Artist Illustrates the Adventures of Female Giants and Their Fierce Companions

Fairytale Colored Pencil Drawings by Tran Nguyen

Multi-award-winning illustrator and artist Tran Nguyen creates ethereal paintings and colored pencil drawings that look like they’re straight out of a fairytale. By exploring her interest in therapeutic imagery, the Georgia-based artist presents intriguing, dream-like narratives that draw the viewer in and invite them to explore their imagination.

Originally from Vietnam, and raised in the US, Nguyen claims her love of art came from an early interest in anime, American cartoon shows, and video games from the 90’s. One of her most celebrated series, The Flooded Hour, depicts larger-than-life female characters that roam around misty, secluded landscapes, often accompanied by giant animal friends. “I enjoy creating an atmosphere that appears ordinary then juxtaposing it with elements that break this to add a subtle hint of surrealism,” explains Nguyen. The artist’s mystical subjects are often seen crouching between houses, stepping over bridges, and wading through lakes, being careful not to disturb the tiny boats below. “I wanted to focus on the wandering through old memories represented by empty neighborhoods.” Continue reading

Daniel Dust: “In the Shadow of Dreams” @ Distinction Gallery

Distinction Gallery presents “In the Shadows of Dreams”, a solo exhibition featuring some of Daniel Dust’s most recent work. Daniel is a Seattle-based artist, specializing in in hyperrealistic portraits and symbolic art. This exhibition will include both his figurative pieces and his guns/flowers paintings. The artworks range from 12-inch-wide to 72-inch-wide. According to Gallery Director Melissa Inez Walker, Daniel Dust is one of the artists she is “most excited about working with in 2018. His works are thought provoking and his skill level for such a young artist is mind blowing. Being in front of one of his works is comparable to starting into a photograph, only far more complex”. Continue reading

Surreal Paintings of Ben Sanders Featured in ‘I Come to the Garden Alone’

Ben Sanders crafts acrylic and oil paintings on panel with a texture and sensibility that exist far outside of convention. His new show at Ochi Projects in Los Angeles, titled “I Come to the Garden Alone” collects works created over the past two years. Giving life to everyday objects, the artist is able to construct narratives that both autobiographical and universal. More

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Author: Andy Smith

Brianna Angelakis: ‘Radiance’ @ Modern Eden Gallery

In true form, Modern Eden Gallery presents the new solo exhibition of Brianna Angelakis, ‘Radiance’. Let your imagination wander into this nostalgic body of work as it ruminates through the serene corridors of a childhood reverie bursting with bold textiles and vibrant compositions. Through tone and style, she encapsulates her creative vision, allowing each painting to linger more beautiful than the next. Continue reading

Erik Parker Offers New Paintings in ‘New Mood’

Pop, outsider art, comic books, graffiti art, and other influences are blended in the striking paintings of Erik Parker. Mary Boone Gallery currently has a new show from the artist, titled “New Mood.” The artist is able to offer a mix of formats and approaches in this collection, from his widely known canvas works to his multi-layered “pyramids” and “plank paintings.” Parker was last mentioned on here. Continue reading

Charming Pebble Paintings Turn Found Beach Stones and Sea Glass Into Handheld Art

British artist and illustrator Natasha Newton uses found beach pebbles, sea glass, and fragments of pottery as her canvas. Sourced from the coastal town of Suffolk, England, the artist strives to give the natural objects “another life as a treasured work of art” by turning them into stone paintings. With a deep love for nature, Newton hand-paints trees, leaves, animals, and more onto their smooth surfaces. Continue reading