Tyga Updates “Floss In The Bank” With Official Audio

It seems that we all got a bit ahead of ourselves last week when audio surfaced of Tyga’s latest “Floss In The Bank” single. While what we heard was already enough for many to crown the West Coast emcee the comeback kid of the year, sparking a Soulja Boy rant or two, Tyga now offers up the official track for our listening pleasure across all digital streaming platforms. Continue reading

Writer Of “The Social Network” Thinks There Should Be A Sequel

In 2010, Aaron Sorkin penned The Social Network, the film that recounted the beginnings of Facebook, zeroing in on co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Since then, life has seemed to imitate art with the dramatics portrayed on-screen finding company in the various scandals and headlines that have trailed Facebook and according to Sorkin, it’s more than enough indication to know that a sequel should be made. Continue reading