7 Tips to Help Make Your Next Creative Project Go Viral

how to get art published online

Photo: Clark Tibbs

If you’re a creative, chances are you’ve asked yourself “How does X manage to always get their projects to go viral?” While it once seemed like an impossible task to create viral art featured on the top art blogs or best photography sites without the help of PR professionals, this age of social media has made it realistic for individuals to get their work out there while riding solo.

In fact, many creatives have launched successful careers based on the buzz and viral attention that work gained while spreading across the internet. Alexa Meade, who has been featured on My Modern Met several times, is a great example of an artist whose career took off after her work went viral on numerous websites. But sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to start or how to present your work in the best light to get the attention it deserves. Continue reading

Electric Neon Illustrations of Fantasy Forests and the Majestic Beasts Within

Vibrant Nature Illustrations by Juliette Oberndorfer

French concept artist Juliette Oberndorfer creates vibrant, atmospheric artworks that depict spirit animals in mystical forests. Although Oberndorfer’s illustrations look hand-painted, most are created digitally. Fluid strokes, lush textures, and flowing shapes are generously layered together in a range of electric, sunset hues. Pink, plum, and lilac skies harmonize with shots of turquoise blue, and contrasting fiery reds illuminate the deep hued forest.

In one image, two foxes nestle in a moonlit, lakeside meadow filled with neon pink flowers. In another, a navy blue panther sleeps on a tree branch, set among vibrant jungle foliage. In some cases Oberndorfer’s images feature meetings between women and beasts, evoking enchanting stories of a secret world where humans and wild animals coexist. Recently, Oberndorfer has tried her hand at embroidery and has rendered her illustrations of horses, stags, and deer in her distinctive color palette. Continue reading

Disney Illustrator’s Adorable Mash-Up Imagines ‘Star Wars’ as ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Comics

Star Wars and Calvin & Hobbes

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For over 16 years, Brian Kesinger has worked as an artist for Walt Disney Studios and delighted countless people from around the world with the films he has helped produce. On his downtime, Kesinger keeps drawing, and his adorable mashup illustrations have attracted their own set of fans. Combining Calvin and Hobbes comics with the characters in Star Wars, Kesinger imagines the likes of Kylo Ren, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader in the same amusing situations that are found in Bill Waterson’s beloved sequential art. Continue reading

GREMLINS: Poster by Mike Saputo + Pins by DKNG!

It doesn’t feel like the holidays until you’ve watched GREMLINS at least once, and tomorrow we’re celebrating the horror-comedy Christmas classic with a sinister new poster by Mike Saputo featuring Stripe causing chaos at the YMCA, plus three adorable Mogwai enamel pins from DKNG. We cannot say this enough: please don’t get these wet.

The poster and pins will be available tomorrow (12/8) at a random time via mondotees.com.

Gremlins by Mike Saputo
24″x18″ Screen Print, Edition of 275
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship February 2018 
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