Michael Jantzen’s imaginary Chapel For New Mexico is open to all religions

US artist and designer Michael Jantzen has envisioned a non-denominational chapel in New Mexico, featuring a series of gabled frames that stretch up to the sky to represent its “openness to all”.

A Chapel for New Mexico by Michael Jantzen

The conceptual Chapel For New Mexico is imagined for a location near the US state’s capital city Sante Fe, which the designer describes as a home to people involved in “a wide variety of spiritual endeavours”. Rather than separating them by beliefs, the chapel would provide a sanctuary for all to gather. Continue reading

Complex Cuts Form New Detailed Paper Sea Creatures, Flowers, and Reptiles

Japanese cut paper artist Riki Fukuda (previously) continues to create mind-bogglingly detailed designs using simple tools: a cutting mat, blade, and paper. The artist shares her in-progress and finished works on Twitter, including the pencil sketches that she cuts into for her final works. More recently, Fukuda has been working on smaller-scale creations and experimenting with holographic paper. You can stay up to date with new work by following her on Twitter.

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“I’d love to see an army of balloons in the US”

In this week’s comments update, an interview with Trump Baby blimp designer Matt Bonner caused a stir.

Ice ice baby: Trump Baby blimp designer Matt Bonner, told Dezeen that the over-sized balloon was an attempt to get under the president’s skin and “give him a taste of his own medicine”, leaving some readers a little frosty.

“Just so much bad taste. England has lost it a bit with this prank,” said an angry Bill Baker.

Nona Wolf agreed, questioning the decision to publish the interview: “Dezeen – shame on you for publishing this trash. This is not design, it’s biased, political whining. Trump won the election – get over it.” Continue reading