A room-sized play wonderland for your favorite kitty

The German company Goldtatze (Gold Paw) is devoted to producing intricate playgrounds for your favorite feline. These amazing room-sprawling installations are a kitty’s dream castle and maintain a clean and natural look if you actually choose to put one in your home.

The playgrounds look a little like a fairy land. They feature suspended platforms, rope bridges, and ceiling-high scratching posts all in a spiral shape that keeps your cat climbing. They come in pre-made parts as well as with customized design options if you have a particular vision for the playground in mind Continue reading

Deltastudio converts concrete warehouse into minimalist family home

Architecture practice Deltastudio has turned a former agricultural warehouse in Italy into a house with a balcony framed with white curtains.

Called Elena after one of its owners, the home sits in a chestnut grove overlooking the town of Caprarola in central Italy.

Elena by Deltastudio

The original warehouse had two storeys connected by an external staircase.

“The starting point is a structure designed for agriculture,” said Deltastudio. “A rough volume articulated on two levels, warehouse in the basement and laboratory on the upper floor,” Continue reading