Waverly Labs’ Pilot: a real-life Babel Fish

Waverly Labs has created a piece of technology straight out of science-fiction. If you’ve ever read or seen Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, then you probably remember the Babel Fish, a fish that swims in your brain and translates languages for you. As of May 2017, that piece of fiction will become a reality.

They’re introducing the Pilot, a smart earpiece that can translate language. Using speech recognition technologies and a lot of engineering, language is no longer a barrier. Continue reading

Long exposure photographs capture the perpetual bustle of Tokyo

New York-based photographer Matthew Pillsbury recently made his second pilgrimage to the flamboyant city of Tokyo. This time he returned with some long exposure photographs that truly amaze.

Typically a black and white photographer, Pillsbury couldn’t resist the blazing colors of Tokyo. His long exposure shots entrance with color fragments, light streaks, and ghostly figures. He also captured the frenzied pace of the city and exposed its trending technology. In fact, it was one aim of the series – capturing the booming light of modernity against the dying relics of the past. He said, “temples exist alongside the most popular Disney park and next to a giant Manga robot or a robot restaurant.” Continue reading

Vent (and mute) your anger with the Sakeboard Shouting Jar

sakeboard shouting stress vase jug

Japanese corporations are notoriously punishing environments for employees, especially junior members of the team. Long hours, pointless meetings, fax machines, afterwork compulsory shindigs, karoshi (death by overwork)… Westerners frequently express shock that the stoical Japanese put up with such conditions without so much as a whimper. We’ll leave the reasons or truth behind this assumption to the cultural anthropologists, but it’s certainly not the case that no one is shouting or venting his or her anger in Japan. You just might not hear them. Continue reading