Impressive wooden sculptures of realistic everyday people

Peter Demetz is an astonishing wood carving artist who sculpts realistic figures for his clever wall-mounted scenes. The artist uses special lighting and calculated angles in his compositions to manipulate the perceived space. His techniques expand the space to make it seem as if you are looking further into a relief sculpture than actually exists.

Demetz’s figures are pictured in personal scenarios, often nude, looking in a mirror, in the midst of internal reflection. This makes the viewer of the work an intrusive presence, seeing them in their most valuable state. Continue reading

TYLT’s Energi PRO is super comfy and built for charging on-the-go

A portable power bank is a must-have for tablet and smartphone power-users these days and if it’s built right into your bag, wow!

TYLT has been making top-notch power banks for a while and they recently launched the Energi PRO Power Backpack with a built-in 20,800 mAh battery. And I’ve been using it for two months now because if I’m carrying a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet, the last thing O want is a jungle of wires. With ultra-strong, 210D polyester, this thing can not only withstand heavy loads with its 12 internal pockets, but it’s built to endure rain, shine, and even blizzards (I live in Canada, eh?). USB-C? Check! Quick-charge three devices at once? Check! No cables in sight? You got it. The best thing about the Energi Pro, however, is its near-perfect distribution of weight throughout. When its sitting on your shoulders, the foam padding makes it feel extremely light. TYLT’s newest backpack is powerful, comfortable, and definitely worth checking out. Continue reading

Polycarbonate Dock Building by Michael Green Architecture glows on Vancouver beachfront

The Dock Building by Michael Green Architecture

Vancouver firm Michael Green Architecture has built a boathouse for storing racing shells and sails and monitoring maritime activity, with translucent walls and garage doors.

The Dock Building was built for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club on a modest budget by the local architecture studio.

The private recreational facility is formed of two connected masses, joined to create an irregular rectangular shape and with roofs that slope in opposite directions. Continue reading