31/44 Architects puts a modern spin on a Victorian terrace in south London

Corner House by 31/44 Architects

31/44 Architects shows how London‘s 19th-century townhouses can be brought into the 21st century, with this three-home development in Peckham.

The London-based studio renovated an end-of-terrace property, to create a garden flat and a two-storey maisonette, then added a new-build, three-bedroom house alongside.

Corner House by 31/44 Architects exterior

Called Corner House, the development is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Victorian-era architecture. But there are also playful details that clearly mark it out as a modern-day building. Continue reading

“High-tech is ever edging away from its ecological and humanistic roots”

High-tech architecture has strayed far from its environmentally conscientious beginnings, but could rise again if it returns to them, writes Phineas Harper.

The Sainsbury Centre in Norwich weighs 5,618.6 tons. We know this because, when its architect, Norman Foster, took his former mentor Richard Buckminster Fuller to visit the project, the internationally-celebrated inventor and godfather of the high-tech movement asked: “How heavy is your building, Norman?”

Faced with a gallery proposing nothing less than a total reconceptualisation of architecture, Fuller posed a question that might seem surprisingly boring. And yet his prosaic inquiry is the kernel of the high-tech movement’s rise and, perhaps also, its fall. Continue reading

Acne Studios taps into fashion-school cool for interiors of Stockholm HQ

Acne Studios headquarters, Floragatan 13

A 1970s brutalist-style building in Stockholm is now home to Acne Studios‘ headquarters, which is decked out with furnishings by Max Lamb and huge wall-hangings by Daniel Silver.

Acne Studios‘ headquarters – which has been monikered Floragatan 13 after the street it’s located on – takes over Stockholm’s former Czechoslovakian embassy.

The building was erected in 1972 by Czech architect Jan Bočan, but has now been transformed by the brand’s in-house design team and Johannes Norlander Arkitektur to have a “fashion-school atmosphere” where new ideas are encouraged. Continue reading

‘Borrowed Time’ is a phenomenal short full of tragic moments and gorgeously animated visuals

We recently  stumbled upon this gem of a short film a few days ago and just had to share. It’ll get you all teary-eyed.

The animated short, “Borrowed Time,” is directed by Andrew Coats & Lou Hamou-Lhadj, and produced by Amanda Deering Jones with the (awesome) soundtrack supplied by Academy Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla. Gorgeously animated visuals coupled with a gut-wrenching storyline about a disheartened sheriff trying to forget a fateful tragedy of days past make the six-minute video worth a watch. Check it out! Continue reading