker, it features minimalist military dive watch styling and a packed feature list that makes the $725 USD MSRP seem like a bargain.

Unimatic is one of the new wave of watchmakers that build high-quality timepieces at sub-$1000 USD price points, this has proven to be a winning business model, and Unimatic is one of the leaders in the field.

The new U1-FN has a design directly influenced by classic 20th century military dive watches, particularly those used by special forces operatives who typically preferred dark, matte black watches to avoid reflections, with easily legible dials and exceedingly tough construction. Continue reading

Ever Seen One Before? The TAG Croco 4×4 Amphibious Vehicle – Powered by a Wankel Rotary

The TAG Croco 4×4 is an amphibious vehicle developed in Switzerland, it featured an unusual design with a two-part body articulated about a central axis. This allows significant wheel articulation without any suspension, notably simplifying the running gear – this is typically a significant challenge when designing amphibious vehicles.

The large balloon tires provide some assistance with floatation as well as forward and reverse momentum in water, there’s no seperate propeller. The NSU Wankel rotary engine is fitted up front under the passenger seat, with the battery and alternator installed under the driver’s seat. The engine produces 32 hp which it sends through a two-speed automatic gearbox to all four wheels, and the top speed is 35 mph, or 56 km/h. Continue reading

The Autodromo Hat – Tabac Logo Version

This is the tabac logo version of the Autodromo hat, specifically designed to evoke the spirit of the hats worn by motorsport legends in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s but without advertising any actual tobacco companies. Back in 2011 Autodromo launched a collection of classic motorsport inspired watches that were actually attainable, with an MSRP regular people could afford.

This proved to be a winning strategy and the company has grown quickly, releasing a number of watch collections since as well as sunglasses, driving gloves, and hats. With Autodromo’s strong focus on the golden age of motorsport it’s no surprise they chose the classic mesh-rear, snapback design. Continue reading