nightmarishly beautiful felt faces draw from the ‘deep waters of the human subconscious’

large fearsome faces, sometimes spanning more than 6 feet in height, are painstakingly made of foam and needle felted wool, expressing at once magnificence and menace.

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Author: nina azzarello I designboom

Daniel Arsham’s “dystopian” 3018 exhibition perverts items from US pop culture

American artist and designer Daniel Arsham has crystallised the flying car from Back to the Future, and bagged and bound Mickey Mouse for his latest exhibition, which imagines the world in the next millenium.

The 3018 exhibition opens tomorrow, 8 September 2018, at Galerie Perrotin in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

3018 by Daniel Arsham

Following on from Arsham’s previous explorations into history through physical objects, the showcase features icons of American pop culture reimagined in a future setting, with forms and materials distorted to suggest decay. Continue reading

Billowing Clouds and Rainbow-Hued Sunsets Created With Textured Embroidery Thread by Vera Shimunia

Russian embroidery artist Vera Shimunia began her landscape embroidery practice in 2015. She tells Colossal that it is the perfect medium for her because it requires less patience than cross-stitch and is more exciting, in her opinion, than painting. The Saint Petersburg-based artist is self-taught (Shimunia studied economics in college) and she shares that she imagines the needle as a brush. Her richly-hued mountainscapes, sunrises, and skies are crafted on palm-sized embroidery hoops using a variety of textured threads. Although Shimunia uses a unified color palette over a small surface area, she distinguishes different landscape elements using various stitch and knot styles, as well as thin, thick, and even three-dimensional fibers. You can see more of her embroideries on Instagram, and purchase work in her Etsy store. Continue reading