Unique “Cliff House” Offers Unforgettable Experience Perched Over a Winding River

Cliffside Architecture by LAAV Architects

If you’re looking for a thrilling vacation escape, the conceptual cabin design called Maralah is just the place. Conceived of as a tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lautner, LAAV Architects created the unique 484-square-foot abode with plans to submerge it in the ground and overlook a cliff in Calgary, Canada. This project is similar to one of their earlier plans, the Casa Brutale, which we marveled over in 2015. Like Maralah, Casa Brutale is embedded in a cliff. Continue reading

Top 20 Photos on Flickr in 2017 Capture the Wondrous Beauty of the World

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As we near the end of 2017, it’s time to start looking back at the creations that made the year special. Flickr has kicked things off by pulling together the top photos shared on the platform over the past year. From sweeping landscapes to spectacular animal portraits, the list is an inspirational look at what photographers were shooting—and sharing—in 2017.

How did Flickr come up with the list? They used a special algorithm that selected the top photos based on social and engagement metrics—”how many times the photo was viewed, faved, or shared.” The staff then curated the list, making sure that only one image per photographer was included in the list. Continue reading

Punny Artist Creates Unexpected Combinations That Weirdly Make a Lot of Sense

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Californian graphic designer Randy Lewis uses Photoshop to combine photos of unexpected objects, creating surreal digital art that tricks the mind and eye. With a playful imagination and a pun-tastic sense of humor, his colorful creations in his This or That series are often literal depictions of words. For example, a “butterfly” with wings made of butter, and a “jelly fish”, where two goldfish seemingly swimming inside molded gelatin. Other images illustrate visual associations, such as a carton of McDonalds fries that are actually yellow crayons, and a sheep with a cauliflower body. Continue reading