Sonya Palencia’s The Unquiet Waltz & A Small Group Exhibit @ Copro Gallery

Sonya Palencia‘s oil paintings seem to epitomize Life itself; inspired by the wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest, she connects with a rush of energy found in every living being. In her debut solo show at Copro Gallery, Sonya shares her selection of works deeply rooted in her home town California’s very own orbit. The Unquiet Waltz: Tales of Majesty and Demise in the Chaparrel brings together a fascinating display of the playful and the mournful. Walk along the gallery walls and you’ll soon be graced with delicately painted creatures posing in the very best of courtly attire; In a curious display of grandiose portraiture, it’s hard not to feel that these characters, fictional (or not?) own the awareness of being immortalized forever within paint. Continue reading

A Little Footed Pillow For Napping At Your Desk


This is the Adjustable Table Desktop Sleeping Pillow created by SMELOV and available for $10 on Amazon (available in both blue and yellow). It’s a little footed memory foam pillow specifically designed for using to sleep at your desk. Although I had no idea a regular pillow wasn’t good enough. I don’t even need a pillow, I can just sleep on my arm or the bare desk. Hell, I can sleep with my chin in my hands and my elbows on my knees sitting on the toilet in a bathroom stall. Speaking of — I’d say at any given time during a regular workday there are at least two men asleep in the bathroom. And some are SNORERS. How unprofessional is that? At least use one of those nasal strips so you can pretend you’re constipated (I play a loop of groans I recorded and uploaded to Youtube for extra job security). Continue reading